1. Bklynguy says

    That almost succeeded in making Ricky Martin look untalented and unattractive. That took real work.

  2. jack says

    Good stuff! Yes you are. This makes me appreciate, even more, the talent and the professional level performance by the USAF Academy cadets.

  3. Tom says

    What are you talking about? I liked it. It reminded me of the original LMFAO music video for the song, which was hilarious.

  4. ian says



    I think it does succeed in making RM look untalented and unattractive. That may be in part because RM is only marginally talented and needs a huge spectacle on stage to distract from that. I do admire him for making the most of what he’s got though, and for being a wonderful role model for his young gay fans here in the America’s (he’s an icon in Central and South America) and other Spanish speaking countries. So more power to him for those reasons. Not being enormously talented doesn’t mean he isn’t a great person, but this number really really sucked.

  5. Rocky says

    Ricky Martin was never a huge talent. I’ll just look forward to the Matt Bomer Glee, that will be hot and sexy….

  6. Larry says

    You are all missing the point. The star of this number was Chris Colfer. Chris was terrific as always.
    You people take things too seriously. Jeez, it wasn’t supposed to be high art, it was just supposed to be fun.

  7. bill says

    Wow, I so wanted it to be good, but that was one of the worst Glee numbers yet. Ricky’s good at what he does. He’s an entertainer, not a classically trained singer, but that was so poorly synced to the music and the sound quality was so far removed from the scene it totally distracted. It was so obviously laid over the filmed scene that it was almost like those bad lip synced Japanese horror films.

  8. AJ says

    I don’t like the song and it’s not one of Glee’s best. I’m guessing there’s a much better performance from him in the episode. Besides, I can always turn the sound off and just look at him. He’s so smokin hot it should be illegal.

  9. Tim says

    Just because its Glee and Glee ain’t cool no more, your all hating on RM. He did not write the music, design the dance or produce the scene. Gripe at Glee, not RM. No one here would slam the door if he came knocking to use the phone and cruised you in the eye. Ricky Martin is still hot with hot ink!

  10. woodroad34d says

    Thanks, MCNNYC, I feel the same way. The music is catchy, buttttt…It just doesn’t sound like Ricky Martin…more like–I can’t put my finger on it– someone else.

  11. RMLover says

    Ricky you are gorgeous – and any of these queens hating on here would give anything to be your toothbrush.


  12. TJ says

    CHRISTOPHER – don’t know that it’s all “those who can’t,” but it it might be “those who can’t wait to trash.” The Ricky hate so puzzles me.

  13. Poporochoclo says

    The day I read the comments of Towleroad and can’t find any sour queen bitching about his miserable and for-ever-alone life in the disguise of some hateful “criticism”, that day I’ll know it’s not Towleroad anymore.

  14. Bobsyouruncle says

    I wish they had picked a language instead of code-switching. The Spanglish was muy distracting.

  15. Ryan says

    Glee has been terrible for a while now. For those confused about the Spanish — I’m pretty sure Ricky Martin is playing a substitute Spanish teacher on this episode. I’m sure that has something to do with the Spanglish version of the song.

    He’s beautiful to look at but the lip-syncing was totally off.

  16. just_a_guy says

    haha. cute. why wasn’t he MY spanish teacher in h.s.? ;-/

    oh yeah, guys, it’s a TV show, not a concert. give the guy a break: glee will be glee will be glee. that’s it. take it for what it is. however always-a-bit sacharine, glee is ok in my book.

  17. grant says

    Why is everyone always so critical on this site? I thought it was fun. And he is sexy….especially with the tats.

  18. tim says

    What happened to Glee? Their success was in adapting not slavish reproduction. Lanvin did good with this song. Glee is just a bummer anymore.

  19. RobWest says

    Re: POPOROCHOCLO, Amen…..
    Granted it wasn’t the best Glee number, but Ricky still as handsome as ever.

  20. jason says

    Even the video by LMFAO had more male-to-male sensuality in it. Simply put, straight guys do male-male sensuality better than gay guys.

  21. Vern Dufford says

    Fire everybody on the Glee production staff connected with this piece its so bad on many levels, but keep Rickey . Have him just stand there just very very …still.

  22. Bastian says

    I find that Ricky Martin is utterly unappealing, unattractive, and has the charisma of a door knob (that is, none at all). As for talent? Yeah, he doesn’t have much of that either in my opinion. So, thanks-but-no-thanks to his defenders claiming that we’d all be his toothbrush or let him in our bedrooms. I certainly would not.

    Now bring on Matt Bomer…

  23. John says

    I was disappointed – in the song choice and the performance (so wrong for Ricky) and in Glee’s producers for screwing up this opportunity. I’ll mute it and just watch Ricky gyrate.

  24. jack says

    Ricky Martin has been a star since he was a pre-teen. There sure are a lot of negative and overly critical people who post on this sight.On the bright side, if a producer wants to remake “Boys In The Band” this is where he can find his cast. Oh, mabye not. Many of these posters are too negative and bitchy, even for that dark and dreary movie.

  25. tom a says

    Maybe it’ll be better in context. But I agree, the lip syncing was horrible. It didn’t help that of all the fun ‘sexy” songs they could have used, it was this song. I think something like “Rico Suave” would have been hysterical!!!! Great, now I’m annoyed that there is no Ricky Martin “Rico Suave” production number in the episode. :-)

  26. Matt26 says

    I fing RM sexy. I don’t like Glee and IMO RM had more charisma than the rest of the cast together.

  27. Mary in Iowa says

    Wow I love how you guys are harsh. Me, I spent the whole time trying to catch sight of Santana.

  28. bravo says

    I love Ricky Martin.
    This was terrible.
    What a dumb song.
    And a terrible performance.

    It’s sad to see a talented gay do bad.
    I feel like I should say “oh my, this is awesome”, but it really sucked bad.

  29. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Loved the video. Enjoyed the hell out of Ricky M and his goofing on the song. Almost makes me want to watch the show.

  30. John says

    OMG are some of you retarded? Ricky Martin not a huge talent? Ricky Martin is perhaphs one of the most talented male pop star. I have seen every single pop star, and from the males; Ricky Martin is the best, he can really sing, he is an amazing dancer, he has a huge charisma and stage presence, he play musical instruments, he write most of his music, and he is hot as hell.