Anti-Immigration Sheriff Paul Babeu’s Gay Affair With Undocumented Immigrant

SheriffBabeuSheriff Paul Babeu, of Pinal County, AZ, is one of the most recognized faces of American anti-immigration sentiment. He's been a FOX News regular. He appeared in a John McCain campaign ad calling for a border fence. In January, Babeu announced his run for the United States Congress in a macho press release headed "It's Time For a New Sheriff In Washington," in which he decried the "400,000 illegal crossings into our state every year."

Well. According to a story broken this week in the Phoenix New Times, Babeu spent much of the last decade in a long-term gay relationship with an undocumented immigrant named Jose, whom Babeu threatened with deportation after their relationship ended.

From The Phoenix New Times:

He says [Babeu's] lawyer Chris DeRose demanded he sign an agreement that he would never breathe a word about the affair. But Jose (New Times is withholding his last name because Babeu and his attorney have challenged his legal status) refused.

The 34-year-old from central Mexico charges that the sheriff's lawyer warned against mentioning the affair with Babeu. DeRose said gossip about Babeu would focus attention on Jose, attention that could result in his deportation, Jose says.

… Babeu didn't respond to requests for comment by publication time for this article, but his attorney, DeRose, says the dispute between Jose and the sheriff concerned Jose's work on Babeu's websites. He says Jose was a former volunteer who hacked into a campaign website.

DeRose didn't immediately address the other claims against him and the sheriff, except to say, "I never threatened to deport anybody" and that "[Babeu's] not threatening anybody."

Babeu and Jose allegedly met on in 2006. At some point, Jose began doing web work for Babeu, maintaining his campaign websites, Facebook profile and Twitter feed. Their relationship began to disintegrate after Jose discovered Babeu's profile on Adam4Adam and created a false profile to see if Babeu was amenable to an affair. After many messages and explicit photos exchanged between Babeu and Jose's alter-ego (including Babeu's self-portrait, above), Jose's alter-ego arranged a date with Babeu at a steak house. (Babeu told Jose's alter-ego to "pack an overnight bag.") Babeu showed up and was shocked to discover Jose in the parking lot.

After the couple split, Jose began posting disparaging remarks about Babeu online. Texts exchanged by the men during that time are both sad and illuminating. From New Times:

Jose shared text messages between him and Babeu with New Times. A September 4, 2011, text from the sheriff reads: "You can never have business after this and you will harm me and many others in the process . . . including yourself & your family."

A couple of minutes later, Babeu followed with: "And you say you have loved me? Papi . . . this is no good."

Jose responded: "Good threats. Wont work. Im already hurt me . . . and you didn't care."

They exchanged more texts on September 6.

Jose: "Dont threat me. Thats illegal. Im just speaking . . . true."

Babeu: "You have crossed the line. Better get an attorney. You brother will also be contacted."

Since then, Jose claims he's been a constant target of harassment by Babeu and his lawyer. New Times writer Monica Alonzo solicited comment from Nancy Jo-Merritt, a "long-time Phoenix immigration attorney":

"If what [Babeu's attorney] says is correct [about Jose's being illegal], either the sheriff had a long relationship with someone he knew was undocumented, while all the time being Mr. Bluster about the border and using it for political gain," or he threatened to deport someone he just broke up with, Merritt says.

"That's just the worst kind of hypocrisy."

She adds that federal immigration-enforcement agents have better things to do than "take care of Babeu's boyfriends."


  1. says

    there is nothing shocking whatsoever about this story. and that’s sad.

    a right-wing white homosexual suck-up with a horrid tattoo who hates Brown Folks as long as they’re not polishing his knob.

    wow. what a shocker.

  2. Steen says

    Every time I saw this guy on TV here in AZ I thought wow this guy gives off that gay vibe we all know so well. I even mentioned it yesterday to some friends while on a drive in his “turf.”

  3. Kenneth says

    Amen Kiwi, amen. Steen I thought the same thing. Every time that McLame ad he was in came on, I thought, “does the dinosaur know he is being supported by a big ‘mo?” Of course, here in AZ it will be swept under the rug as biased, liberal, smear tactics and he will keep on towing the party line.

  4. Jeff says

    So someone here illegally says something to hurt the reputation of a legal resident who is in a position to deport the person who is here illegally. I see; and we should believe the illegal because…..? I can’t seem to find any solid proof on his accusations. Oh well, I understand that nobody would read this blog if you always waited for proof before passing on “news”. The National Enquirer has the same problem.

    Maybe next year you could feature him, along with Fonda and Manning, marching with the Communists’ Party in the Bay of Pigs Celebration.

    I’ve noticed that this blog seems to feature people who pick and choose which laws they follow. That might be a bad thing if some people decide to take the same approach regarding laws enacted to protect the rights of gay people.

  5. Lee says

    This is the worst-kept gay Arizona secret since Jim Kolbe. In Babeu’s case, he hates on Mexicans by day and loves them oh-so-much by night. And he’s not naturally bald — he shaves daily.

  6. Angela Channing says

    Yes, double hypocrisy indeed. It is just so hard to read a story like this and not judge. We have seen Babeu’s type before but I am scratching my head over Jose entering into a relationship with a rabid anti-immigrant sheriff in the first place.

    I can remember going out on a date and the guy was very cute but he made up some shiz that Wallace Warfield Simpson was his aunt. I told him I had to go to the bathroom but I really left the bar and went home. Jose should have done the same.

  7. says

    What I don’t understand is why all the articles keep referring to this as an affair? This was a relationship, not an affair? He wasn’t married, or even dating anyone else. Am I the only one who finds this confusing. I think it also make their relationship sound more tawdry. It’s annoying.

  8. S.C. says



    Two quick things are wrong with this. One is that Babeu knew the immigration status of Jose (read the New Times article to learn more about Jose, the pics and the text messages) and as the top law man in Pinal County, the new toughest sheriff in America did not report Jose to ICE. I would actually applaud for Babeu for this but he was not doing this out of kindness for immigrants, but in exchange for a sex slave.

    Mitt Romney and Paul Babeu. Photo: Gage Skidmore

    And this is the second thing (among many other things) that is wrong. Paul Babeu had his own private immigrant sex slave operation going on, and he’s supposed to be the Sheriff.

  9. Chris says

    @Jeff: You claim that there is no proof of Jose’s accusations? Did you even read article in the Phoenix New Times article? There are four pages of detailed interactions with Sheriff Babeu, including screen shots of his Adam4Adam ad and texts between the two. Could these have been faked? Possibly. What about the photo of the sheriff holding another man (face blurred) and placing his hand inside of shirt of the other guy?… Photoshopped?

    Here’s the problem with Jeff. There is heaps of information in this story that backs up Jose’s claims. But rather than attempt to claim that Sheriff Babeu is being set-up in an elaborate game of fake documentation, Jeff just asserts that there IS no evidence. It’s that same “head in sand” approach that Michael Berry is attempting. Live witnesses, car licenses, surveillance video… verifiable evidence doesn’t matter when you’re GOP with access to a microphone.

  10. piernudo says

    What’s sad and disappointing is that out state lawmaker Matt Heinz of Tucson has been dragged into this sordid affair. According to the article, Babeu spent one weekend with Heinz and Heinz’s lover in Tucson. Heinz, who is a physician and rising star in the Democratic party, has announced that he will seek Gabrielle Giffords’ seat. I wonder if this will derail his campaign because it certainly puts his judgment in question. His personal relationship with Babeu also might explain why Heinz broke ranks with his fellow Democrats to provide more funding for Babeu’s office.

  11. Joshua says

    Holy Shitballs. Paul went out with my roommate back in 2002/3? They broke up, I moved to IL … At the time he was a really nice guy. He didn’t seem like a slime ball or even really in the closet that much. I knew he wasn’t out to all his family or co-workers but seriously haven’t heard much about him after all these years. in a way, after knowing the guy for over a year he’s changed, i feel a little bad. anyone else and i would say “off with their head”. but i knew what he used to be like. jeez.

  12. Rin says

    @little kiwi


    What is it about public figures behaving so badly? Blackmail. Sex slave ring. I’m starting to topple down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole.

    I hope Jose fares well in all this. He could be the Arizona Monica Lewinsky. :(

  13. S.C. says

    There are plenty of rumors about Sheriff Joe too, about what goes on in the pink underwear jail, and it was he who hired this dude… Gives one pause to think…

  14. D.M says

    Little kiwi — so what you are saying is it’s ok to be racist in response to a racist policy…. yeah that will make the world a better place. Racism is always wrong and is not nuance.

  15. S.C. says

    Allegedly posted 19 months ago by Paul’s own sister at:

    This is a question I would like to ask Paul and pose to the people on the forum.
    As Paul sister, I know for a fact that he is gay, our 9 other brother and sister’s know. My parent’s too and everyone wants it kept a secret. This has caused great damage to family ties and relationships amongst us. The reason being is Paul and our family all know he has lived with many different men, and we have all met them. Some very young as 18, which when he was running for mayor in North Adams and him being 32 and this boy was his former student at Desisto, we all thought it was inappropriate. I told Paul so, but he did not agree. (This is first hand information and should not be deleted.) He lived at willow St. in North Adams, Ma. if you want conformatiioin to this time. In Az, he lived with a lover at his present house where he lives with his brother Shaun, for six months and then Paul kicked his lover out. His ex-lover moved in with my sister Veronica in florence for a year because he was friends with her. This Paul was angry about, too close to home.
    I just think if Paul was open about his lifestyle, it would not cause problems in the family. I have many of his ex-lovers calling me, because they are angry because Paul dumps them after a few months and never returns their phone callls. What am I suppose to do? I don’t talk to him anymore because he lied about things in my life so he wouldn’t be exposed for being gay during his bid for sheriff. Some people may think that this is his own personal business, but it is not, when it effects other people’s life’s. I think people would still want him as sheriff, he just couldn’t be in the military. Unless, he stood up for gay rights like he should. Is Paul a liar and a hypocrit? Maybe Sheriff Paul is just out for himself? You decide, I am just asking him to be who he really is and stop the secrets and the lies. How about you?
    Paul, Do you think you with ever tell the truth, or are you going to have people attack me and tell me I am crazy or have me deleted from here? I would rather come out of the closet and be who I am,and have people respect me, than lie to them and betray my followers about who I am. Is it that important to you, that you are willing to lose people in your life that loved you and truely cared, to just get ahead? For what? To fall in the end? Because, that is what is going to happen! Good luck with your fake identity! When will the real Paul Babeu stand up!

  16. Rick says

    So, let me get this straight. Someone comes to this country illegally and then gets “used” as a condition for his not being deported (IF his story is even true)….and we are supposed to have sympathy for him? Besides, it doubtless fulfilled his fantasy (which is so common among gay men) of being “enslaved” and “dominated” by a law enforcement officer, so I am quite sure he got off on the whole thing until he realized he was not so special after all.

    Screw him. Send him back where he came from.

    As for Babeu, he did nothing illegal. And if we all had to be held to account for the behaviors we have engaged in out of sexual lust, hypocrisy would be the least of our transgressions.

    His position on illegal immigration is the right one and I wish him well in his pursuit to end it.

    Oh, and don’t fail to notice the contemptuous, homophobic tone of the woman lawyer in referring to “Babeau’s boyfriends”.

    But none of this matters to any of you Far Left automatons, does it?

    Or then again, maybe you are just jealous that you didn’t get enslaved by the Sheriff, yourselves. Yeah, come to think of it, that probably explains about 90% of it.

  17. Rick says

    Oh, and I just loved the equally contemptuous reference to the “macho press releas” in the Towleroad article. Nothing more disgusting than for a gay man to be “macho”, is there? I mean, how dare he be “macho”?–doesn’t he know that being attracted to other men makes you masculinely deficient and that his true nature is to live vicariously through women and go antiques shopping after the Madonna concert……and that by behaving in a “macho” way, he is just in denial of that true nature?

  18. MAC says

    As someone who knows Jose personally, not Paul. Jose stalked Paul for years and was obsessed with him. They were never boyfriends and when Paul refused to see him anymore he retaliated. He (Jose) even told me that he was going after Paul. He never mentioned that he was being threatened. In the story Jose even admits to hacking, stalking and impersonating as another person. Does that sound like a relationship?

  19. S.C. says

    Rick, one of your guys gets himself busted and it’s all the fault of gay liberals. Come on dude, get a grip on reality. I’m asking too much, aren’t I?

    And he did nothing illegal? That’s yet to be determined. Looks like he was running a sex slavery ring, his own sister allegedly said he was “dating” young students of his… etc… We’ll have to wait and see about illegality as it works it way through the courts…

  20. X says

    The only border security he should have been concerned with was the perimeter of his mouth around that other guy’s privates. I feel like he’s lost any credibility he had. What a joke.

  21. S.C. says

    Mac, for someone who knows Jose personally, NOT PAUL, you’re doing an excellent job of recapping the exact same talking points he just released in his press conference earlier today. What a coincidence.

    You know Jose personally, what’s his mom’s name? Thought so.

  22. Ryan says


    You wonder where the evidence is? Did you bother to click on the Phoenix paper’s link? Right there was a picture of the ex (with his face scrubbed out), being lovingly held by the Sheriff… who had his hands tucked into his ex’s shirt, petting his chest.

    What straight guy does THAT?

    Maybe you should be a little less bigoted against immigrants and at least open minded enough to follow the link posted in the freaking story to find your evidence!

  23. S.C. says

    Another message from the Sheriff’s sister, Lucy: (same link as above)

    Hi Caige, I am here, all this is true. Paul will not admit to it. He will have to soon than later because there are many more lovers than this that he has threatened. His Lawyer and him have already started rumors on me because he knows I am going to tell all the family secrets. I am not afraid of all of Paul threats and my father’s. Paul is nothing but a bully. He needs to be stopped because he uses his position as Sheriff to intimidate people. Paul is not about being gay, he is about using males for sex and tossing them aside. He has too many male lovers to count. This is just the beginning. Have a nice night. Lucy Babeu

  24. Dev says

    Hi I’m Rick. I’m so insecure with my masculinity that I have to lash out whenever it feels threatened. I want to be dominated by big bad men, but my manhood is so fragile that I cannot fulfill this fantasy, therefore I will just remain a bitter, self-loathing husk and project it to everybody else.

  25. MajorTom says

    @Jeff – If you had bothered to follow the provided link to the article on the Phoenix New Times website, you would have seen the photo posted with the story that shows Babeu and Jose embracing… and Babeu’s hand is inside Jose’s shirt. Not much ambiguity there. Or is a photo showing physical intimacy not proof enough for you? (If it were Barack Obama with his hand inside the blouse of someone other than his wife, would it be enough proof then?)

    And if you consider don’t respect the journalistic standards of this blog, why do you read it? Go be a troll someplace else.

  26. GeorgeM says

    We have to stop feeding the republican Rick. When he posts remember a few things
    1. No one Hates women more the Rick
    2. No one Hates democrats more then Rick
    3. No one Hates gay men more who are “less then” him, although Rick is a fake person
    4. No ones life is a great as Ricks
    5. No one has worked harder then Rick to ensure we all have equal freedoms.
    6. No one works harder to get republicans elected then Rick.
    He should be what we all strive for

  27. says

    “Papi . . . this is no good.”

    Do you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught by the Migra?

    Sometimes, “LOL” won’t cut it to express my feelings. This one got me hard, and I was stomping my feet on the floor and snorting, almost broke the glass top to my desk. SO MUCH HYPOCRISY AND WIN!

    You can just hear them at night: “Come on Jose…cross my border…use the secret tunnel I showed you…I know it’s dark and dirty, but on the other side… IS AMERICA!!”

    –Didaskalos, in full Border Brujo mode.

  28. GeorgeM says

    So it doesn’t say on his page what the issues are and where he stands. He does say he’s a true conservitive. I wonder what he’ll say about gay issues?

  29. Shannon says


  30. TJ says

    Okay, just for the sake of speculation, let’s say that this story is about a jilted, stalking ex-lover. Let’s say that the cease and desist stuff was about hacking and evil on the part of Jose. Lets assume he is the bad guy in this story.

    (I wont even address pRICK’s assertion that illegals are here to be used, and are deserving of exploitation. As noted above, RICK also reveals much about himself with his views about the motivations of others).

    Tell me, conservatives. Babeu’s facebook has posts about him proudly speaking at CPAC – as a closeted gay man. Babeu just had a press confrence, and has posted on his campaign website and facebook page, and came out as gay. Had he come out a month ago, do you still think he would have been allowed to speak?

    I read many posts on his Facebook page saying that his being gay doesn’t matter, that he still has people’s support – in a party that would deny rights, reinstate DADT, and at the least, keep those nasty gays in the closet where they belong. His vulnerability in this “scandal” comes from being in the closet, even if he isn’t being a hypocrite regarding illegal aliens. So many of the posts talk about him being a man of honor. Where is the honor of the closet?

  31. GeorgeM says

    TJ that’s what I don’t understand
    For the life of me I don’t get how he honors the republican party. The people saying it doesn’t matter are saying that because of the things he’s done. If it was an average joe off the street whos just starting out these people would hold that against him and the party would eat him alive.

  32. AaronLosAngeles says

    I’m democrat, liberal and VERY anti illegal immigration. Not all liberals are for illegal immigration. The fact that is has ILLEGAL in it is enough for me. And living in an area that has been completely shattered as a result of illegal immigration, we know the consequences. And I and many, many Americans won’t waver on this issue.

  33. J.R says

    This man did nothing wrong, the illegal immigrant is the one who should be in trouble. This man didn’t commit anything illegal…his illegal immigrant boyfriend hires an attorney? for what?…OUR court system which his illegal self should not at all be mandated to benefit from. If your first action in this country is an illegal act…then you are a burden on our nation. I say this as a black person and not some racist white.

  34. says

    Oh we’re all so sure your black. J.R.

    Got a link to a website with your picture on it/

    You’re a Republican — therefore a congential LIAR!!!!!!

    “This man did nothing wrong, the illegal immigrant is the one who should be in trouble.”

    What he did wrong was trust a SCUMBAG REPUBLICAN!!!!

  35. GeorgeM says

    Aaron that’s not the point
    The point is that this man driving issue, allowed the issue with this man. The other part of the point is if he really had a sex slave against his will, that’s illegal for you and me as well.
    There’s nothing wrong with being against illegal immigration, we all want it handled but if you’re goin to lead the issues maybe you should be tru and turn your boyfriend in.

  36. IonMovies says

    Why do I get the feeling that many people on here who are as passionate about this illegal immigrant getting an “unfair” treatment are not nearly as passionate over gay rights. Are probably often playing devil’s advocate in pro gay related stories and taking the side of the anti gay individual? From the latino gay community, I often see nothing but resent toward gays. Due to their machismo upbringing, you’ll often hear them want to distance themselves with being gay. If that’s how gay latinos feel, why would some LGBT be open to heterosexual illegal immigrants coming in this country knowing that demographic stands in the way of our equality? That’s a valid point and one many gays have thought of.

  37. Dynex says

    I post on this site often and certainly hope I don’t offend any friends by stating this opinion, but I too rather resent illegal immigration (or ‘anti immigration’) being lumped in with gay rights. That a gay person being against illegal immigration makes them somehow less credible is a ridiculous assertion. I find it insulting that the two topics would be married together considering I am a tax paying legal resident of this nation fighting for my rights. Rights I earned before allowing myself to go to battle for an undocumented resident, when I know there are many negative stipulations that come with the presence of illegal immigrants, but not one concerning me as an American being treated as an American (in legislation). I’m not breaking any laws ‘illegally’ by being how I was born to be.

  38. Michelle says

    In our state of California, illegal immigrants are suing for not being able to get a valid drivers license, claiming it limits their constitutional rights- ridiculous, huh?
    I’ve seen too many illegal immigrant lawyers out there who’ll take a sue happy -illegal- client and create a fabricated story of woe is me to abuse the system
    I take Jose’s claim with a grain of salt, and have a very hard time buying into the ‘sex trade’ worker allegations knowing this mans status, position, and very public figure. Too much rides on him to do that, but Jose has nothing to lose by going to the media and hiring a lawyer and playing the victim role to stay illegally in a country.

  39. Real Talk says

    Jose, you didn’t like how you were being treated in this country? didn’t like your boyfriend? you always got the option of going back home homie. this story got too many dang bald spots to be taken at face value. keepin it real and truth. doesnt add up

  40. GeorgeM says

    The right is already spinning this, progressives / liberals outed this man.
    Why because they don’t want to talk about the tru story. Being in a relationship with someone who is illegal and possible threating him about deportation (something by law he’s obligated to do from the beginning).

    But republicans will say this poor guy was outed. Let’s face it unless they can prove it he’s going to congress. I just hope he keeps some honor and doesn’t screw us in the end.

  41. NY2.0 says

    Gay Republicans are some of the biggest hypocrites you’ll ever meet, right up their with the likes of Newt Gingrich. When the gay Repubs are caught with their pants down, they play the victim card like Sarah Palin and blame liberals.

  42. Michaelandfred says

    It’s like Christmas. Anti illegal, commercial making closeted republican with illegal Mexican boyfriend. Ssshhhh, i just want to revel in it for a second. Although to be fare, republicans seem to think illegals are fine as long as they are working for them (below minimum wage.) I’m guessing however that McCain and Romney didn’t know the job Paul was providing Jose was a blow job.

  43. says

    The next person who decries Jose for being “illegal” really ought to just STFU.

    The only person who said Jose was “illegal” was the SERIAL LIAR sheriff. Why on earth should he be believed?

    Jose has claimed that he has a visa and is allowed to be in this country. Should that be the case, the only way the Sheriff could get him ousted is by trumping up some charge.

    If I were Jose, under those circumstances, I’d be afraid, too… because why would a serial liar, especially one who’s running for Congress and is afraid of being outed, be afraid to use his incredible power as a sheriff to trump up some charge?

    The most likely deduction here is in fact that Jose was here legally and had documentation to stay… but that the SERIAL LIAR sheriff was angry for being dumped and scared of being outed and threw a dangerous hissy fit that very legitimately threatened an at-risk resident (if not citizen) of this country.

    JR, Aaron, Rick, et al… leave your BIGOTRY behind. It has no power here.

  44. sara says

    So agree Ryan. The story I read said that Paul threatened Jose & his family by saying he could make trouble for him. He implied he would say Jose’s visa had expired which in the hellhole of Arizona would probably take weeks to unravel. The other crazy sheriff locks up legal Brown Americans everyday on just the SUSPICION of being illegal. In the meantime, Jose’s attorney says his visa is up to date. So all you Anti Immigration Crazies need to chill & stop posting all your sex slave fantasies until you get all the facts.

  45. me says

    Young Jose has already proven himself as a liar, identity thief, and a disregarder of the law of the land, so excuse me if I take this revelation with a rather large grain of salt. I wonder how the person whose ssn he stole feels about him leaking this story.

  46. Bob says

    I ask the folks with all the opinions –Have you ever dated a guy from Mexico?
    And it IS possible to want to fix illegal immigration while also liking Mexicans and Mexican Americans.
    Here is someone’s comment on another website:
    Paul has been out in Pinal County for years, which is why none of us here believe the story that Jose was threatened with deportatio­n if he disclosed their relationsh­ip. Jose has now admitted that he in fact hacked the Sherriff’s website as well as his Twitter account. Jose only made these allegation­s to cover his butt and only after he was threaten with prosecutio­n for committing an illegal act, which may have been grounds for his deportatio­n. So there really is nothing to see here and I agree that we should all move on.

  47. GeorgeM says

    I want to see how this mans going to act with regards to our community.
    I love the people on his Facebook page
    “what you do in your private life is your business”
    That saying kills me. Str8 couples don’t keep their relationship behind closed doors. They marry, they show off their families, they kiss hold hands, hug, date, go on trips together and so on. We do that to yet its only ok if we keep it private. They don’t see the double standard in that. The str8 relationship is put out there every day in our faces but dam if we do the same. I wounded if he’s going to be a goproud or LCR gay
    Off soapbox sorry

  48. sara says

    Adding to my comments–I am keeping an open mind as it’s still a he said, he said story so we’ll see how it unfolds. But while the sheriff may have been out online & with his boyfriends, I doubt he was truly out in any significant way. Especially if you believe the sister’s comments made almost 2 years ago about how she wanted her brother to come out of the closet so I do think Jose had enough ammunition to make Paul worried enough to threaten him.

    In fact Jose has submitted some text conversations where Paul said: “You can never have business after this and you will harm me and many others in the process … including yourself and your family.” Sounds like a threat to me.

    I’m fairly certain that the Feds will add this to their ongoing investigation of that other sheriff, Joe Arpaio so it’s not going to disappear no matter how Sheriff Babeu spins it.

  49. jj says

    You guys should read and think about this story a little harder.
    First, it’s his ex’s word against his, and his ex sounds like an angry jilted lover. It sounds from the texts like his ex wanted revenge and went to the media to get it.
    Second, I’m not convinced that the sheriff was even that closeted. His Adam4Adam profile claimed that he was out. I’m not sure if there’s hypocrisy in his simply being gay and Republican simultaneously. Republicans have plenty of issues, and you don’t have to agree with all of them to be a Republican.
    Third, this was a relationship that lasted YEARS. It was not a case of some mean white guy who likes to oppress minorities by day and sodomize them by night. It would make a great story if it were the case, but it doesn’t seem true.
    Fourth, have you seen the way this story is played in the straight media? The scandal seems to be not that he’s accused of abusing his power, but that he’s gay and he had a shirtless profile online. Is that really the side you want to be on? The New Times even calls his relationship with Jose an “affair,” as if he were cheating on someone the whole time. I don’t think most people in Arizona give a crap about the plight of Jose. They just don’t want a gay sheriff.
    Fifth, I’m not convinced that the sheriff knew this guy was illegal when they were in a relationship. There’s no evidence of it.

  50. Tom Smith says

    This is what happened. Jose lie through his teeth and when Paul found out he was illegal he broke it off with him and encouraged Jose to do the right thing, but Jose, like so many other blood sucking illegal aliens, decided to use their relationship to blackmail Paul. Paul has been out for a long time. He just did not see a need to carry a banner and wear a t-shirt confirming his sexuality. He is a conservative, and true conservative do not make a big deal over where they are putting their dicks.

  51. GeorgeM says

    Except when writing and passing laws to screw us, then they care where our dicks go. I just hope you boy remembers that when his vote really counts

    But conservitives are just starting to get off their a$$’s and help move things forward. I guess they started felling bad watching all the liberals fight for rights conservitives benefited from. Hell we’ll take the help
    Just my opinion

  52. Sininen says

    I take issue with the title of this post.

    Babeu’s anti-illegal immigration, not anti-immigration. As far as I’m concerned, there’s a world of difference between the two.

  53. Landon C. says

    I have no sympathy for this Jose guy. HE is the one who broke the first law by stepping in this country illegally.

    Illegal immigration has brought with it THOUSANDS of gang members, drug cartels by way of illegal immigration is already here, 84% of identity theft is attributed to illegal immigration as well as social security fraud/theft. Statistics of drunk driving is even more alarming.

    I’m neither a Conservative nor Republican, but like other expressed, I won’t foolishly and sheepishly be guided toward a destructive path. There’s enough to deal with other than millions of law breakers invading our country and draining reources.

  54. ThatCat song says

    If he’s an illegal immigrant, he has no rights, and deserves none of my sympathy. My family waited in line for years and went through the proper system out of respect for this country. Illegals with a sense of entitlement need to be checked. Every single country on this planet has laws that we all need to abide by. sorry illegals, you’re no more special.

  55. sara says

    Let’s repeat again for the slow posters. Jose says he’s in the US legally. His lawyer says he’s legal. Jose is claiming Paul Bibeu threatened to deport him & make up a trumped up charge of saying his visa expired, but in reality his visa had not expired. Now who knows what’s true at this stage, but could you please stop bellyaching about illegal immigration until you find out if the people in the story are actually illegal.

    Also if someone is abusing their power then I’m going to have sympathy for the victim no matter what, You all are beginning to sound like the Republicans who refused to pass the Violence against Women Act (against domestic abuse) because it included protection for Gays & illegal aliens.

  56. Dev says

    So many people didn’t even read the article. They just saw “immigrant” and started screaming like wild rabid dogs. I’ll never understand why Americans, who stole the land they are living on by force from peaceful natives who welcomed them with open arms, have so much animus against immigrants. And are proud of it! Or are you people just scared that they’ll do to you what you did to the native Amercans? Afraid they’ll rise up and massacre you, spread smallpox, etc. like your ancestors did?

  57. Paul says

    I’m sorry but Jose comes off a little unstable. Jose mentions they had a few dates and lost touch. That’s not a relationship. I may not agree with the sherrifs political views but why drag him through the mud. He sent Jose a Christmas card and he felt threatened? Give me a break. Jose just casually went to adam4adam and found his profile? Yeah thats plausible. Posting nasty comments about the sherrif on websites? Thats an act of someone scorned not threatened. Also, the person who posted as Paul’s sister here is obviously Jose. Move on with your life.

  58. Jeff says

    The story posted here is headlined:

    “Anti-Immigration Sheriff Paul Babeu’s Gay Affair With Undocumented Immigrant”

    Undocumented Immigrant pretty much say ILLEGAL!

  59. josh says

    Why are there always a lot of racists on gay blogs? I feel like I accidentally walked into a GOPROUD convention here.

    The story is the hypocrisy. Paul Babeu regularly demonized latino immigrants on Fox News and other platforms while he was dating one.

    Since Paul use to be in the military, I wonder what he thinks about most of the GOP voting against repealing DADT?

  60. Ed says

    I don’t know whats worse. The Self loathing Sheriff with the south of the border attraction, or the illegal immigrant/Uncle Tom who is smart enough to web design, and doesn’t have a clue that the propaganda he is helping disseminate all over the web is against his brothers.

  61. anon says

    I believe that Paul’s sister is backing up the claim that the Sheriff was threatening his ex’s during the campaign to hide the fact he was gay. Even if out, he wasn’t that well known at the time.

    As for land stealing, let’s keep it real folks. The always saintly Canadians “stole” Canada from the natives (though they recently gave some back); the Spanish conquered Mexico, Central America, the American West and Florida, most of the Caribbean and a huge chuck of South America (and that’s just this hemisphere); the Brits and Scots conquered Ireland; the Brits conquered Scotland; the Normans conquered Anglo-Saxon Britain who had run ins with the Danes who had trouble with the Vikings who entered after the Romans left who killed more than a few Celts, etc, etc.

  62. BamBam says

    Has Babeu ever said anything anti-gay? I couldn’t find anything, so he might not be a hypocrite. If Jose had a visa (or an expired one), it was fully possible he was legal at the time they were dating. Furthermore, I’m not really sure what to make of setting up a fake profile to score a date; seems creepy and stalker-ish. Given the fact that they then went in and had dinner, I don’t buy it. Sounds like one of them was a lot more involved than the other, and got burned.

    Also, I’d like to know more about the abuse of power. All I’ve seen were those 4 texts, which could be wildly out of context. The sister’s letter doesn’t mean anything either; that might just be sibling hate.

    All in all, I don’t believe we can say yet whether this is the scandal its being made out to be.

  63. ratbastard says

    Mr. Thorp:

    ‘Macho’ press release? Does masculinity or the display of masculinity disturb you? And what exactly was ‘macho’ about that press release?


    Anti-Immigration? Did you forget the ‘illegal’ part? Anti-immigration or anti-ILLEGAL immigration?


    Little Kiwi:

    Is everything ultimately race, skin color and gender with you? Do you hate white males as much as your posts imply? Why? To be honest, life in most ‘dark skinned’ nations for gays and lesbians is a lot worse than say the U.S., western Europe. If you’re gay or lesbian, where would you rather live: Swaziland or Switzerland?

    And, are there no ‘dark skinned’ hypocrites? Only ‘white’ males?


    What you have here is a former lover’s quarrel. This character Babeau should have known better than to date an illegal immigrant, especially when he crusades against illegal immigration, which us indeed a serious problem both economically and socially not just in the southwest but all over the U.S. What it shows is he doesn’t hate so-called Hispanics, but he did show a serious lack of ethics and self control. He knew he could have been blackmailed and have his whole career crash. Sad part for him is, most people wouldn’t have cared if they knew he was gay.

  64. ratbastard says

    ‘Progressives’ are OBSESSED with demonizing and scapegoating white males. White males are their avowed enemy. If you’re a ‘progressive’ white male, you must tow the line, keep your head down, don’t be ‘macho’, or the ‘minorites’ and lesbians will scream in your face. If this Babeau character refused to date a ‘dark skinned’ [how do we know Jose isn’t white BTW? Many ‘Hispanics’ are white, the ancestors of the conquistadors and later European immigration.] he’d be ‘racist’, when/if he does, he’s still ‘racist’ taking advantage of a poor immigrant.

  65. William says

    I think you need to read the article a little more closely. The immigrant contends he has an active visa. The sheriff is merely taking advantage of his immigrant status to intimidate him.

  66. ratbastard says


    The ‘illegal’ implication is all over this article and comments posted. Jose may well be a legal resident. I have nothing against Jose.

    1) If Jose is a legal resident, he has nothing to worry about. He could have just told his ex-BF to F off., He chose instead to basically stalk the dude, then destroy his career and future prospects. Jose did this because he was ostensibly angry that Babeau was cheating on him. There’s of course two sides to every story, but what this comes don to is a he said/ she said lover’s quarrel. If Babeau was actively and publicly anti-gay I would understand the reasons for ‘outing’ him and destroying his campaign. He wasn’t.

    If you’re gay, lesbian, black, Hispanic, female, you must be 100% ‘progressive’ and tow the party line, or else…that’s ultimately what’s going on here. You must remain on the ‘progressive’ plantation. You have a ball and chain attached to you. You must never stray too far from the ‘progressive’ plantation, or else….

  67. Ted says

    Apart from everything else, if Jose’s assertions are true, the sheriff’s actions are extortionate. You can’t threaten to reveal a secret (including that someone is here illegally) in exchange for not revealing your sexual orientation – especially when you’ve been involved in a relationship with the very person who is allegedly here illegally.

    This from someone who wants a fence along the border.

  68. TJ says

    RATBASTARD: I lived in AZ for many years. I can assure you, the animus against brown people is not relegated solely to the illegal. My nephew identifies as white. He is half European Caucasian, half Mexican Latino. He vehemently identifies as white not only because he can “pass” but also because his racist father rarely missed an opportunity to exalt his racial superiority over his children’s mother, in their presence (sick, powerf**ker relationship that was). The rhetoric about people of color is very similar to what I heard when living in SC. Funny thing is, in my business endeavors in both states, who do you suppose were the most trustworthy, hard-working, and reliable? In AZ in particular, I’m sure that many did not have “papers.” I get that for some people, the issue begins and ends with legal status. It’s hard for me to equate “illegal” automatically with scum. My great grandparents came to America in search of a better life. I understand that desire.

    From my reading thus far, it seems that Jose did/does have papers. But papers can go away. I also get right now that this is a he said, he said situation. If it is true, however, that Bebeu used his power to intimidate, that is worth looking into, especially given his positions on illegal immigration. That fact that he is “gay” just makes the story “juicier.” It would be just as worth looking into if Babeu’s paramour had been Latina.

    I haven’t seen anything (yet) that shows that Bebeu was hypocritically anti-gay. It makes me uncomfortable when someone is outted for reasons other than anti-gay hypocrisy. But he seems quite the right-wing darling, who recently spoke at CPAC. I don’t think they would have allowed him to speak if he had been out. On his election website, there is nothing about his personal life. If he were heterosexual, you know that there would be commentary about his lovely wife and adorable children. Any political fallout that remains, assuming his is innocent of any intimidation, will be because he has been outted as gay. He says that he should be judged on his record, not his sexuality. Why can that only be while keeping your mouth publicly shut? How does one reconcile being a man of honor while working for a party that wants to keep you in the closet? Many supporters have said that his sexuality doesn’t matter. Would they have said the same if he had been out from the beginning? And if they wouldn’t, what is wrong with this picture? Where is the comfort of being an exception, one of “the good” ones and therefore acceptable, while working for a party that has the rule that gay is ultimately wrong? I just don’t get it.

  69. A. Former Student says

    This is not Paul Babeu”s first sex scandal, just the first to make headlines. I think someone should ask him what happened at The DeSisto School with a student, just before leaving his position as Head Master.

  70. Mike says

    I do not understand why people state that because people oppose illegal immigration that they hate ‘brown people’. I am opposed to illegal immigration period. It drains the economy and if it is not stemmed we will continue to bleed jobs and tax dollars we can no longer afford. I agree that we should continue to have legal immigration and that it should favor those in our own hemisphere, brown, black, or white whatever. I also happen to oppose providing in-state tuition to illegals, call me stupid. I live in Oklahoma but have to pay out-of-state tuition to attend a school in Texas or Florida. Does that make sense or is that fair? Seriously, get over the fact that illegal immigration happens to involve predominantly Mexican or Central Americans. It is not hate, it is fairness and economic reality. If we were to provide transportation to the most worst off people in the world, say Somalians or Congolese, would we then be haters or blacks? If the immigrants we opposed were southeast asians would be be ‘yellow haters’? I have friends and family of all of thest peoples and I am not a hater of any. I do believe that illegal immigration must be stemmed however, regardless of who the illegal immigrants are. Period. No hate, just reality!

  71. Comaaz says

    So before we jump all over this guy based on an ex-boyfriend’s allegations, let’s see some facts. I find it hard to believe that Babeau would knowingly date someone with questionable status. To do so would so clearly put his job in jeopardy.

    The other side of the story is being told and we owe our gay brother the opportunity to tell his side of the tale.

  72. Jon says

    And this isn’t even a preview of the historical gay right wing. It’s much deeper. Please Wiki Cecil Rhodes to see what his attitude was towards the African people were. And virulent anti-Semitism has cropped up along the way. Read Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” to find out who the main players of The Night of Glass were. And on the African continent our main man in Africa of yore, the late Moise Tshombe, he of Zaire, hired mercs Time and Newsweek magazines pointed out were of interesting sexual orientation. So I shudder to think how he would vote on social issues to divert attention away from his private goings-on. Solomon said it best. There’s nothing new under the sun!

  73. TheVidProducer says

    I don’t believe this Jose guy. He sounds like an entitled oppertunist who trapped the sheriff dude. Jose sounds completely unstable and I hope all future partners stay away from him. I don’t see what the sheriff guy did wrong, other than one minor mistake in judgment. I do however see this Jose guy as calculating and kind of disturbed from reading this article.

  74. James E. Pietrangelo, II says

    There are definitely some allegations here that warrant investigation for possible official corruption, in terms of a sheriff allegedly making the threat, and being involved with a person allegedly in the US illegally. However, that does not justify the racist, partisan, and frankly homophobic comments on this story. References to the Sheriff’s skin color are simply racist. So are the accusations that just because the Sheriff is White and believes in enforcing the immigration laws he somehow “hates on Brown people” or is a racist. References to the Sheriff’s being on the “down low” etc. with his relationship are also homophobic–as if merely because the Sheriff didn’t declare his sexuality to the world there was something sordid about his activities. The comments basically attacking the Sheriff for being conservative or republican or whatever are simply politically motivated. It’s sad how ignorant many of the readers of this website are . . . .

  75. Ted says

    If Jose’s assertions are accurate, Babeau could (and should) be in trouble. These statements would be extortionate. You can’t threaten someone with deportation in order to get them to forgo making a statement. If it’s true, there is criminality here. (What a shock – a cop who is about crime).

  76. Seth says


    Its because whoever wrote this article, is being very dishonest; which is of no surprise being that the writer- is most likely left-wing.

    First indicator of it being dishonest, is the fact that writer keeps saying “anti-immigration”. It should say anti-ILLEGAL immigration.

    Secondly, this guy was no affair, they were together for quite awhile, and he stated how he loved him and all, but the writer left that out.

    The only thing he did do as far as politics goes, is step down as one of the backers of Romney’s campaign; feeling him being gay would probably hurt Romney, who already isn’t so liked, by stupid social conservatives.

  77. jack says

    Wow, who knew that so many conservatives are homosexuals.Sheriffs, priests, preachers, radio talk show hosts, senators etc. But please don’t tell me that the big bag of wind named Rush is a closeted gay. If i were to find that out, I would apply to join one of those Ex-gay indoctrination centers. Because I would want to be straight.

  78. Amber says

    I fell in Love with him, and Im a woman, he is the most sexiest man ever met with a nice smile, sexy bald head….than my heart was broken when he said he was gay…a beautiful man with an education…I pray for all gays/lesbians to come to there sences God created one man, one woman for one reason…

    Dear Paul Babue,

    You made my heart pound, my mouth dry, my palms sweated, words came out wrong, you made me nervous, If you remember the lunchen in Arizona City, my son was speaking with you, as I took a picture, I only pulled my phone away, because I had a topless picture of me, and freaked out grabbing my phone afraid you would see it. Im in love with you, if you ever reconsider this gay thing…look me up….Amber T….im on facebook Amber R T.

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