Bryan Fischer To Romney: Don’t Hire Gays

Bryan-FischerAndy reported on Friday that Mitt Romney has hired openly gay communications strategist Richard Grennel to be his campaign spokesman. You'd think Republicans would welcome the news. Grennel's hiring shows that Republicans are generous enough to uncomplainingly rub elbows with sinners, and the promulgation of that message could (who knows?) attract a few gay and gay-friendly votes.

That logic either never occured to or doesn't suffice for the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer, who yesterday tweeted this message:

Romney picks out & loud gay as a spokesman. If personnel is policy, his message to the pro-family community: drop dead.

Horrible as Fischer is, this is still rather shocking. Fischer has never before said that moral employers oughtn't hire gays, nor is it currently a plank of the American Family Association's platform that LGBT folk should be denied the dignity of work. And maybe that's not what Fischer believes, either — maybe he believes only that politicians oughtn't work in close quarters with gays, lest we corrupt their ethics. Either way, I hope he elaborates.


  1. scott says

    oh no- he meant it. I kno these pple- having been raised by them, played with their kids, was taught by them- the dignity of work isn’t the only thing they would see denied to gay pple. They wish there was a way they could deny the dignity of LIFE to us, too.

  2. Trev says

    The sad irony is that Fischer and Grennel get their hatred from the same source and use it for similar purposes. The only difference is that Fischer turns his against others while Grennel turns his against himself.

  3. Malaysian Ho says

    It is not just about pro-family and protect marriage, it has never been. A gay genocide, maybe.

    If Bryant does not agree with Romney hiring gays, he should tell his minions not to vote for Romney this coming Nov.

  4. Craig says

    As a long since former Republican, the best thing that party could ever do is just exactly that: tell these people to drop dead.

  5. David Hearn says

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    Make sure you specialize your order too! Order something that comes without mayo, with mayo. Order something that comes with cheese without cheese. Order an iced tea with a shot of 7 up.

  6. joanna says

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  7. says

    As I write this, I can only imagine that Fischer’s own personal Lucifer is busy excavating a whole new circle of hell just for smug, immoral pseudo-thologians who persecute the innocent for their own personal gain and aggrandizement. Proust!

  8. Jakrabt says

    If “Pro-Family” community is anything like Bryan Fisher then let’s hope that IS his message…

  9. jakeinlove says

    Romney is never in a position to hire anyone for too long of a period. A) He dismantles all the companies they purchase and ship the jobs overseas. B) He won’t be the president anyway.

  10. jamal49 says

    Bryan Fischer, the AFA, and the rest of the evangelical homophobes absolutely want to allow any employer or private property owner (aka apartment buildings and realtors) to be able to discriminate against LGBT people. Let’s stop the pretense and get down to business where the evangie-cons are concerned. They hate us. They want to isolate us. They want to destroy us. Fight back!

  11. Mort says

    @TXSTEVOTXSTEVO: What does an anonymous stranger — with no discernible credentials or demonstrated skills — hope to accomplish by publicly chiding Thorp for his grammatically correct eccentricities?

  12. Marco says

    “You’d think Republicans would welcome the news.”

    Do we live in the same USA? In the one where I live, hiring gays would not be welcome news to Republicans.

  13. says

    Fischer misses the point – Romney hiring an insecure self-loathing reluctant-homosexual with no testicles actually does the Conservative Right’s job, perfectly. It shows that slavery can still work in 2012 – all you have to do is find a put-on minority, make sure they feel worthless, then offer them a tiny shred of tolerance. PRESTO! They think they’ve found freedom and respect. They haven’t, of course, but they think they have.

  14. russ says

    That photo sports the ONL Y halo this evil soul will ever wear. Good luck with the god complex Bygone.

  15. Paul R says

    I don’t need to hear him elaborate. I’d prefer never to hear a word about him again. Same for Mitt.

  16. GregV says

    @David Hearn: Ordering something without any intention of paying for it sounds like fraud to me. Why not instead actually spend your money at companies that DO have a social conscience?

  17. Daniel says

    Mr. Grenelle is openly gay, and went to the same Pentecostal school in Springfield MO- Evangel College – that I did. It’s a very Republican town. That’s part of Ric’s background that he has never left.

  18. Mary says

    I wouldn’t try to defend Fischer on this site, but there IS something he said here that should make gays happy, even though this wasn’t his intention. By complaining that the new hiree is “out and loud” he’s shown two things. One, even the Christian Right dares not object to the hiring of one who is openly gay (and this is a big switch from even the 1990’s) and two, that gay Republicans can be proud (presumably) just not “loud.” We can’t exactly be sure what is meant by “loud”,although I don’t think Fischer was referring to the decibel level of Mr. Grennell’s voice. The idea then is that it’s OK to hire an openly gay person as long as he doesn’t make too much of an issue about gay rights questions.

    My point is that this represents change. History does seem to be on the side of the gay rights cause and Mr. Fischer knows this. This is why I always advise you not to sound militant and to pick your political battles carefully. Fischer knows that the loser in this conflict will be whoever acts the most aggressive, so he’s already trying to soften the stance of the AFA. His message is of course that Mr. Grennell is not one of those (perfectly fine?) out and proud gays, he’s one of those scary out, proud, and LOUD gays. And yes, this sounds as funny to me as it does to you! But it’s all he has left. His only real argument against the gay rights agenda, including gay marriage, is the one that I have about how this might encourage homosexual experimentation and have an adverse affect on straight relationships over time. And as with most social conservatives he’s too scared of the “silent majority” to make that case. His loss (and mine) is your gain.

  19. Chuck says

    I’m sure he meant it. The AFA has worked its members hard to keep the pressure on their conservative politicians to keep ENDA from happening. The AFA would rather see gays dead than leading productive lives in the US or anywhere else in the world. The AFA is more concerned about a zygote having full human rights than any gay person. The AFA has been designated a hate group, and they live up to that designation … proudly.

  20. kit says

    Love the photo shot straight up the nostrils! Makes it so easy to see that there aren’t any brains up inside his head.

  21. Denise says

    Brandon Thorpe, this story concerns Fischer’s opposition to the hiring of gay and lesbian people, not “LGBT folk”. There is no such thing as “LGBT” and the word “folk” is archaic. If you want to be taken seriously, stop using the brain-dead language of trans activists.

  22. says

    Denise, do you have a problem with transpeople?

    I’m a proud gay man who stands in solidarity with my trans brothers and sisters. They’re actively discriminated against to an even higher degree than gays and lesbians.

    There is such thing as LGBT, whether you like it or not. We’re all in it together.

  23. Sean says

    Proof, as if it was needed, that “pro-family” is synonymous with anti-gay. This issue has literally nothing to do with families, but he still plumps for that term, I suppose to conceal the fact that he preaches hatred, bigotry and prejudice underneath a layer of doublespeak.

    P.S. In related news Richard Grennel is a piece of sh!t.

  24. Sean says

    Proof, as if it was needed, that “pro-family” is synonymous with anti-gay. This issue has literally nothing to do with families, but he still plumps for that term, I suppose to conceal the fact that he preaches hatred, bigotry and prejudice underneath a layer of doublespeak.

    P.S. In related news Richard Grennel is a piece of sh!t.

  25. says

    i’m consistently irritated at the fact that “legit” newsmedia outlets refuse to point out that the AFA and the similarly-named groups are also anti-Semitic.
    AFA, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women of America…they’re no just anti-gay, they’re anti-Jew, anti-Muslim, anti-Secularist.

    they’d be given less credence to your average headline-browsing citizen if they realized that it aint just GAYS these groups hate – it’s anything and anyONE not a Conservative Christian.

  26. Michaelandfred says

    Has nobody ever told Mary the big male secret? Mary, sit down…, the vast majority of straight men experimented with each other during puberty. Do you think circle jerks and the other clichés are just urban myths? Half the homophobia around the would is most likely caused by guilt about these youthful experiments. (the other half are closeted gay men.) circle jerks, comparing size, who can come first or furthest and any number of games. When boys hit puberty they usually only have male friends to go through it with. I can’t believe women still don’t know this!

    I’m serious Mary. So if you’re worried about “experimenting,” you’re about ten thousand years late.

  27. says

    michaelandfred, it’s one of those things that you KNOW has haunted the Rick Santorums of the world to this very day. He probably got “caught” – and he’s spent his adult life insisting it never happened, because he “hates the gays.”

  28. Daniel says

    Mary it partially right: one change within Fundamentalist Christianity is – at least in some Christian Colleges like Evangel College is that one can ‘be’ gay as long as one does not engage in ‘gay’ sexual acts. The change is that being gay got you booted out of school (this still happens in many places) whereas, Christian schools are more tolerant. This thinking extends – psychologically speaking – to Far Right Republicans where gay people are tolerated as long as they keep their mouths shut. It’s all that ‘love the sinner and hate the sin” crap.

  29. Mary says

    Michael, first off, experimenting with behaviors that are socially taboo to any extent is something that has occurred since the beginning of time due to human nature (of which I’m well aware.) The “forbidden” can be fun. It can also be fun to be “ideologically promiscuous” and “flirt with the enemy” – as I do on a regular basis by visiting Towleroad and posting here. But we have no way of knowing how many people experiment with taboo behaviors. The very fact that they are still taboo means that those who try them are not likely to talk about this. So we really don’t know what percentage of young males try homosexuality. It is certainly higher than the number who would ADMIT experimenting, but there are always people who DO adhere to social norms. Your assumption that “all boys” do what you and your friends did is naive.

    And experimenting to be “cool” when you’re a teen is not the same as experimenting when you’re an adult because you’ve developed a true relationship with someone of the same gender and are now starting to speculate that maybe you really want to make this person you’re life partner. This is less a “let’s do something wild” instinct than a “maybe I should reassess how I want to live” instinct, which is something entirely different. I was referring to the second type of experimentation and not the first. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

  30. says

    as i’ve said before, people who don’t have sex and love lives of their own can’t seem to stop worrying about the sex and love lives of others.

  31. billywingartenson says

    Fischer of course is head of AFA, and its on the hate group list per the splc

    He is of the same religious beliefs as those that justified slavery as per the bible

    And given his utter hatred one wonders whether he is another George Rekers, founder of the hate group FRC and former head of the ‘fix the gays group NARTH”

    who of course it turns out is a Queer with a capital Q (sri, thats my word for self hating gay people)

    the big deal with Rekers is that to rent that boy for a two week period runs, per the website, is about $15000

    Hate is a great business in the USA.

    JUst as it was a great biz to hire black people for zero wages, rape their women by the “massa”, and then they would sell their own progeny as if they were cattle.

    BTW another evangelical xtian is named Anders Brevik of Norway. Its obvious that he was proud of what he did.

  32. SteveMD2 says

    I canjust see Fischers pappy or grand pappy putting in a news paper the job ad from the 1930s I found in my fathers papers. Ending ……


    We shoujld send off Fischer (thats a german name btw as spelled) to some island with minimal population, as hte Brits did re sending criminals to Au long ago.

    I’d suggest Borneo – they still have headhunters.

    I know people who’d pay a million to have Fischer’s shrunken head on the wall

  33. Paul Keckonen says

    @Mary…michaelandfred wasn’t talking about teenage boys “experimenting to be cool”. He was talking from experience -as a former teenage boy- about boys during puberty showing off their brand new “toy” to each other. My straight identifying older brother and his friends did this when they were around 12 to 13 and I got to go along with the ride since we shared a room. Only one of them could you say was “trying” homosexuality – he and I fooled around until I was 17 and he was 18.
    Talking with many men over the years – with those who identify as gay or straight or as bisexual – many, many have recounted similar experiences, in fact almost all of the men I have met over the last 60 years have had similar experiences. The only exceptions were men who grew up in very isolated or extremely religious households where sleepovers were either uncommon or prohibited.
    The fact that homoerotic behavior is fairly rampant among pubescent boys tells ME that 100% straight males are about as common as Triple Crown winners. Zero on the Kinsey scale is not, I believe, the majority. Most people are somewhere between 1 and 5…they just do not or cannot admit it.
    As for gay men like Ric Grennel, I don’t see them as “self hating” which seems to be a knee jerk reaction comment about any and every gay conservative. I see him and his brothers as having over inflated egos, more in love with themselves and their sense of entitlement and that they have very little empathy for “others”, especially those who fall outside their socioeconomic class of privilege, ambition and power.

  34. Fritz says

    So let me get this straight: if I were Mr. Fischer’s employer, Federal law would prohibit me from firing him for espousing his bigoted views because they spring from his religious beliefs, but if I worked for him, he could fire me without repercussion because I’m gay. It sickens me when I hear so-called Christians claim that they, not LGBT folk, are being persecuted.