1. princely54 says

    This is going to be a common occurrence for this pandering flake. Almost anything he says will have some sort of 180 degree precedent someplace in his past. That’s what happens when you go with the flow all of your career and life. The man has no CENTER. He’s spineless and mutable in every sense of the word (maybe with the exception of his religion as he does seem committed to that somehow…)

  2. Michael says

    Rosen was right on the money. So a multimillionairess who has never worked a day in her life has a clue to what 99.9% of moms go through financially?

  3. says

    kudos to the spin-doctors of The Right for turning a blatantly truthful statement by Rosen into an hilarious “war against mothers”, or something.

    Mrs. Romney is the kind of “hard-working mother” who no doubt complains about “how hard it is to find decent Help these days…”

  4. Terry says

    I watched this today. I am SO glad Chris Hayes played this little nugget. Yes, of course that phony outrage among the right (and yes, the usual players…Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc just jumped right in) twisted this whole thing about piling on poor Ann Romney and a attack on women who stay at home and take care of their kids and homes. But that is NOT what this is all about. That little clip of Romney proves that there IS a Republican War on Women. And faux outrages such as this week isn’t going to obscure that.

  5. Max says

    The real war against women is being waged by Islam. Women are burqa’d, beaten, raped, acid-attacked, mutilated, etc. Where’s the endless left-wing outrage over that?

  6. Oliver says

    Mittens went parading around Europe in his little Mormon get-up in order to avoid the draft…and then last year gave $10,000 to NOM. Wouldn’t we all be better off if he just suddenly died of natural causes.

  7. says

    @Mike – obama-complainers who then start talking about “Islam” do that as distractionary nonsense.

    they can’t point to anything “good” about their own chosen allies, and must resort to focusing on some other specter.

    it’s the same thing when you point out to them the anti-gay stances of the GOP and then they say, “yeah, well, it’s worse in afghanistan!”


  8. say what says


    because max doesn’t care about women in muslim countries. His faux concern is just a handy tool for him to distract distract deflect deflect

  9. Max says

    To Say What and the ever-ignorant Little Kiwi,

    When Republicans cut out female genitalia, when conservatives stone their wives to death as punishment for having been raped, when Mormons beat their daughters for not wearing a black sack, then we can say they are at war with women.

    Until then, the only distraction is desperate Obama-bots hyperventilating about a fantasy war on women, while they ignore the real one, in order to deflect from Obama’s dismal economic performance. Do you honestly think this is a winning campaign strategy? You’re only fooling your echo chamber.

  10. theo says

    Max is obviously incapable of defending his own candidate against the primary charge: Romney’s a pandering, chronic flip-flopper who will say anything to get elected.

    Max, you may hate Obama, but when you cast your vote for that amorphous blob in November, know that you’ve completely sold out.

  11. says


    From Max’s lips to our ears – the most pressing issue in america is the oppression of women by islam.

    because we all know the that the Islamic-leaders of America are the ones responsible for the war on LGBT people and and women’s reproductive and health rights in America. right?


    Obama’s economic performance? Look, Max, i know your parents have told you that the evil black man took your money, you should be more upset that they’ve stolen your balls 😀

  12. says

    see? he talk about Islam because his own white christian family won’t do a damn thing to support him as a gay man.

    “Sure, they’re embarrassed by me, but at least they didn’t kill me”

    eek. stockholm syndrome.

  13. say what says


    me an obamabot?

    ha, Im a socialist and Obama is a reaganesque conservative dem. The irony is that even sainted ronny ray-gun wouldn’t get into today’s repub party

    I support Obama over anyone put foreword by the insane circus that is the modern repub party.

  14. MarkUs says

    The economy stinks. Obama will be shown the door. Happens every time. Imagine all the money that would be saved if we just jumped to the final chapter. Remember Ford? Remember Cah-tah? Remember Bush I? Obama’s right track/wrong track numbers are just as bad.

  15. says

    they’re hoping that if they help their families vote the Bad Black Man out, then they’ll finally be allowed to sit at the Family Table at thanksgiving. joke’s on them. it aint gonna happen.

    at some point gay republicans need to learn that hating black peopel won’t make your community like you. it might earn you one more day of pitiful tolerance, but don’t go confusing that with actual acceptance.

    it’s one of those funny things… conservatives blame liberal gays for homophobia, bigotry, and on and on.
    and yet….we liberal gays dont’ have anti-gay straight people in our lives. we don’t.

  16. jack says

    kiwi is such a johnny-one-note. Always talking about “balls”, “stolen balls” , “grow a pair” etc. Poor thing doesn’t seem to realize that courage doesn’t reside in the testicles. More than half the pop. are women who don’t have testicles but are often the most courageous among us. Kiwi reminds me of Benedict XVI. He is a foreigner who thinks he knows what is best for the USA and he is convinced of his own infallibility.

  17. Redebbm says

    This again carves out where the priorities of the Republican right are, the rich. Summed up as being a mother is work…if your rich. If your poor being a mother is being lazy and you better get a job or your dragging down society. Motherhood IS work and only in this country do we actively punish those that are disadvantaged. Republicans salivated at trying to turn this tide in their favor, but only hurt themselves more by revealing their agenda of taking us back to a America that never existed while trying to paint Obama as a man that doesn’t exist either (he’s a freaking centrist! Not anywhere near “Socialist”). The current Republican party is full of delusions, and I for one won’t give into them. If you don’t think these issues effect you watch as Romney Actively roles back LGBT advances of the last few years. He said repealing DADT was wrong at this time, and supports changing our constitution to his religious believes on marriage. Romney, stands for nothing except what will get him ahead. He will pander to the right consistently if he is elected while catering to the rich with economic policy.

  18. says

    adult women have balls. or if you prefer “orbs”, or “ovs”

    i’m not infallible.
    i do, however, know that Romney hasn’t a clue, and his wife hasn’t any idea whatsoever how the Other Side lives.

    you may continue your obsession with me, “jack”. won’t make your own life better, nor will it in any way negatively affect mine 😀

    if you want the most out-of-touch president in modern american history, vote for Romney.

    if you want an actual path to progress, vote Obama.

  19. jack says

    Kiwi. I don’t need a foreigner to tell me who to vote for. I am a lifelong liberal democrat and intend to vote for Obama and a whole lot of other democrats. I am not obsessed with you. I just want to show moderates or centrists who read these comments that not all progressives are mean spirited, often hysterical ranters like you. I have no illusions that I might change your “infallible” opinions on anything. I am sure introspection is not one of your strong points. I have never encountered a fellow liberal or progressive whose rants cause me to dislike them so much.

  20. jack says

    In your dreams Kiwi. Have you ever considered that your mean spirited, and often hysterical rants drive possible converts to your point of view as far away as possible?

  21. says

    yup. a lot, actually.
    i’m also aware that it’s useless to try to get blood from a stone.
    Obama’s skin-colour and “foreign-sounding-name” drives possible converts to his point of view as far away as possible, too. doesn’t mean it’s his fault.

    i’m just wondering what in this thread set you off oh-so-much. you had no problem with people ignoring realities of demographic make up in America in order to make hilariously inept slams against “Islam”. so, yeah 😀

  22. MarkUs says

    Obama’s race or name has nothing to do with the fact he’s going to be defeated. When the Right track/Wrong track ratio is under 1.0 the office holder is always tossed because it’s how the public sees their economic future. Sorry. You can stomp and cry and hold your breath as long as you want. Ford: OUT Carter: OUT Bush 1: OUT Obama: OUT.

    Steve Wynn said as much in Vegas. You know, the guy who owns every other hotel. Says nothing will happen economically until Obama is gone. Wynn a big ole’ racist?

  23. jack says

    Kiwi: I believe that all religions are contrary to human freedom and happiness. I happen to believe that Islam is the worst of a bad lot. We in the West have largely, not completely, defanged Christianity. To many in the West Christianity is a cultural not an ideological identity. Unfortunately Islam still shackles the minds of most Muslims. They haven’t yet had their French and Americann revolutions; their Renaissance and Enlightenment. They are still mired in the 8th century of Mohammed.

  24. says

    none of that addressed anything i talked about, nor has anything to do with the claims you’re making about the “Black American Church”

    citations, please.

    Markus, you can stomp your feet loud and scream hatred about Obama. It will not make your life better, nor will it change you as anything other than a pole-smoker in the eyes of the conservatives you suck up to.

  25. says

    ‘m just very puzzled when White People start blaming Black People and Muslims for American Homophobia….

    insisting on looking for “brown enemies” means you’re ignoring the enemies that “look like you”.

    just like everytime a news source talks about the Westboro Baptist Church they take their eyes of the Real Enemy – the evangelicals, the southern baptists, the roman catholic church, the Mormons.

    thw WBC don’t do anything of impact, yet they get the heat. why? it’s easier to look at them then the real enemy, because the real enemy wears a smile while they deny you your rights.
    the westboro’s didn’t convince anyone to vote for Prop 8. a great deal of “nice, smiling Christians” did.

    content over tone, baby.

  26. jack says

    Kiwi: any citizen of the USA can tell you that the African American Church is the political, social , cultural and religious center of the African American community. As to specific citations, I don’t have the time to look them all up. However any American (USA) citizen can tell you he has seen endless stories of democratic politicians in African American pulpits asking for their votes. The Catholic Church for all its failings has never gone this far. They usually just pass out pamphlets supporting or opposing a particular political or social position. So if any churches should lose their tax exempt status (which all of them should) the African American Protestant Churches should be first in line.

  27. says

    got it. you’re one more pathetic homosexual who chooses to hate blacks, and make baseless claims that you don’t back up, because it’s easier to be a lazy racist than an intelligent human being who sees where the real root of the problem lies.
    thanks for sharing.
    go have some drinks and drive yourself home.

  28. jack says

    Kiwi you are right to point out that the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, The Evangelical and Fundamentalist Protestants are all homophobes. Why do you not include Islam and the African American Churches as also homophobic? “Grow a pair” Kiwi. Call out all our enemies. Not just the bigoted whites.

  29. jack says

    Kiwi you are probably not bright enough to realize that to criticize is not to hate. I often criticize people on the left more than those on the right becauce I value them more. I guess that you as a foreigner don’t really understand American (USA) society and its politics.

  30. jamal49 says

    Clever Hillary Rosen thought she would score some “class warfare” talking points by trying to correlate Ann Romney’s wealth and privilege (and assumed indolence) with an inability to understand what “real” women go through on a daily basis when trying to raise families.

    Of course, Hillary needed to clarify that she was talking about married working moms, single working moms, and the most forgotten group of working moms–those who stay at home (feminists studies having proven that stay-at-home-moms are the most exploited and least appreciated of all working women).

    So, what happens? The republicons turn a sure-fire campaign advantage for the Democrats into a deficit by using Rosen’s remarks to paint the Democrats as anti-stay-at-home-moms, which of course the republicon base has multitudes of.

    Not really, but it was a stupid, arrogant, impertinent comment by (gasp!) a (horrors!) lesbian (giggle), I mean, what the hell would that lezbo know about what REAL women go through on a daily basis.

    So, we now have a very contrived “controversy” tailor-made for the 24/7 news media which will run its course in about another 10 days or so, but! The damage will have been done.

    The Democrats, in the form of a loud-mouth, insensitive woman, will have suffered an election-year set-back by once again being tarred by the right-wing shout-machine as “elitist”, making the party’s standard-bearer, Pres. Obama, a confirmed “elitist” (see, they’ll scream to their minions–we TOLD you so and he’s a MUSLIM, too!).

    One hopes that Hillary Rosen will shut her damned mouth until after the November 2012 elections. She might as well. She’s messed up her career as a go-to-talking-head for the Democrats’ side. Maybe it’s time to consider pushing Schlitz across the diner counter. That’s about ALL Hillary’s good for anyway.

  31. jack says

    Jamal: Did you actually say:: “What the hell would that lezbo know about what Real women go through on a daily basis”? If so were you joking? Or are you the right wing answer to littlekiwi?

  32. GeorgeM says

    I guess we’ll see on this one, I just disagree
    Question who are you voting for and why?

    Also You can stomp and cry and hold your breath as long as you want.
    Ummm who was that for?

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