1. Ken says

    “not all people who are opposed to same-sex marriage are bigots or hateful or ignorant”

    I’m sorry, but if you believe in denying equal rights to a group because of who they are, doesn’t that make you a bigot? If you believe that gays getting married will harm the institution of marriage doesn’t that make you ignorant? If you believe that the bible governs this country instead of the constitution, doesn’t that make you ignorant? This trying to be civil is nice and all but and some point you need to speak the truth. Can anybody tell me even one reason for opposing marriage equality that is not based on bigotry, hate or ignorance?

  2. Vint says

    Dear godless colonizing sodomites:

    I’d count myself in your number, but I didn’t get the memo about the colony. Where is it? How do I get there? Or is it simply aspirational?

    Yours in hope,

  3. Tommy Starling says

    Thank you for sharing this report featuring my family. Changes are not being made fast enough but we are doing our part to try to speed up the effort. The more hearts and minds we change, the better our families will be treated.

  4. kit says

    Hi, Tommy — Thank YOU for sharing your family with the world! The more we are out and proud, living our lives as part of our communities, the faster the hatred and ignorance will evaporate.

  5. Simon says

    1) Many people say ‘God hates gays’ and keep using the word ‘God’ not ‘Jesus’. The fact is Jesus Christ NEVER CONDEMNED HOMOSEXUALITY and Christ is the God for Christians. Some may then say God is the Father, but there’s no such religion of ‘Godian’ , ‘Fatherian’ or whatever. So for people to still believe ‘God hates gays’, either those people are taking GOP as ‘GOD’, (GOP are indeed one of the biggest bigots and of course the false ‘God’), or those religious nuts are worshiping a different ‘God’ other than Jesus. Either way homophobes bigots are not followers of Christ but ANTICHRIST rather as they share a different view of belief from Christ!

    2) To Christianity, they have to be followers of Christ and it’s clearly stated by Jesus that His top 2 commandments are above all other biblical laws and they should follow those. The top 2 commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. So again, religious nuts just like pharisees, are ANTICHRIST who are obsessed with all others nonsense religious laws which they put as higher importance to those of Jesus top commandments! Jesus condemned such religious nuts just as those pharisees.

  6. oakpope says

    Ken, he is right, many people are just not informed enough, and those are the people that change their mind about gays nowadays. We need all the straight allies we can get, and we won’t get them by giving them names.

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