Mitt Offers Open-Ended Apology For High School ‘Hijinks’

RomneyKidMitt Romney's presidential campaign clearly wants to put the story of him cutting a presumed gay student's hair behind him. The candidate just now offered a vague apology for his youthful misadventures.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Mitt Romney offered a qualified apology for his behavior as a high school student, without specifically saying whether a report that he bullied a student thought by his classmates to be gay was accurate.

“Back in high school I did some dumb things and if anybody was hurt by that or offended by that I apologize,” Romney told FOX radio host Brian Kilmeade Thursday. “If I did stupid things, I’m afraid I’ve got to say sorry for it.”

Romney, 65, noted he graduated from high school nearly five decades ago, and said, “I’m quite a different guy now.” He admitted “I participated in a lot of hijinks and pranks in high school and some of them might have gone too far, and I apologize.”

Romney also said that he doesn't recall thinking the student in question, John Lauber, was gay. "I certainly don’t believe that I thought the fellow was homosexual,” Romney said. “That was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s.”


  1. says

    “I certainly don’t believe that I thought the fellow was homosexual,” Romney said. “That was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s.”
    That’s true. Back then, Romney was far more concerned with America’s “growing negro problem” – as was the concern of most 60s-era Mormons, with their white-worshipping cult of idiots.

  2. atomic says

    So typical of him and his ilk to minimize and dismiss the severity of his crime. And yes, it IS a crime to assault someone, forcibly pin them down, and cause panic and psychological distress. Just because he wasn’t prosecuted for it doesn’t mean it wasn’t heinous or that it could be benignly chalked up to a “prank,” which is what he’s claiming here.

    Romney is a piece of s*** Mormon bigot. He and all the rest like him are going to burn for their evil, and the fact that he shows no remorse proves that he will do the same to this country that he did to this guy. He cares only about one thing: his personal wealth. He wants money and power and he will kill anyone to get it.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Since Mitt was obviously obsessed with other men’s hair back then, maybe it’s not Lauber’s sexual orientation we should be questioning here.

  4. St. Theresa of Avila says

    If a democratic candidate had done something like this, he could fess up and own it. “I was young, I was stupid, I made a mistake”. But of course, the Republican base doesn’t _really_ think assaulting someone for being different or gay-seeming is a mistake. So, not really an option for Romney.

  5. St. Theresa of Avila says

    “He and all the rest like him are going to burn for their evil”

    Well, seem a bit high handed to me, Atomic. If there is a god, that god has made it pretty clear only she can judge. (LOL)

    Seriously, the issue is more the ride they’ve taken everybody on while they were alive.

  6. Alan says

    Did the liberals that beat the sh!t out of Taylor Garrett, a gay Republican consultant in Texas who stars in the reality series on the channel LOGO TV, ever apologize for beating his brains out?

  7. TJ says

    “I didn’t have my goons hold him down so I could cut his hair because I thought he was ‘homsexual.’ I had them hold him down because he was a Nancy boy, a queer, a (fill in the blank term for gender traitor). We didn’t use the term ‘homosexual’ back in the day. We just knew it was WRONG to be different. Who can blame me?”

  8. says

    The type of person that grows up to strap their dog to the top of their car.
    There is a pattern here of a person who cannot see the feelings of anyone or any creature other than himself.
    Typical power hungry person.

  9. says

    He terrorized another person who he felt less than equal.

    At this time he also belonged to an all-white, all blacks banned, “Church” at this time.

    Romney is on record NO WHERE of opposing the ban on black people in his church even know it was in the news each and every day.

    He dealt with the 1960s cultural revolution of racial equality by attacking people he saw as different.

    Hardly leadership material, even for the Republican Party.

  10. Hue-Man says

    Think of it as training for when he’s TeaParty/GOP President – he can torture suspects at Gitmo and black sites all by himself!

    Those thousands of people fired at companies acquired and dumped by Bain when the bully Romney was in charge now understand why they’re unemployed and homeless.

  11. Michael says

    Wow, this election is getting extreme. On one hand we have a man who is for gay rights and the other is your run-of-the-mill bully. F*ck him.

  12. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Alan, sorry, I’m yawning here, fake stories by attention-whore queens about “liberals” bashing him? Nobody’s buying it.

  13. Jay says

    Taylor Garrett is about as impressive as scrotal acne. I love how upset gay republicans have been in the last 48 hours. It’s gotta suck knowing that you’re now officially the doormats to bigots that everyone’s always said you are. With Obama now vocally supporting marriage equality, you’re gonna have to go into overdrive looking for “liberal things” to complain about. Won’t change the fact that you’re not man enough to stand up to your communities. Gay Republicans are wimps.

  14. Sam says

    Mittens, when you’re on the giving end it may seem like “hijinks and pranks” but when you’re the victim of people like you it’s called BULLYING. And by the way, who in the hell uses the word “hijinks” anymore?!

  15. Esther Blodgett says

    Look at that photo of young Mitt. Is that not the archetype of the jock/fratboy who would let guys give him head? I am not saying Mitt did, but it is like Central casting for that type.

  16. Rick says

    In swing state North Carolina, which went for Obama in ’08, 61% of the voters who went to the polls on Tuesday decided that they dislike gay people so much that they don’t even want private companies to be allowed to offer them domestic partner benefits.

    In Anchorage, Alaska just a few weeks before, the overwhelming majority of voters indicated that they dislike gay people so much that they did not even think they should be protected from discrimination on the job.

    Earth to the Gay Left. People don’t like you. They don’t like your “gender-non-conformist” ideology. They don’t like your snarky attitudes. They don’t like your effeminate behavior and your idolization of “divas” and the hatred of men it represents.

    And that is why, 60 years after the gay movement began, the losses continue to pile up and why Governor Romney will most likely only benefit politically from a story like this rather than be harmed by it.

  17. says

    Straight liberals don’t take offense to gender-nonconformity. Only conservatives do. And why on earth should any self-respecting person cater to the baseless prejudices of bigoted conservatives?

  18. Gus says

    “That was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s.”

    That is a f@cking lie. I certainly was called a homo, faggot, etc. in the mid 1960’s Detroit area and Columbus, OH and a sissy before that. The Midwestern Republican standard revisionist history is homo’s didn’t really exist until Disco and everyone treated each other like ‘Leave It to Beaver’ or we all lived in Mayberry.

  19. bcarter3 says

    “I certainly don’t believe that I thought the fellow was homosexual,” Romney said. “That was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s.”

    What utter crap! Male teenagers in the mid-60s–especially independent school kids–were obsessed w/homosexuality.

    And claiming to have no memory of leading a gang attack that included scissors is simply beyond belief.

  20. ratbastard says


    Hmmm, you should have heard some of the things coming out of some straight liberals [progressives] mouths when they didn’t know I was gay.

    And the worse anti-gay hate I ever experienced [witnessed I should say] came from two young very ‘progressive’ looking and speaking black women.

    Of course Romney is a d-bag. That doesn’t mean you must correspondingly idol worship Obama. He could have said publicly he was for full gay rights as soon as he became president. It would not have hurt him anymore than he’s already been hurt and his party held the majority in the senate and house. It’s nice what he said on TV, but he’s still acting like an obnoxious lawyer/politician bullsh*tter, which is what he is.

  21. Rick says

    “Straight liberals don’t take offense to gender-nonconformity”

    Yes, they do. They hold their noses and support gay rights out of abstract principle, but most of them don’t have any use for the “gay” culture of effeminacy, either.

    And they only constitute 20-25% of the population, anyway, so if you cannot convince any more than that small group to be sympathetic towards you, then you are doomed……as the results from all the initiatives and referenda demonstrates.

  22. acorlando says

    So basically he’s saying “that was 50 years ago” — water over the dam.

    Hmm, seems to me Obama’s birth was 50 years ago too, but that seems very relevant to the right.

  23. says

    Then how come it’s only ever conservative gays who whine about “effeminacy”, Rick?

    I don’t know a single straight liberal who takes issue with gender-nonconformity. I don’t know any secure gay men who take issue with it either. Only insecure gay men who are scared of what conservatives think pay any heed to these concepts. But you can prove all of us wrong by showing us this example of manliness that you claim to be. You always refuse to do so whenever any commenters ask.

  24. Hank says

    I think this story says a lot about Romney as a person, actually. What kind of ‘leadership’ he exercises.

    Yes, this kind of thing has always gone on. But it’s generally just a few people in any situation doing it: the a**holes. Every school has a few, unfortunately.

    And Mitt’s still beating up on the fags to rally his followers today. Once an a**hole, always an a**hole…

  25. Caliban says

    While the sexuality or perceived sexuality of the victim in this case is important, what’s most telling to me is Romney’s inability to abide non-conformity. Some guy is wearing his hair “the wrong way” and it really bugs him. He mentions it several times to his friends; it really eats at him for some reason until the guy has to be punished for it, someone needs to hold him down while Romney cuts that non-conformity out of him.

    And as for the “it was 50 years ago!” argument, it was apparently disturbing enough to at LEAST 5 men who were there that they remember it vividly 5 decades later, feel guilt and shame because they either participated or didn’t stop it. One of them apologized to the victim in 2009, and the man said he’d thought of that incident often.

    I’ve seriously begun to wonder if Romney is a sociopath. I’m serious as a heart attack about this. There is a psychopathology checklist that’s a standard diagnostic tool for therapists and law enforcement and Romney fits a LOT of the criteria, from animal cruelty (the Seamus story), his artificiality, his willingness to say ANYTHING that benefits himself at the moment, etc. Once you start seeing it the examples keep coming. This story plays into that as well.

  26. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Oh that’s so clever Inside. Did you learn that in Troll school?
    Rick, in a strange way I can forgive you your obsession, but you are really making yourself look like a moron here. We don’t even know if the guy who was attacked actually acted flamboyant, or was just quiet with a long lock of hair. Ethically speaking, there’s hardly any difference if Romney had been a ringleader in an attack against a black student or a Turkish exchange student, or a poor student. The guy is a jerk and a bully. How would you propose the kid “man up”? Bring a gun to school and shoot the students involved in the attack? If you want to criticize certain aspects of media culture or whatnot, fine, don’t make people think you are completely brain dead by acting like bullying is somehow just desserts for anybody who can’t defend themselves because they are outnumbered or overpowered. (both in this case, apparently) Was James Byrd Jr. weak because he couldn’t defend himself?

  27. Rick says

    @Jay I have said what I have to say and it is the truth. One might think that losing one referendum and political battle after another would clue some of you into the reality that there is something really, really wrong with YOURSELVES and your attitudes and behavior that is causing the public to maintain such negative attitudes towards you, not with the public, itself, but instead you just dig in your heals and attack those such as myself, who point it out to you, repeating the very nonsensical mantras that have caused the public to dislike you so intensely.

    You can either face reality and change accordingly or you can go on being social outcasts. Your choice.

  28. says

    Yes, Mittens is “quite a different guy now.” These days he just gives tens of thousands of dollars (chump change/bettin’ money) to other people (NOM, the Mormon Church) to do his bullying for him. AND he gets a tax write off for it. What a guy!

  29. Nick says

    No Mittens isn’t Robbie from My Three Sons.
    Robbie was (is) out—so no this magic underwear bigot is not Robbie-
    That’s insulting to My Three Sons.

  30. TJ says

    Social outcasts, in some arenas. Others?

    Kelly Ripa on live with Kelly this AM. Rarely have I seen anyone avoid being political more than someone on a cotton-candy talk show. Her guest host, Nick Lachey, holds up a newspaper with a picture of Obama; “GAY OK!” The audience cheered, loud and long. Kelly remarks that polls show that the majority of Americans believe that gay people deserve equal treatment.

    Today show panel of Professonals. Star Jones, African American. Donny Deutch, straight white male. Nothing but praise for Obama for doing the moral and ethical thing, because equality is American, and saying what you believe matters.

    The nay-sayers are no doubt out there. But please, the gloom and doom here is beyond ridiculous. This is an opportunity. The Right WILL take advantage of this. Why can’t we, with the help of our friends, families, and allies, take advantage as well?

    North Carolina is North Carolina and the South is the South. But to my Facebook post of the Obama/biden poster, Equality is a BFD (which I reposted from a straight friend’s wall), my religious, southern, African American friend posted her approval. Likes from all my straight friends.

    There are things you can do, simple things, every day, that say that we matter, Come out, speak up, and enlist your friends. Don’t just sit here and b*tch.

  31. says

    Rick, what reality? Like many have said before, the kinds of comments you make are only ever made from people like you – those who make boastful claims without any attempt to back them up. What social outcasts? Last time I checked the kind of gay men you constantly are criticizing are the ones who are in no way living in fear or hiding. The gay men you hate aren’t the victims of anti-gay bigotry because they’re not the ones still pathetically living with a foot in the closet.

  32. Chris says

    Just a footnote to the conversation, here: Mormons might have been racist reactionaries in the 1960s/1970s, but HUD Sec. George Romney, to his credit, went head-to-head with Nixon in a losing fight to force exclusive suburbs to write meaningful fair housing plans, with broad consequences for federal funding. He went further than most of his Democratic contemporaries were willing to go.

    Too bad about his son, though. As one of the other posters said, totally out of Central Casting for the loathsome dumb preppy jock… who grows up to be a heartless multimillionaire.

    And @Rick, sorry, ain’t biting. I’m not a particularly effeminate guy, but no one gets left behind in this movement — trans, AfAm, Latino, homeless, queer — no one. If that ever costs us in the short run, so be it. At least we’ll be able to sleep at night.

  33. VDUFFORD says

    This is becoming like a real dysfunctional family…smack!…snap out of it!
    Just got to beat that Nitwit Romney need all folks aboard here.

  34. says

    well, well well.

    And we, and the good people of the theatre, cinema, sports,education, public service,entertainment and truly concerned souls have all been promoting :
    “It gets better”.

    Now we have a presidential candidate who has been a bully and really doesn’t give a $hit about what he has done. it can all be explained away….it was so long ago…..
    Even back then picking on a guy for blond hair was the act of a vicious thug.
    Call it what it is.

    What a kick in the face for all who have ever cried at another bullying victim, at another suicide, at another bashing.

    We have a war to fight; Romney is the face of the enemy.

  35. scott says

    Funny Mitt, what you did was not only bullying, it was an assault and a criminal offense. If something like that happened today I doubt you would get off so easily. Then again, how often are the children of the rich held accountable for their actions?

  36. MKisNE says

    so basically he’s a legendary brat who just goes with the flow. and the flow back then would be to cut a fags hair, in the 90’s if you’re running for governor of a liberal state it would be to be tolerant and accepting, and in 2012 if you’re running for republican President it’s to be as anti gay as possible while still courting the small % of repulicans that aren’t anti gay. *oops i hired and fired a gay staffer.*

  37. Disgusted American says

    Nice picture of Romney when he was younger – I take it that was right before he ESCAPED VIETNAM – after-all, that WAR was for the poor kids to go fight and Die in…while he and his Silver Spoon went to Europe – Lived the High Life Pushing / Indoctrinating others in Mormonism.

  38. ratbastard says


    Whatever,pal. What I posted is 100% true and accurate. I apparently have a more nuanced and sophisticated view of the world than you. I don’t see things as [pardon the expression] black and white as you; and no, that wasn’t a passive aggressive ‘racist’ comment on my part.


    @Disgusted American,

    I agree 100%. Romney belongs to a pretty big club of guys with connections or from fortunate backgrounds who dodged the Vietnam draft, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal [progressive].

    That said, the grand daddy of modern liberals, the one man aside from FDR who created the modern American welfare state and ‘progressive’ politics, LBJ, was more than anyone responsible for the ‘mission creep’ in the war and the fact it went on long after it should have. If there is one over riding villain surrounding Vietnam debacle, it’s the great progressive LBJ. Nixon delayed our exit, but he wasn’t responsible for the war itself.


    Regarding a few others pointing out Romney [disclaimer: I do not like the man, never have] came from a ‘white’ and ‘privileged’ background, therefore engaged in obnoxious ‘fratboy’ activity, I live in probably America’s greatest college town and have heard and read about my share of frat scandals and hazing horrors, and it’s just as likely to occur among ‘minority’ young men, Jews, Asians, etc. as rich white boys. I never belonged to a frat. A little too f*ggy for me, actually. I can use the F word because I’m gay, right?

  39. Randy says

    ” I’m quite a different guy now ”

    Romney is a different guy from month to month, year to year.

    But I think at core, he’s the same jerk he always has been, just wearing different PR.

  40. Fred says

    Romney admitted “I participated in a lot of hijinks and pranks in high school and some of them might have gone too far, and I apologize.”

    Interesting that he chose words like “a lot” and “some of them”.

    So he attacked and abused other students, too?

  41. Happy Guy says

    I like this idea: For anyone who has ever been bullied, how about sending a lock of your hair to Romney? Is that a good media strategy to keep this story alive? Going for a haircut soon?

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