In The ‘Times': A Fantastic Father’s Day Editorial

Jeff&PaulHello, and happy weekend! Please begin it with this editorial from the New York Times, penned by Dominick Zarrillo.

You probably don't know Dominick, but you certainly know his son, Jeff. He and his partner, Paul Katami, are two of the plaintiffs in Perry vs. Brown, the case that brought down Proposition 8. Jeff and Paul are pretty private people, and Dominick is even moreso. Glad he's not being private this Father's Day weekend. In rather less than 2,000 words, Dominick shares considerable sums of wisdom vis a vis fatherhood, family-making, bullying, Americanness, fighting, and not fighting, and he does it beautifully. No joke, he made me cry a little. The Times usually doesn't do that.

Read it!