1. nikko says

    How can he not have the receipt for such a large item? I also have to wonder how he presented himself…some queens act real snooty, entitled and arrogant when being served, I myself remember a few when I served the public.

  2. FernLaPlante says

    Nikko, I guess you have every receipt for every item and have never misplaced anything. Also, why the homophobic remarks? Who says Smythe is a “snooty, entitled queen”? Do you know them or were you there to witness the event?

  3. ratbastard says

    Is there no cctv video/audio surveillance at the customer service counter? Any such employee who behaved like it’s claimed would generally be fired on the spot or shorty afterwards by the head office. Lowes of course is afraid of the bad PR and lawsuits, but the video/audio surveillance could be video tape subpoenaed by a court.

  4. Mike8787 says

    While any such rude treatment is unacceptable, I see no sign from Smythe’s recounting of events that their being a gay family had anything to do with the exchange. Am I missing something?

  5. Jake says


    It doesn’t matter if Smythe was “snooty, entitled and arrogant”, which is of course no way to behave in public, but even if he had been rude to a store employee that employee is representing a large company and needs to follow proper protocol in dealing with customers, not act out his own hated for gay people. The alleged actions of this employee who had to be restrained by other employees AND who said that he had Smythe’s address and would be showing up to finish the job should be immediately fired and charged with threatening someone with psychical violence!

  6. simon says

    This kind of exchange is unnecessary. The customer service should accept the return and send it back to the manufacturer. It is not their jobs to lecture customers how to use an appliance correctly.

  7. MateoM says

    If I recall, Lowes is the bigot’s hardware store of choice. Whenever the pro-gay politics of Home Depot is brought up by Freepers and the like, they always say “I guess I’ll have to shop at Lowes.”

  8. Brian says

    The customer service person does not have a leg to stand on. By any measure of PR, he failed 100%. I don’t care if the customer was angry, arrogant or anything else, Lowe’s is in for a lawsuit unless they act rapidly. For some reason, there are still people in this age of gay liberation that simply don’t get it. This type of behavior is simply not going to be tolerated any more.

  9. sara says

    Maybe there’s some info missing but how is this an anti gay incident? It seems this kind of stuff happens all the time so how did this escalate into a LGBT protest event?

  10. anon says

    This doesn’t seem to be much about Lowes, but about an overly stressed out and unprofessional employee dealing with a tactless customer. If your goal is to return a product then say what you need to say to return the product. You’re not there to do anything else. Don’t be an ass.

  11. Tony says

    Is this for real? The employee was having a bad day, the customer was being rude back to him, and it got out of hand. Why is there a rally? To protest bad employees? Please stop using gay people to pretend like every time someone is rude to you, that it’s the only reason why.

  12. Oz in OK says

    I have a hard time believing some of these comments – which are just variations on ‘blame the victim’. Perhaps you folks missed the part started yelling anti-Gay crap? Or where the employee literally attacked Mr. Smythe, and had to be restrained by a manager? Or the part where he said that he had Smythe’s home address and phone number?

    And being verbally harassed, physically attacked and threatened further is somehow Mr. Smythe’s fault? If anyone threatened me, my partner and my child all at the same time, they’d be calling the paramedics when I was through.

  13. J. Leo says

    I too had an incident at Loews. I was accused by a store employee of pocketing a few screws and nuts. He swore that he saw me take them. I wasn’t even in that department nor was that what I was there to purchase. But I had stopped to ask for the item I was looking for. A Christmas item. Which had not a thing to do with nuts and screws. I emptied all my pockets at the register and asked for the police to be called for them to search me. They would not. A manager was called and after talking to him and giving him my side of the story no apology was offered. I don’t know why that employee lied but it is most probable that he thought I was gay. I do all my home improvement shopping at Home Depot now.

  14. truthteller says

    @ TONY & NIKKO,

    Perhaps you’re unaware of what customer service does. Let me enlighten you since I’ve worked customer service for years.

    Customer might be irritated because they wasted time and money – driving back and forth – and were not able to accomplish what they wanted with the tool they bought from us.

    He says, I’d like to return this item.

    I say, what’s wrong with it.

    He says, it doesn’t work.

    I say, I apologize for the inconvenience. Would you like a new one or a refund.

    No anti-gay slurs, no threat of physical violence, just doing my job and making sure my company looks like we care about such customer, which will make him happy and keep him shopping with us.

    The employee is the professional. He is supposed to remain courteous and not take anything personal. That’s what he gets paid for.

    It is customer service not employee service.

  15. Paul says

    In addition to the paramedics, you’d better also call an attorney because your butt will be hauled off to a jail quicker than a New York minute.

  16. says

    I don’t care WHAT the apologist gays on here say….YOU DON’T EVER MAKE HOMOPHOBIC REMARKS TO A CUSTOMER…..



    Got that? No? well expect a serious backlash

  17. IndieMusicFan says

    Disgusting. It is never acceptable under any circumstance to fire back at someone based on their sexual orientation. If I have a problem with a customer who is an ethnic minority, and they are unhappy, do I have a right to go off on their race and make racial slurs? I’d be instantly fired.

    Way too often people get a pass for their homophobia, and enough is enough.

  18. says

    Good for that couple for taking swift action! Too often people who face anti gay prejudice or words will not confront it and will just walk away. That’s not a teachable lesson taught to the offenders of such words and actions. It isn’t appropriate to stoop to a discriminatory level, even with your tongue, just because it pertains to gays. I’m very proud of this couple for taking action!




  20. J.J says

    Read EVERY single story about an anti gay attack and there will be comments (by ONE poster, with various handles) who will put into question the actions of the GAY INDIVIDUALS. Even if the accounts are that the straight individuals are ones who were agressive, attempted to start a fight and shouted anti gay bigotry, we have comments like Nikko’s blaming the gay family, and make unfounded remarks on how they must have behaved because they were gay.

    Homophobia exists folks. We must combat it every chance we get.

  21. lazerlightsdreamz says

    Just by reading the comments on this site, you can tell homophobia is alive and well. Even in stories where we have gay people reecounting stories of homophobia, we have people on here attempting to discredit them and side with the heterosexuals. That right there makes me root for the gay people in the situation because it’s not easy coming out and speaking against hate, when you’ll be met with bigoted doubters.

  22. Steve-ATL says


    We call them trolls. They come on here and pretending to be gay, all while spewing crap that manages to ALWAYS conveniently side with the heterosexual, or person accused of anti gay actions. They then ATTEMPT to plant a seed of doubt and make people question the gay peeps in the story. We always expose such trolls, because their game has become all too transparent.

  23. ProudLGBTDad says

    Sooo proud of this couple! and if things did get to a point where the employees THREATENED them…then I hope they sue, and the employees get fired. You wanna be a tough gay and spit out homophobic terms because you think us gays won’t react and will cowar away….think again.

  24. Scott Jonalson says


    You question the supposed antics of the gay couple because they are gay? Guess what boo, I’ll play that game and question the antics of the STRAIGHT employees. Since we’re making generalizations- let’s see:
    Two young straight men working at some hardware shop, probably slobs, uneducated, ignorant, and homophobic. Yeah, I like this idea of making generalizations. I side with the gay couple here, because 8 times out of 10, young straight men do have it in them to be homophobic in face of tension with a gay individual. So while you draw your conclusions on all gays, there’s mine on heteros and in all likelihood, these two inadequete hetero employees.

  25. Dynex says

    I worked in customer service for 10 years. I don’t care if a customer starts screaming at you off the top of their lungs, you -UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE- have any right to threaten them and certainly not make discriminatory remarks about them. When and if you do, you should be sent home for the day, and fired within a very short time span by corporate. No excuse, and no punishment good enough for barbaric tools in customer service positions when they shouldn’t be.

    99.999% of people who work in customer service, like I do, don’t ever do something like this, and we meet all kinds of people. Again, no excuse for this behavior by the workers.

  26. AJ says

    The two vile employee thought that because it was a gay couple, they could get away with making ignorant statements and acting all tough. Happens often and that’s why we as a community need to have a zero tolerance policy for being mistreated, and especially when faced with gay slurs. I agree with others. I salute this couple for standing up for their convictions and not being weak.

  27. Red Velver says

    Now if the gay couple had said something about the employee’s race or them being hispanic, the very people commenting on here saying “this story is no big deal. the gay couple was overreacting” would be the first to say “THOSE RACIST GAYS! They should have gotten beat for their bigotry. See how gays act in public”

    Don’t even front for one sec. Some of you with your homophobic double standards make the rest of us burst out in laughter.

  28. Red Velver says

    Now if the gay couple had said something about the employee’s race or them being hispanic, the very people commenting on here saying “this story is no big deal. the gay couple was overreacting” would be the first to say “THOSE RACIST GAYS! They should have gotten beat for their bigotry. See how gays act in public”

    Don’t even front for one sec. Some of you with your homophobic double standards make the rest of us burst out in laughter.

  29. says

    @ Red Velver….you pretty much said exactly what I was thinking. That’s homophobia for you. Displayed even on here. People quick to blame the gay, and come to the defense of the anti gay. Happens allll the time on here, but glad it’s being called out more often for what it is.

  30. Marx-Candy says

    So glad to see these comments standing up against homophobia. For farrr too long, we gays were called F-GS when we asked for something, or even demanded something. No one would EVER tolerate a demanding black customer be called a n—er or a demanding Latino customer be called a sp*c. GRAB YOUR SPINE LGBT. NO ONE EVER HAS THE RIGHT TO CALL YOU AN ANTI GAY SLUR.
    Especially a representative of a company you are a paying customer to. If that happens, make em’ pay!
    This whole notion that homophobia is acceptable is perpetuated by homophobes themselves, some who even frequent this site.





  32. FanofDance says

    Observe this:

    * Gay individual flips the bird at a photo of a dead President at the White House and the comments are all about how undignified the gay community is, how we don’t show respect, how we need to be more gracious.

    * Straight individual harrasses a gay family, threatens to harm them, threatens to know where they live, ridicules them, and THEN makes militant homophobic statements……and you come here to read, what? comments that BLAME GAY PEOPLE.

    LOL if you honestly don’t think the very same people who made a big whoop out of the Ragen photo aren’t the same people who are saying “who cares?” about this story, than you don’t know your crafty homophobe from your blatant homophobe.

  33. Trey says

    Red Velver,

    People like you always blow my mind with their inability to grasp the main point of an issue. This is NOT about which side made the most offensive comment. This is about a customer service representative who is the face of a huge company acting-out in the way he did. The customer (right or wrong with any possible attitude on his part) is not the employee in this situation and was not the representative of any third party.
    Do you get it now!!!

  34. says

    @ FanofDance

    I had forgotten about the Raegen photo post and the melodramatic comments blaming all gays. Here we are in a story about the lovely decorum of heterosexuals, and as you perfectly noted, that same crowd is- blaming all gays. Don’t worry about them, just feel sorry for said bigots.

  35. CesteVelley says

    You want to be a bad @$$ and call your customers gay slurs, and intimidate them because you can’t handle the stress of your job, don’t get a job around people! Get a new job.
    Most of us have worked around customer service our whole lives and don’t act like hood rat thugs. Go get a job as a truck driver, and leave the customer interaction to people who were raised right, with some class.

  36. unknown says

    Watch the video and it clearly says what happened from the time of the event until ending. A person wouldn’t come through with such a clear stated story knowing that the video camera is there filming the entire event. Lowes has not released the video because they have seen it and know it will hurt them more by releasing it. Why bash and belittle the “victims” when Lowes has an opportunity to clear there name by releasing the video but they won’t and we all know this because I’m sure it will show the employees being restrained by management and the gay couple and there son terrified. So that will make Lowes look horrible!!!!! Come on people why is it we now allow close-minded america to bash us for our beliefs but yet we won’t stand for our own rights and stand behind those that are getting hurt. Stop bashing them and stand with them!!!!! Stop joining the hate and participate in the move to make america accept who we are born to be!!

  37. SanFrandude says

    @ Christopher Allen Horton,
    Isn’t it time for you to get a real job, stop selling crack on the streets and stop benefiting from other people’s hard earned money through your EBT card?

  38. Justin T. says

    So happy to here about the rally. So often homophobic taunts get brushed under the rug. Very pleased to live in a climate where LGBT don’t tolerate injustice.


    The employees thought they’d be all bad cuz the customers were gay and they’d get away with it….hahahahah, talk about back firing on their ignorant tails. Karma always has a way of working itself.

  40. Dynex says

    I don’t care if the customer started screaming from the moment they entered the store, which I highly doubt is the case, you never, ever stoop so low to threaten a fight with a customer much less respond with homophobia. When you choose to take it to that level, expect news coverage, backlash and getting ready to look for a new job. Pretty simply stuff really.
    Some people don’t -deserve- a paycheck.

  41. ThisNow1982 says

    I have to echoe the responses that praise the gay family. It’s reacting to bigotry and challenging shyt customer service that brings about change. I work in human resources for a big restaurant chain. There’s many things supervisors can’t witness but we depend on customers to be our eyes and ears. In an economy where EVERY customer and customer relation counts, having an employee as unstable as these two is a nightmare. The one that went charging at the couple could even be sued by Lowe’s AND the couple, depending on their worker contract.

  42. Hollywood, CA says

    And sue Lowes to the GROUND! I will never got there again until this matter is totally resolved! This behavior is not going to fly, bigots!

  43. codyj says

    I worked at Lowes, they TOOK everything..and anything back, store policy, n questions asked…We even had a few ‘regulars’ who would buy stuff at tag sales,and bring it in for a refund..sales slip , or not..if Lowes handled it, they got the money

  44. Kevin Mendoza says

    I love the few people who speak in certain terms that this couldn’t have been due to homophobia (even though employee is accused of blurting out homophobic terms) as if homophobia doesn’t exist within customer/employee interaction.

    Just last week at a gas station when asking the clerk for a reciept because the gas machine didn’t work, he actually whispered under his breath “f_ggot” as my boyfriend and I were leaving. Needless to say, managers, general managers and everyone who needed to was called and emailed. But this notion that homophobia only begins because the accused homophobe was provoked first is pure calculating spinning on the part of homophobes themselves (whom do visit this site, as we’ve all witnessed before)

    Anyone who has lived life of being openly gay knows that you can be the most gracious, polite and respectful person and still encounter homophobia. It’s inexcusable.

  45. 2EastCoastDudes says

    @ Kevin Mendoza-

    and that’s just it. Why do gays, and only gays, have to constantly be on their absolute best behavior ever, or fear a homophobic tongue lashing. Who amgst us hasn’t dealt with an unpleasent (insert demographic here) be it unpleasent caucasian, asian, black, latin, jew, male, female. We all have. Does that give us a right to ever go in for the kill with a hateful term that insults their people and an entire community? No. Straight people have seriously attained a sense of entitlement when it comes to dealing with us and they just resent that we stand up and speak up for ourselves. How dare we.

  46. GregCali says

    LOWE’S Riverside: 9851 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92503

    (951) 509-5500

    Give them a call and ask to speak to a manager. They very quickly answer. Express your concerns. There’s no reason for ANY LGBT or LGBT family to be met with such hostility.

    Since the Conservative right loves having their voices heard, it’s time for ours to be as well.

  47. AJ74 says

    What’s wrong with waiting until more information comes out before making a judgment? I worked at Lowe’s for 12 years in the same area as the Riverside store and I know the employee involved. He never treated me negatively and we would talk often as friends. He knew I was gay as did all my coworkers. Lowe’s may not be as gay friendly as home depot but it is not anti gay. The other employees who witnessed the incident will give their side of the story soon so why not allow for the possibility that sometimes people, even gay people, can give a slanted version of what actually occurred. Those of you making racist and elitist comments are using this one sided account of an incident to spread your own form of bigotry.

  48. ed says

    To the people posting the racist latino comments go f*** yourself. If you dish out racist comments don’t be shocked when you get called some nasty hateful slur. Thanks for reminding me that our community is still capable of hate.

  49. Corona Resident says

    This is crazy. I’ve actually had a VERY similar thing happen at this exact Lowe’s last year. I no longer live in Riverside, but I swear I was recollect my experience at that Lowes as one of the reason. I asked an employee a simple question and was directed to “another area” which is no worries at all, but then was redirected, and soon realized the exployees were playing a game with me. They did have a bully air to them and were completely off putting, and rude. This story does not seem inaccurate at all considering I’ve first hand experienced the level of disdain from employees at that particular store. And I’m far from being a demanding customer either.

  50. Jackson says

    Well, seeing the negative reviews that store got on some sites from many other customers in previous months/years tells me it seems to not hire the most well rounded individuals. There’s absolutely no excuse, under any circumstance, under any reasoning for an employee to ever react in that manner, unless they wish to both lose their job and face a lawsuit. Anger managment should be considered for that employee, and this particular store should consider reading some of their customer responses about their employees, otherwise they’ll go down and be closed in no time. Home improvement/hardware stores come and go so fast in this economy.

  51. GrillMaster says

    @ ED

    You often discredit gay related discrimination stories as non-issues, but then when people make comments toward a group you identify with (more so) like your latino community, you’re so quick to be over reactionary, and accusational, not to mention pretty emotionally so. Funny how you’re entitled to that, and calling everyone racist, but stories relating to homophobia…you’re dismissive of. Don’t tell us to simmer down as in terms of homophobia when you’re first in line to not give to shts about our struggle, but make a big stink about precieved racism.

  52. Kielan says

    Instead of lecturing gays about who we are or aren’t, maybe you should speak about the stories recently involving Latino men showing anti gay sentiments? Or is that off limits because they share your same ethnic background? And that you would justify homophobia for all because of what you consider racism by a few is another highlighting of your hypocrisy. Practice what you preach dude.

  53. Roxster says

    These employees sound like violent pigs. With all the amazing, qualified, and personable people looking for work these days, it should take the company nothing to fire them and hire two worthy reps for their position.

  54. jim says

    This is unbelievable, as are some of the trollposts here.

    I work at Home Depot (thanks for the kudos guys), and if something like this happened at my store-especially at the service desk–an employee verbally harrassed a customer, threatened him, and then lunged at him and had to be restrained by an ASST MGR, I’m 99% certain that employee would have been immediately taken off the floor, documented, terminated and escorted out. The customer would’ve been given a refund, and likely additional compensation for his horrible experience, and either an in-person apology by the store manager, if he was onsite, or if not, a phone call.

    I thought it was rather funny that the in the vid Lowe’s said, “Customer service is ONE OF OUR top priorities.” At Home Depot it is THE top priority.

  55. Jay says

    Incidents like this attest to the fact that good customer service is dead at many, if not most, American businesses. I have had problems returning items at WalMart, Target and Radio Shack. In each cast the clerk rather than trying to satisfy my request reacted with deliberate, calculated rudeness. The extreme was Radio Shack. When I asked to speak to the manager, the clerk claimed he did know who the manager was. He also said he didn’t know who signed his paycheck. I am no longer one of theoir customers.

    I followed up with WalMart and received awritten apology from the corporate headquarters and a personal call from the manager of my local store. As a result, I am still one of their customers.

    The only way to combat this attitude by clerks at any business, large or small, is to escalate firmly but reasonably. Complain to upper management. It may take time and effort but eventually the message will get down to the local level and most businesses will respond positively to customer complaints in the end.

  56. Red Velvet says

    This sounds like a similar experience I had at another Lowe’s in central California years ago. The customer service is basically non existent with this second hand company. I refuse to shop here again knowing the kind of folks they hire. One bad experience was enough for me. Our hard earned money goes to those who appreciate it. Not unruly workers who act lik hoodlums that are angry at the world.

  57. just_a_guy says

    Another reminder to patronize gay-friendly Home Depot instead.

    Orange gay aprons = good.

    Blue bigots = not.

    alright. but the perpetrator deserves the full prosecution of the law, and maximum appropriate disciplinary action from Lowes regardless of how much Lowes may have resolved itself to just cater to the shrinking market of bigots, eh.

  58. Dany T says

    @ christopher allen horton– why not protest. why not make a huge statement bout how this is not tolerated. the problem is there are an abundant amount of ignorance out there and not enough people who will stand up and say, this wont be tolerated. protesting isnt always jus for anti-gay issues. if you pay attention to all that is goin on in the world, you will see protesting for other issues as well. we should all open our eyes to an ever changing world. and not judge our differences but embrace our similarities. if only we could choose to act in ways of tolerance instead of hate. for all actions are a choice.

  59. grego says

    Did the news reporter, or Smyth’s attorney look into whether the clerk may have a criminal background, or may be a convicted felon behind the counter? Just saying. That short a fuse..

  60. Tony says

    I can’t believe that happened. I worked briefly at a Lowes in the south. And I can tell you none of this would have happened at the store I worked at. To the guy who was accused of stealing screws…that should have never happened. Lowes policy is to not confront people. You should report what happened to Lowes headquarters.

  61. Tony says

    Oh I forgot to add. Yes there are cameras at customer service. The Lowes I worked at had more cameras than the TV station I used to work for. You’d be amazed. There are even cameras pointed at the cash drawers.

  62. Joe in SF says

    Shame on Lowe’s. This combined with the fact that they have a HRC equality score of 15 means LGBT shouldn’t shop there. Boycott Lowe’s1

  63. Patrick'sPicks says

    Lowe’s better answer to this mess or they WILL lose me as a customer for good. And yes, I do shop there as there is one right near our house, but after this I will rethink that decision, and may drive over to the Home Depot 10 miles away.

  64. millerbeach says

    They have lost my business, just because they have yet to respond to this problem. Why wait to be treated like crap? I believe these guys and I believe what happened. Home Depot is now my choice, and golly, I’ve got tons of money to spend since I don’t have children! How’s that recession thing treating ya, Lowe’s? How many customers can you afford to lose? You’re about to find out…

  65. millerbeach says

    I fired off a note to their corporate department, including a link from this site. If enough of us do this, they may get the message. Bullsh*t walks and money talks…never forget that, men!

  66. Cod says

    Bunch of bitches looking to make a quick settlement check. Probably to pay for his sex change, all I can say is pathetic. If I was the teenage son I would disown such a cowardly set of dads.

  67. RugbyJordan says

    Lowe’s hires a bunch of cesspool, disrespectful, UNEDUCATED, slime. They can’t even speak proper English most often. Spend your money where it will be appreciated. One thing we gays have is disposable incomes. Don’t spend it on companies that can’t hire mentally stable employees.

  68. snowisfun says

    Towleroad as usual gives a 1 sided view on this. Gay&lesbian activities are comparable to drug junkyism & drugs are gay. They should make it a crime to do sex changes mutilations. But what Towleroad leaves out is that 1 of the homo has a criminal history including public indecency in airport (2002 conviction) & have had problems in other stores before. See

    We only know the 2 gays side of the story but it’s possible that these 2 gays were harassing the Lowes employee who asked them to leave but now the 2 gays are lying to get sympathy. This article’s biased as it only gave 1 side of story-that of 2 gays & left out the criminal history of 1 of the 2 gays.


    I just want to know why the two ASSociates who threatened to kill gay customers aren’t in jail getting beat to death by gay inmates.

  70. snowisfun says

    To YESIMGAYGETOVERIT, do you see something wrong with fact that 1 of the gays was convicted 2002 of indecent exposure in an airport? Towleroad as usual gives a 1 sided view on this. Gay&lesbian activities are comparable to drug junkyism & drugs are gay. They should make it a crime to do sex changes mutilations. But what Towleroad leaves out is that 1 of the homo has a criminal history including public indecency in airport (2002 conviction) & have had problems in other stores before. See

    We only know the 2 gays side of the story but it’s possible that these 2 gays were harassing the Lowes employee who asked them to leave but now the 2 gays are lying to get sympathy. This article’s biased as it only gave 1 side of story-that of 2 gays & left out the criminal history of 1 of the 2 gays.

  71. snowisfun says

    To prove media bias in ‘gay bashing’, incl this 1 sided KTLA article which only gives the gays side of story… in addition to this 1.

    But both homos have criminal records which both sources left out. 1 homo committed airport bathroom indecency in 2002 & the other is a drug junky with possession conviction that proves drugsaregay. OK, it’s possible both told the truth but it’s also possible that both gays harassed the Lowes employees & now the homos are making up story to get sympathy. Both these gays have criminal histories. See links below on criminal records of both of these homos making the accusation which KTLA & ABC didn’t mention possibly to avoid homo/lesbian groups complaining to advertisers & sponsors:

  72. snowisfun says

    More proof that DRUGSAREGAY. It turns out the 2nd queer making the accusation also has criminal record for drug possession. Now OK, both gays maybe telling the truth even with criminal record but the fact that both have criminal records makes it possible that both gays were harassing the Lowes employees who asked them to leave & now both queers are making up story to get sympathy, money, etc. With the Internet we’ll put ‘gay bashing’ victims to the same view as ‘gay bashers.’ If there is something KTLA is leaving out regarding a ‘gay bashing’ victim then we will use the Internet to inform & there’s nothing gay/lesbian groups can do to stop it. Gay/lesbian groups can complain to KTLA’s advertisers to prevent KTLA from writing something bad about gay bashing victim but we aren’t advertiser driven & we’ll inform if we find it. If it turns out that both homos are lying to get sympathy with 1 of the gays with 2002 conviction of indecency @ airport, then should we have a right to bash these 2 gays to make them real hate crime victims? See link below

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