Police Investigating Luka Rocco Magnotta’s Whereabouts at Time Body Parts Were Found Under Hollywood Sign

The Canadian man who was caught in Berlin earlier this week after following an international manhunt linked to charges he murdered and dismembered his boyfriend and sent the parts in the mail, is being investigated in the case of Harvey Medellin, a gay man whose body parts were found near the Hollywood sign in a high-profile case last winter, The Independent reports:

Mugshot_magnottaThe Los Angeles police department is investigating the possibility that Luka Rocco Magnotta, who was the subject of an international manhunt, was involved in a gruesome murder and decapitation where the victim's hands and head were placed near the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

The grisly discover of the body parts of retired airline worker Hervey Medellin was made by a woman walking her dog near the landmark in January.

Investigators says that it is unlikely that 29-year-old Magnotta, who was arrested in Germany this week, was involved in the Los Angeles murder case but are investigating his whereabouts at the time of the killing.


  1. notanaxemurderer says

    This is shaping up to be another scary gay hysteria campaign by the media.

  2. Caliban says

    According to another article I read, Magnotta actually *might* have been in L.A. at the time of this murder, offering “massages.” There are some similarities between the crimes, so… maybe.

    However, what disturbed me about that article (aside from the obvious) is how many times the word “gay” was used, almost as if the writer was trying to make a point. Does anyone use Ted Bundy as an indictment against straight men or heterosexuality? No. But the usual Religious Right suspects will be on this like stink on s**t saying this guy is some inevitable result of being gay.

  3. Stephen says

    I think it was mentioned in an article on a Canadian news site that Magnotta and Lin Jun were EX Boyfriends and the person who initially reported Lin Jun missing was his CURRENT boyfriend. Trying to recall where I read that.

  4. ATLJason says

    I don’t think this guy is even remotely attractive but I was sort of oddly curious as to what company he actually did porn for. Does anyone know? Every article about him just says that he did porn but never offers up any specifics.

  5. Nat says

    “I don’t think this guy is even remotely attractive but I was sort of oddly curious as to what company he actually did porn for. Does anyone know? Every article about him just says that he did porn but never offers up any specifics.”

    I think something called Streetbait was mentioned once in the National Post. No doubt he’s done others, but it’s not as if the porn industry is known for the longevity of its performers. Even if he did perform at a particular company, they might barely recall him if he was using another alias.

  6. says

    It’s a frustration that “gay” keeps being said – he also did MILF-porn, which is decidedely non-gay, and had an xtube or some amateur porno channel in which he talked about boning his stepmother.

    He’s always been trying to get attention for “different” sexuality – not gay. He was never a porn “star” – he did ultra-low-budget amateur stuff. he lived in squalor. he was certifiably insane, aiming for infamy.

    here’s hoping he gets the dahmer treatment in prison.

  7. meowen says

    ATLJASON- google his first huge c*ck luka and you’ll find something. also streetbait 996 luka. Really low budget crappy porn.

    This guy spent years trying to build a reputation for himself as a famous model/jetsetter by posting pictures of himself all over the web under different names/aliases. He had over 70 facebook accounts alone and probably 500 usernames and different “identities” on various sites like youtube, all used in a sad attempt to either build up his “model” fantasy, and at times to make himself look like a crazy-sick freak.

    It appears that he is a malignant narcissist/psychopath who wanted attention above all; when he realized he wasn’t getting much attention for his so-called modeling career he moved onto killing and torturing animals and posting youtube videos-finally getting him the attention he wanted so badly. I guess killing a human and posting it on youtube was the ultimate attention-getter for this guy. And from what I have read it is a distinct possibility that he and his victim only met once before-perhaps through a website such as craigslist. None of the victims friends had ever seen or met Luka so it is suspect that they would have ever been dating for any extended period of time. There are one or two freaky craigslist postings in montreal for May 24, the day of the killing. Something about a guy looking for someone to be in a weird movie..anyway, i have a feeling there is more to this story, we shall see.

  8. ratbastard says

    His tank top almost matches the ones being advertised at the top of this page. Clever marketing.

    I saw a picture of the poor guy he killed, a bathroom mirror shot with him in his boxers, no shirt, and I must say he was smokin’. A real tragedy. WTF did he see in Canadian Psycho? Maybe in was into rough, kinky stuff.

    I doubt if he was involved in the L.A. incident. Dude’s a pathological liar. 5 years ago, in his prime so to speak, he had to declare bankruptcy, and was months in arrears in back rent, health club fees, car payments, credit cards, etc. If he was hustling, he wasn’t very good at it.

  9. ratbastard says

    This dude is as flaming as it gets. I’m not surprised he’s a complete b*tch.