Transgender Man To Testify Before Senate On ENDA Legislation


History will be made at the U.S. Senate next week when Kylar Broadus becomes the first openly transgender person to testify before the body's Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee.

Broadus, the founder of the Missouri-based Trans People of Color Coalition, will testify on the discrimination LGBT people continue to face — and will continue to face — without non-discrimination laws.

The Washington Blade offers some more details.

According to his bio of the TPOCC website, Broadus is an attorney who hails from Missouri and founded the organization in 2010. He’s written essays of transgender rights, won awards for LGBT advocacy, is a board member of the National Black Justice Coalition and was formerly on the board for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force.

Broadus is the first transgender person to testify before the Senate. A previous Senate hearing in 2009 had no transgender witnesses.

Finally, some actual representation for transgender Americans.


  1. parnell says

    Wait, he’s a member of “Trans people of Color”? How is it that “trans” people have their own organizations that exclude gay people, but the lowly gays have to be inclusive? Not only do these groups siphon off vast sums from gay rights orgs, they get to keep their own donations as well. They also get to refer to themselves by their proper name, but again, the lowly gays have to refer to themselves as the ridiculous “LGBT”s.

  2. says

    gays don’t refer to themselves as “LGBT”s. it’s just that we gay men that actually have balls choose to have integrity and stand in unity with our brothers and sisters, the lesbians, the bisexuals, and those who have transitioned or are transitioning.

    it’s only the insecure closeted males like you two, who don’t have the balls to be Out or to stand up to be visibly identified as gay, that have a butt-hurt anger over the inclusion of Transpeople.

    stop being mad at transpeople for the fact that your families hated having a gay son.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “How is it that “trans” people have their own organizations that exclude gay people, but the lowly gays have to be inclusive?”

    Maybe they felt unwelcomed in the Gay organizations.

    I’m still surprised at how many Gay men seemed to have “come out of closet”–started going out to clubs and bars in which there were no Transfolk. You all act like there were none.

    It must be a generational thing. In the 1970s everywhere I went there were Gay and Transfolk at whatever Gay venue. (There was one club that had a sign “No Drag Queens Allowed”–I hated that sign, but there were very few places for Black Gays to go in Philly).

    And of course, it’s recently that some Transgender people stoppped calling themselves “Gay”–many still do BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!

    If you are Transgender but NOT Transsexual, and you have sex with members of your biological sex, and you socialize with Gay people, then you are homosexual, Transgender and GAY!!!!!!! GAY!!!! GAY!!!!!GAY!!!!

    You know, I never really thought about it, but my alcohol intake really increased after I discovered this blog.

  4. G.I. Joe says

    This comment section is getting weird. Why? Oh yeah, of course – because we’re talking about transgender people.


    1. Some transgender people are gay. So there’s not “us gay” and “them transgender people”. The two overlap because they’re not either or.

    2. Why do they have their own organizations?

    As far as I know, there are many lesbian orgs, many gay men-only (gay men of color, etc.) as well as location-based orgs: all peripheral organizations. That doesn’t mean we can’t then all unite under greater banners.

    @ Derrick: You seem a bit confused. There are indeed transgender people who are gay. Like my good friend who was born with female parts (apparently, I wasn’t there) and is now male and is gay and going out with my other friend who was born with male parts (again, i wasn’t there) and is still a male and is gay too.

  5. Rick says

    Yes, Derrick, gay men have been extraordinarily generous towards and tolerant of trans people over the years. They were allowed into our bars and clubs and organizations and would have had nowhere else to go. Lesbians were allowed into our discos and dance clubs when they didn’t have any of their own and when straight discos and clubs would have thrown them out if they had tried to dance together.

    And part of the reason for that was that the possibility of gay men actually being accepted by straight men as men–and by society in general, was so remote at the time that we had nothing to lose by the association.

    But now we do. And can no longer afford the negative PR and message-confusion that goes with being associated with trans people. It is causing us to lose political battles that we otherwise would be winning. It is costing us credibility with straight men who want to accept us but only if we are willing to embrace masculine values.

    But instead of being grateful for the generosity we have shown, the “T’s” are being not only ungrateful, but downright obnoxious, in an attempt to hold onto our coattails in hopes of gaining acceptance…and are rapidly alienating gay men in the process.

    Proceed at your own risk.

  6. Tyler says

    The irony that a closeted self-hating troll like Rick is criticizing “others” for “riding coattails” is too glaring for words.

    Always trust the do-nothing wimps who haven’t lifted a finger for the movement to insist that somebody else is “ruining it.

  7. Matt says

    It is entirely offensive to hold straight men up as the standard to which all must conform. Maybe you have an irrational need to be accepted by straight men, but don’t project your issues and insecurities onto me.

    And it is offensive that you acknowledge the former solidarity between gays and lesbians and transgender people but then advocate for purging our ranks of the people that you feel we no longer need.

    Your statements demonstrate that you have zero interest in equality. Rather you are interested in maintaining social hierarchies as long as you are not at the bottom.

    If you truly desire equality for all Americans, then your displeasure with transgender inclusion is misguided. After all, only pigs believe that “We are all equal but some are more equal than others.”

  8. Biki says

    Sigh, I should know better, I really should. But whenever I see a good news article about trans folk, the comments every single time make me cry. Guys, whats up with the trans hate? But then y’all aren’t alone on this, no one hates a transperson more than the feminist lesbians.

    As for coat tails? Get a grip, we are all riding on each others trade with the straights and you know it. The lesbians get a coat tail ride due to all the straight men panting over the idea of two girls going at it. Many straight women think m/m sex is hot and are changing their views of equality based on nothing more than their love for gay porn and gay romanace stories. Transpeople get no love from anyone. We are the new social parriah, and the new scapegoats. Its our turn in the barrel, only a much more dangerous trip over the falls.

  9. Tyler says

    Biki, ignore the haters. Yes, they hate transpeople. But you know what else? These trans-haters are cowards, they don’t have it in them to live openly identifiably-gay lives. That’s why they’re angry at transpeople, because transpeople have a resilience that they will never know.

  10. Derrick from Philly says


    Listen to Tyler.

    Over the years I seen Transfolk HELP GAY MEN AND FIGHT FOR GAY MEN (I mean, physically fighting on the city streets, and I’ll never forget that) Transgender folk have more courage than….

    Oh, I give up.

  11. Shep says

    Just a few weeks ago, the “LGBT” pushers were celebrating the first appearance of a “transman” in a TV spot for the proposed anti-discrimination law in Anchorage. Right after this historic first, we lost by 20%. Thirty-five years worth of effort by gay Alaskans completely destroyed because the “LGBT” crowd insists that gay rights aren’t worth having unless they cover crossdressing and “gender queer”.

    The same idiots are celebrating this transman’s testimony for ENDA, but it will have the same destructive effect. The bottom line is that “LGBT” hurts LGBs. It hurts them in obvious and repeated ways. We may decide that we prefer to leave gay people exposed to discrimination for decades to come until transsexual bathroom selection is addressed simultaneously.

    But I think if we were really allowed to have that debate, the vast majority of LGBs would say to hell with this insane approach. We have been transjacked by a group of radicals who want to use us to wage their war on a “gender binary.” They’ll say anything and everything to convince us that it is our moral duty to fight their war. We need to tell HRC’s new leader to get off this dead end cult of “LGBT.”

  12. Shep says

    @GI Joe:

    Yes some trans people are gay. So what? Some plumbers are gay. Some Australians are gay. Some US Army soldiers are gay. That doesn’t place gay people in a “community” with plumbers, Australia and the US Army and it doesn’t mean that the gay civil rights movement has to take up as its burden all the causes and problems of plumbers, Australians and US Army soldiers.

    Trans activists and their “queer” sympathizers forced all major gay or LGB orgs to convert to “LGBT” and they disallowed any real debate or discussion about the forced conversion. At the same time, these trans activists maintain major political and legal orgs that are trans only. And to add insult to injury, the major donors to the trans orgs are gays. Jon Stryker is the major donor to TGLDF, which is the “trans” version of Lambda Legal. Lambda is forced to spend its time and money on trans cases which have absolutely nothing to do with gay people, but TGLDF is free to do only trans cases – all on the dime of a gay man. This is a parasitic relationship.

  13. Matt says


    You are assuming that the law would have passed if some ad hadn’t aired or if that law did not include transgender protections. That’s simply not true.

    And while ENDA may not pass, it didn’t pass when it didn’t include trans people either.

    You can complain all you want about trans people and blame them for all your woes, but let’s not kid ourselves. The Religious Right simply does not like gay people. It’s not because we include trans people. It’s simply because we’re gay. With or without trans people, they hate us. So the opposition remains the same.

    If you want to vilify trans people, then you are playing right into the the tactics of the right. Divide and conquer. They divide us, and they win.

    Wake up, the real enemy isn’t the trans community. The real enemy is the conservative right.

  14. Shep says


    Our enemy seems to understand perfectly that their focus should be on crossdresser coverage in these laws. They understand that this is the way to defeat gay equality. We should stop giving them a gift and stop bundling gay rights with transvestite rights.

    But look, you say it makes no difference. Fine, let’s test your assertion. Let’s have separate bills, one for gay rights and the other for gender identity. Since you say levels of opposition would be the same, there’s no harm in having them in 2 bills rather than 1. Let’s see what happens.

  15. DB says

    Please restore ENDA to its original intent. The law should be banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. We should not be including other irrelevant characteristics such as gender identity. Also, please do not use the offensive and inaccurate term ‘LGBT’. I’ve never met or even heard of an ‘LGBT’, but I can assure you gay people do not have issues with gender identity and are not in a similar community to transgender people.

  16. says

    DB, cowards like you have no impact and are rather pathetic.

    “oh, don’t lump me in with those trans people! i’m not like them!”


    real men, with actual testicles, stand in solidarity with and champion the rights of ALL. only the lowest cowards throw other persecuted minorities under the bus in order to save their own @ss. know that.

  17. DB says

    Every gay civil rights activist should read this post: . It points out which most of us know, that we should not be including gender identity or other extraneous characteristics in civil rights bills banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Seventy percent of gay people support passing ENDA without adding on ‘gender identity’ as a protected class according to a poll on the subject. This is not based on any kind of prejudice against transgender people; it is a reading of the lessons of all successful civil rights bills, which always succeed by focus, not by trying to lump in irrelevant characteristics.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    “…but I can assure you gay people do not have issues with gender identity and are not in a similar community to transgender people’

    Bullsh.t. Ever heard of Quentin Crisp? What about Dorian Corey or Pepper Labeija? Or Holly Woodlawn?

    All gender role non-conforming and all part of the Gay world.

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