1. DrJWL says

    Its very funny what different areas of the country support. I live in a large liberal city now, but I grew up in a small town in Arkansas where they thought and still think that drinking is as much a sin as anything else and that a bar owner is going straight to hell. Funny that he thinks he’s making some kind of Christian stance here. Much like the one that the Chick Fil A president is making. They both are espousing hate in hopes that it will make them popular, but they are going to find that it’s not as popular as it used to be. Im sure the upstanding patrons of this guy’s dive bar are going to ruin Pepsi and Miller and Coors with this.

  2. TampaZeke says

    The irony is COMPLETELY lost on them!

    Next thing you know crack dealers and pimps are going to start boycotting gay supportive companies based on their high moral standards and Christian convictions!

    It’s a wonder to me that Christianity still exists in 2012; especially with the way today’s Christians have made a mockery of the faith and shown themselves to be insane, hateful psychopaths.

  3. AJ says

    Do they understand the tidal wave of boycotting they are gonna have to do? There are so many companies these days that support gay rights it’s ridiculous. Pepsi and MillerCoors are just the beginning. But they can’t research anything on Google to make sure because Google supports gay rights too. I mean, if you’re gonna go ahead and boycott, do it full-bore. What’ll end up happening though is you sitting in a Chick-fil-a wearing your Boy Scout uniform all alone.

  4. Burt Lafitte says

    Just more example of the race of ignorant Red Neck Americans (not confined to any one place) that’s like a virus that won’t go away…. though the virus is getting less harmful.

  5. Syrax says

    Isn’t Coca Cola rated at 100% at the HRC Equality report? Also, they’re not gonna like this:

    ‘The Coca-Cola Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally (LGBTA) Business Resource Group exists to foster an equitable and inclusive working environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees, and their supporters, feel a sense of community and opportunity, and their diversity contributes to the successful achievement of the Company’s strategic priorities.’

  6. Mike8787 says

    Ok, what is the deal with Coors? One person tells me they’re anti-gay, another (and this article) tells me they’re gay-friendly. Which is the truth?

    From what I understand, Peter Coors, it’s CEO, is virulently anti-gay, but the company is gay friendly. What does that mean for consumers — does Peter Coors have sufficient control over the company to make avoiding Coors (and Blue Moon, one of my favorites) worthwhile?

    Anyone with information (and maybe an article) — it would be very appreciated!

  7. ratbastard says

    A small bar and grill in Idaho’s actions regarding what products they will and will not serve is worthy news?! This is silly!

    It’s a private business they of course have every right to serve whatever product they please as long as it’s legal.

    And ironic indeed that some gay ‘progressives’ are praising MillerCoors since this company is notoriously anti-union. The fact they ‘celebrate’ diversity is of course PR hogwash, and a way for them to hurt unions.

  8. Tessie Tura says

    Someone needs to tell this inbred sheepfucker that practically every name brand of alcoholic spirit advertises in national gay periodicals and gives to gay causes.

  9. Nat says

    “Despite their allegedly strong convictions, the Fullers still sell products from Coca-Cola and Budweiser, both of which work with the NGLCC. Guess they weren’t too thorough in their witch hunt.”

    They could always try Royal Crown Cola; maybe they’re anti-gay.

    In any event, I have a suspicion that religious conviction might have intersected with commerce; there might have been better exclusivity deals with Budweiser and Coke then with Pepsi and Coors.

  10. Rob says

    I find it amusing that the video shows a box of Bud Light being rolled into the store, as well as a Bud Light sign. I have news for them, Bud Light ALSO supports many LGBT causes and organizations.

  11. kpo5 says

    I’m sorry Rat, are you always-the-victim types now upset that the white trash bar owner was put on camera?

    And please. If you are going to police the Internet telling everyone what is and isn’t newsworthy, you’ve already lost. It’s the Internet sweetie. Everything you could possibly think of 24/7. If TMZ following gossip seekers get to see Snooki’s ugly outfits every day, I get to get my daily dose of bigotry in the world. If it’s all too much for you, please stick to the front page of the Wall Street Journal or some other paper you’ve been reading since the age of 7 to please your father.

  12. ratbastard says


    Always-the-victim type? Explain please. I condemn 99% of the time people who whine about being ‘victims’. Are you a far left hardcore ‘progressive’ KPO5? Because victimization is a hardcore progressive’s stock and trade.

    As for the owner of a tiny bar in Idaho posting a youtube vid explaining why he isn’t carrying a certain product in his business, no, this is most certainly not news-worthy. It may fit an agenda and script, but it’s not news-worthy by any stretch. The internet is full of sh*t, this man’s vid is just one more example.

  13. Ray Sager says

    I’m not seeing why this is a big issue. It’s his business if he wants to sell Coke products instead of Pepsi products…at least he has the power of his convictions backing him up.

    I guess what I am trying to get at here is this: I would like to think that I live in an America where people can stand for whatever cause they feel is just in their heart. This is what I was raised to believe. Does it really matter if this guy is making a stand against what he feels is wrong in America? what next…will we stifle his Freedom of Speech Rights by telling him he can’t voice his opinions about GLBT people? If we chastise him for not selling Pepsi products you might as well chastise him for everything else.

    Look, I’m a gay person myself who is in a wonderful relationship of eleven years to the same person. YEAH ME! I don’t really give two shakes what this guy sells in his bar…his ideology and his convictions don’t concern me. What does concern me is that the gay community, in some instances, practices the same intolerance that we accuse the Right Wing of doing to us. I’m not trying to be a self-righteous jag off here…just merely from my observations of most of the GLBT sites, it seems we are basically stooping down to their levels.

  14. kpo5 says

    “Always-the-victim type? Explain please. I condemn 99% of the time people who whine about being ‘victims’.”

    I believe that’s projecting, Rat.

  15. Bart says

    Uhm…who cares? These two inbreds don’t like gay men and women — boo hoo. They’re idiots, it’s America, it’s their business. MillerCoors gets more favorable press when obese idiots spout their hate against companies that are inclusive than if these dopes would say nothing.

    I do hope they don’t serve shrimp at this fine establishment. They do know that is an abomination (and gluttony is a sin) don’t they?

  16. BobC562 says

    @Rat First, you apparently never lived in a small news market. I once worked at a t.v. station in Bangor, Maine that had me cover the groundbreaking for the first Burger King in the city. Second, how is celebrating diversity an anti-union ploy? Oh, is it because the union can’t say as part of a campaign that the company doesn’t? Sorry toots, those dots don’t connect.

  17. Sam says

    Their reasoning is a little backwards and silly. This one little tiny restaurant are going to boycott these products because the companies support one organization who promotes building coalition with the 1.4 million plus LGBT owned and friendly businesses. Not to mention that this little restaurant carries other products that do promote gay rights. I’ve seen Coca-Cola and Budweiser products at various gay pride events and I’m pretty sure they have given to gay rights causes. These owners may be taking a stand against these three companies but they should check the rest of the skeletons in their closet before taking a ridiculous stance like this.

  18. AZEXPAT says

    @Ray Sager – this ill-informed, bigoted inbred indeed has every right in his business to take whatever stand he wishes, and we have every right to call him out as an ill-informed, bigoted inbred. That’s freedom. Being intolerant of ill-informed, bigoted inbreds and the hate they spew isn’t on the same level as their ill-informed, bigoted, inbred intolerance. It’s justice.

  19. Caliban says

    The headline here should be “Dipshit Boycotts Pepsi & MillerCoors Over Gay Support; Unaware Everything Else He Sells Does Same.”

    If someone has the time to waste on this fool they ought to make a scrapbook of all the beverage companies that advertise in gay magazine, have non-discrimination clauses, sponsor gay events, etc. and send it to him. If he stayed true to his alleged principles and banned them from his bar his “top shelf” drink would be rubbing alcohol!

  20. TD says

    Best wishes to them if they check their alternative beverage sources, commercial food sources, use any kind of computer/software, have TVs, use paper products, or wear clothing. They may end up without drink, food, or entertainment for their customers and be forced to work in the nude. Nice business model. And besides, Waha is merely a “populated place” — not even a village or town. Lewiston is the nearest town and is more than 95% white (big surprise). And its county, Nez Perce, is very staunchly Republican, as anyone might guess. I’d imagine that this fine restaurant’s business will not be affected by the change. In fact, they are so proud of their boycott, that they place a statement at the bottom of their menu:

  21. pdxblueyes says

    THey support the NGLCC as well as the ignorant Bible Thumping Store/Bar owners of America. Kinda Want to ask him…Have you stopped beating your wife?

  22. ratbastard says

    Golly, he looks like an intelligent, well reasoned fellow.

    Posted by: P | Jul 19, 2012 10:48:29 AM


    Yeah, why isn’t he a nice, skinny, metro-sexual like all the intelligent and educated gay guys? He’s so ugly with his heavyset body and poor fashion sense, I mean he’s obviously stupid and not worth interacting with simply by his appearance.

    *sarcasm off*

    Little Canadian, Please stop posting troll comments using my name, and referencing my dead father. Do you want me to constantly reference your the b*tch that spit you out of her womb?

  23. Craig says

    “From what I understand, Peter Coors, it’s CEO, is virulently anti-gay”

    Scott Coors (Pete’s son) is gay.

    From Wikipedia: “Coors encouraged the organization of its gay and lesbian employees into the Lesbian and Gay Employee Resource (LAGER) in 1993.[17] In May 1995 Coors became the 21st publicly-traded corporation in the United States to extend employee benefits to same-sex partners.[18] When company chairman Pete Coors was criticized for the company’s gay-friendly policy during his 2004 Republican primary campaign for one of the US Senate seats from Colorado, he defended the policy as basic good business practice.”

  24. Craig says

    Wonder if these guys know that Budweiser/Michelob is owned by a company that is based in a country that allows same sex marriage (InBev of Belgium)?

  25. IonMusic says

    They have to start boycotting MANY other companies too

    THIS is why it’s amazing to have companies come out publically and declare their support of us. They have to draw that line in the sand so bigots can feel like they are in the minority and do outlandish things as a result.

  26. Mudduck says

    I wondered when I saw this story whether it was a ploy to boost Coors’ gay credibility. Yes, the Coors COMPANY has burnished its gay policies, but Coors profits still go to right-wing, anti-gay owners. Well, nobody’s pure — Julius’s gay bar in Greenwich Village has Blue Moon on tap and Molson in the fridge, both brands now associated with Coors.

    I wish commenters would watch their language. Calling Idahoans “dipshits” and “inbreds” isn’t accurate or helpful. The Idahoans at issue seem bigoted, or mis- and ill-informed. But calling them names is the same sort of reaction as theirs. Not attractive on either side.

  27. David from Canada says

    Everyone has the right to their opinion. I think this is more about this hillbilly’s attempt to get his 15 minutes of fame. It is only important when we give this kind of outright bigotry the time of day and feed into the need for fame. put it bed and lets move on.

  28. kravitz says

    Unfortunately for that bar, most beverage companies like to sell lots of beverages. And support whatever community buys lots of their stuff. So many beer companies or their distributors support GLBT causes or community events. Coca-Cola signed on as a major NYC Pride sponsor. The only major company I can think of that doesn’t is Cadbury Schweppes ( which means lots of 7&7.

  29. SoLeftImRight says

    @Mike8787 – The confusion over Coors and anti-gay (and really, anti-everything progressive) policies is long and storied. There’s even a (somewhat dated) book about it, “The Coors Connection: How Coors Family Philanthopy Undermines Democratic Pluralism.”

    The Coors family has has historically demonstrated two primary characteristics: 1) capitalist, 2) bigot, not sure of the order. That is why, seeing the massive market share to be scored in the gay community, they took a corporate decision to lighten their anti-gay stance some time ago, after many years of being outright banned from most self-respecting gay bars.

    That, and actual pro-gay workplace policies (certainly to be applauded) are no actual recourse against the hideous and continuing support for anything and everything ultra-right wing by the Coors family members who are primary beneficiaries of the fortune and company that exists today.

    Supposed American beer brands consumed by the majority of Joe six-packs are now owned by Belgians, Brazilians, Canadians and South Africans. That, to me, is pretty damn amusing. I wouldn’t drink Coors, not just because of the politics, but because it’s disgusting. Be a “real American” and drink local, craft beer, now more than any time in decades, of the highest quality, widest variation of styles and geographic availabiltiy.

  30. Francis says

    Coors is definitely a right-wing company. There isn’t any real doubt about that.

    With that being said, this little ploy for attention from the Miller’s will not work. They are and will continue to be an irrelevant backwoods bar in rural Idaho. If anything, this is a good thing, and reinforces the good that companies are doing in actively supporting LGBTQ causes.

  31. andrew says

    Good for him. He is exercising his rights as a free man in a free society. People who disagree with him can exercise their freedoms by going to another bar. Is this a great country or what?

  32. Johnson says

    Coors is no longer Coors, they sold themselves to Miller. Budweiser isn’t even an American company anymore, I believe they are German now.

    A lot has changed in a few years.

  33. David says

    So, Mr.& Mrs. Potato Head don’t like gays? Well, at least they live in the appropriate state…aka Idaho “Famous Potatoes”. They’ll get their 15 seconds of fame. And then nothing.

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