Young Conservatives Fighting For Marriage Equality

6a00d8341c730253ef0167667335c7970b-800wiThe "equality is a conservative value" argument got a big boost today in DC, where the group Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry launched a new program to win over right wing voters.

"Freedom to marry and family are core conservative values. We have a historic opportunity to reaffirm these important values by supporting the fundamental freedom to marry for all Americans," said Margaret Hoover, a conservative pundit and a director of the group, which is a spin-off of sorts from Freedom to Marry.

From the press release:

Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry is part of Freedom to Marry's campaign to demonstrate the broad and growing support for marriage across the ideological spectrum. Members of the group will make the case that the freedom to marry should not be a partisan question, and that supporting the freedom to marry fulfills basic conservative values of responsibility and community, as well as limited government and individual freedom.

Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a sponsor of the inclusive Respect for Marriage Act, is also lending her voice to the movement. "We believe that the individual and the family are the central engines in our society," she said.

"The right for individuals to lead their lives without government intrusion is a bedrock conservative principle and it is much more than just about sexual orientation. It is about the fundamental rights we all share as Americans, it is about equality for all with no exceptions."

Perhaps this will help make some people on the right more level-headed about upholding the American values they claim to respect.


  1. Rick says

    Good move. Only by de-coupling gay rights from the Far Left agenda will we ever be able to achieve real consensus in society, about marriage and about homophobia in general.

  2. says

    This is a laudable attempt but more interesting will be the plan that they will follow when those in charge decide this isn’t how the party will proceed.

  3. Scott says

    “The right for individuals to lead their lives without government intrusion is a bedrock conservative principle…” And yet they’re supporting a governmental institution that forces people into a certain kind of relationship if they want certain benefits from the government. Something seems off here… But then the whole concept of marriage fits well with conservative values, so I can’t be too surprised by this.

  4. WHAT? says

    Troll feeding time…so you are blaming the left for the inability of the right to come to a consensus? You really need a vacation dude. Seriously, get a life.

  5. WHAT? says

    That was for Rick and the notion that the left IS somehow the reason some people don’t want to treat us with equality and deal with homophobia. Yeah, it’s the far lefts fault.

  6. Rick says

    “more interesting will be the plan that they will follow when those in charge decide this isn’t how the party will proceed”

    Presumably that plan will be the same one that was followed by early gay activists when their cause was overwhelmingly opposed by the entire society, including liberals and Democrats–keep fighting until you change them.

    “And yet they’re supporting a governmental institution that forces people into a certain kind of relationship if they want certain benefits from the government.”

    The benefits provided to married couples are designed to aid those doing the hard and expensive work of raising children–it is the least the rest of us can do; of course, I think it should be child-raising that is married rather than marriage, per se, but at least until recently, the two were more or less synonymous and there is still a very high correlation between the two.

    “so you are blaming the left for the inability of the right to come to a consensus?”

    I blame the Far Left for trying to co-opt the gay movement and link it to all kinds of other Leftist ideologies that it has nothing to do with……and by so doing, alienating the 90% of the population who do not ascribe to the agenda of the Far Left. Gay rights should be about basic human decency and dignity, not about some Far Left ideology that turns off the majority of the population.

  7. ChristopherM says

    I have many problems with their overall philosophy, but at least they’re doing something about a gay issue. That’s more than you can say for the Auntie Toms at GOProud.

  8. Scott says

    Witch!–I mean, Troll! Sorry, but legal marriage is by nature exclusive and unjust, and as someone whose life *is* affected by marriage politics, I think it’s important to point that out. I’m simply saying that I’m not surprised that conservatives would support same-sex marriage, but I don’t see the logic in the above statement.

  9. Rick says

    Sorry, in the 4th line of the 4th paragraph, that should have read “rewarded rather than marriage” rather than “married rather than marriage”.

  10. Joey says

    The far right is only about money and the power of the elite. They used the marriage issue to get more ignorant people to vote against their own economic interests as part of in their continuing effort to keep the middle class subservient. Now that marriage equality is inevitable they are pretending it is a core conservative value in hopes of hoodwinking young voters into believing that voting for the extreme right wing is all about freedom.

  11. Matt says

    Umm… WHAT??? Let me break apart this metaphor; gays are like Anne Frank, and “the left” is like the attics she hid in? And how DARE they question it, no matter how miserably inadequate it is? That’s wrong on so many levels. It denigrates both Anne Frank’s plight, as well as the gay plight in the US for equality. It’s just insulting across the board.

    Now, to all you naysaying liberals chastising this for whatever god-forsaken reason, the only way marriage equality will occur is if it stops being politicized; that is, if it stops being supported by “blues”, demonized by “reds”, and supported by EVERYONE. The issue was politicized, now we need to work to prevent ourselves from being nothing more than political pawns, which in turn helps our cause immensely, because LGBT issues then stop being a conservative vs liberal issue, and people start realizing what the Republicans are doing. We need to welcome all the help we can get, instead of being a bunch of liberal pawns, because THAT helps the conservatives keep this up.
    For God’s sake, it’s no wonder the gay movement is at a stand still; nobody’s fighting the gay fight, they’re fighting the liberal fight.

  12. says

    There’s nothing wrong with conservatives, young or old, fighting for marriage equality. Ted Olson is a prime example of a conservative who is on our side and who has done great things for marriage equality. So in that respect, more power to them.

    The problem is only when conservative groups, like the LCR’s and GOProud, pretend to be supporting equality when their obvious priority is supporting Republicans. They endorse anti-gay candidates, and they try to sell the current mainstream Republican party as something other than anti-gay, which is a pure lie. They can’t point to a single legislative victory that has resulted from a Republican majority. Legislative victories are all the result of Democratic majorities. Those are the basic facts, and the gay-Republican groups won’t admit it, in part because it shows what miserable failures those groups have been.

    An initiative, on the other hand, that works exclusively to lobby conservatives and elected Republicans (the vast majority of whom work against gay rights) to be more pro-gay, without trying to sell the rest of us on some make-believe pro-gay Republican party, can have some value. They have a chance to distinguish themselves from the typical gay-right con artists.

  13. StevyD says

    Rick, it is a shame that so many gay people bought into the idea promoted by the left that gay people deserve the same rights, equal status, government protections and services, and pursuits of happiness that all other US citizens enjoy. Instead we should have been co-opted by the right and their belief in gay people as sexually perverted, anti-God, undeserving by choice, criminal by nature and socially self destructive. Hmmm, which way would any normal and healthy person choose? Then of course there is the way you chose.

  14. StevyD says

    As an older gay man who fondly remembers the “gay culture” of those long ago 70’s, 80’s and even the 90’s, I sometimes find it difficult to accept our assimilation into the main stream. At least until I remember that this is an idea I fought for.
    Now that I must also acquiesce to the idea of conservatives supporting Same Sex Marriage, not only does this curl what little hair I have left, but maybe I will remember to enjoy this victory too.

  15. bananapeel says

    If it’s all about “working from inside the organization to bring about change,” wouldn’t it be easier (and more productive) for gay conservatives to join the democrats and ease the party to the right than to stay with the republicans and work towards equality?

  16. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @ Matt: “The gay movement [whatever that is] is at a standstill”?

    Those getting married in the several states where we may now wed and those in the military who were just given their first “Pride” bash by the Pentagon would, I’m certain, beg to differ.

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