Mark Clayton, Anti-Gay Lunatic, Gets Democratic Senate Nomination

MarkClaytonThe Tennessee Democratic Party issued a sad statement yesterday, denouncing their own party's freshly-minted senatorial candidate:

The only time that [Mark] Clayton has voted in a Democratic primary was when he was voting for himself. Many Democrats in Tennessee knew nothing about any of the candidates in the race, so they voted for the person at the top of the ticket …

… the Tennessee Democratic Party disavows his candidacy, will not do anything to promote or support him in any way, and urges Democrats to write-in a candidate of their choice in November.

Mark Clayton is the former vice president of the Public Advocate of The United States — the same deeply paranoid, gay-hating outfit that misappropriated a gay couple's wedding photo for use in a political advertisement earlier this year, and last week published what was supposed to be a funny song about child-molesting gay scoutmasters.

These offenses against taste and sanity don't begin to describe the full breadth and depth of Clayton's weirdness, or the Public Advocate's. Mother Jones has an instructive breakdown, which informs us that Clayton once believed the Chinese government had teamed with Google to destroy his political career; that Clayton has denounced Arnold Schwarzenegger as a sort of Austrian Manchurian candidate whose mission is to bring Nazi eugenics to America; and that Clayton's deepest fears include the construction of a superhighway from Canada to Mexico, the completion of which would for some reason destroy the United States.



  1. Eric says

    “Many Democrats in Tennessee knew nothing about any of the candidates in the race…” Maybe the Tennessee Democratic Party should do more about that.

  2. Randy says

    You can see that this guy is a closet case and hates himself as much as he hates the gays! Life would be so much easier if people could be who they are.

  3. MarkUs says

    Ha, AL Gore’s old seat. Like Ted Cruz’s opponent in Texas, a block of wood would, in the final, get as many votes as he will. Which is why the state Democratic Party spent about 19 cents on the race.

  4. says

    The Republicans in AZ have attempted to do the same thing- run a fake Democrat to ensure the Republican gets elected.

  5. says

    The Republicans in AZ have attempted to do the same thing- run a fake Democrat to ensure the Republican gets elected.

  6. TampaZeke says

    Pretty much sums up the political state of the state of Tennessee today! The state is so deeply invested in extremist conservatism that even the Democratic nominees are crazy, right-wing extremists!

  7. ratbastard says

    The TN Democratic Party sounds like a clusterf*ck. How did they manage to f*ck this up so badly?

    And maybe those who voted in the Dem. primary knew perfectly well who and what this guy is. How many ‘new’ or first-time Dems voted in the TN Dem. primary?

  8. DannyEastVillage says

    I keep having to post this about people like this:

    “He looks gay to me.”


  9. Freemon Sandlewould says

    This Mark Clayton is cool. If you disagree with these people they say you “hate”……….well it is much more likely they are intolerant of views different than their own.

    duh! They are democrats. Limited intellectual power. That is to say morons.

  10. ron says

    As a proud, out, MARRIED gay Canadian, I have no trouble with a superhighway running from Mexico to Canada… just as long as it DOES NOT go through Tennessee.

  11. Acronym Jim says

    “Many Democrats in Tennessee knew nothing about any of the candidates in the race…”

    Really? The former actress Park Overall was a candidate. She is pro-environment, pro-union and pro-marriage equality and I would think her name is eminently more Google-able than fake-dem Clayton.

    What in the name of Alvin Green happened here?

  12. boone68 says

    Freemon Sandlewould, “Limited intellectual power” and “morons”?? You and your party are off your rockers. In one breath, you call Democrats intellectual elitists and in the next you call them stupid. So, which is it?

    THIS is Tennessee’s (D) Senate candidate? Clearly, the DNCC has no hope for and does not give a rat’s azz about this deeply redneck state. But, what an embarrassment to our nation to let a man like this get nominated.

  13. says


    Jim, maybe voters recognized the name Mark Clayton because he’s one of the great NFL receivers from the past and football is the one thing these people understand. :)

    What was the TN Democratic Party’s role in this primary? Seems like they did nothing, knew this could happen, and when it did, they make a statement. I’m not clear on how this happened.

  14. CKNJ says

    How in hell did this clown get in under the wire…? Why did the TN Dems not see/flag/counter him right from the outset? Asleep at the wheel if you ask me. This all but assures a GOP win there… what a travesty. Was he also run by the GOP as a Dem candidate? Who vets these people?????

  15. Bob R says

    In more states than Tennessee the Democratic Party exists in name only. The state is so Red, there is little possibility of a Democrat getting elected statewide. The GOP has similar situations in some very Blue states. Consequently, especially in a Presidential year, no Democratic organizations are going to waste time and money in what they view as a lost cause. The only time there was an exception was during Howard Dean’s tenure at the DNC, he advocated a 50 state policy. That has since been abandoned, as had Howard Dean.

    Thus, when there is no day to day real, functioning party apparatus, we get the Alvin Greens and this creep. If Christ were the Democratic candidate, he wouldn’t beat Corker in Tennessee. The Democrats have to either work at rebuilding the party in these Red States, or just close up shop and use the resources elsewhere. We are a very divided country and I don’t see national unity on the horizon at all.

  16. Tessie Tura says

    Is it me, or is his facial expression exactly like Aurora shooter James Holmes in that first picture that leaked out?

  17. Acronym Jim says


    Yes it’s sad that some people might make that assumption if all they saw was a name. But honestly, how insulated does a voter have to be to mistake the Tennessee candidate Mark Clayton for the football star Mark Clayton?

    It was a Senate race. It’s not like they were voting for a county commissioner.

  18. jamal49 says

    One wonders how the state that gave us uber-Democrat Al Gore could have a Democratic Party so inept that this uber-clown would garner the nomination for Senate.

    Of course, this was a set-up. Eugene Delgaudio and the advocacy group he founded, The Public Advocate of The United States, pulled this scam off quite neatly, but they did not do it on their own. They had help.

    Remember, Tennessee is one of several states that allows open primaries. Therefore, if you are a republicon, you can vote for a Democratic candidate in any primary election.

    Clayton’s name was on the top of the ballot because the candidates’ names were listed alphabetically. Many voters simply pulled the lever for the first name they saw.

    As with most primaries, voter turn-out is low. Therefore, it would not have taken many cross-over republicons to put this clown over the top.

    The Public Advocate of The United States is a virulently anti-gay hate group. They espouse all the so-called “traditional values” prized by like-minded bigots such as AFA, NOM, The Eagle Forum, the GOP, etc.

    I somehow got on to Delgaudio’s email list so I regularly receive his extremist, right-wing rants. He was actively promoting Mark Clayton and in the “cc:” list of recipients, every one of the major right-wing advocacy groups were there.

    By word-of-mouth and the Internet, the Teavangelicals, now a major force in TN politics and across the South in general, had quietly, under the radar, encouraged their followers to go and pull the lever for Clayton.

    Which they did. And so, Clayton took the nomination of the Democratic Party as its candidate for Senator right out from under the Democrats’ noses.

    Clayton won, not fairly nor squarely, but he won. Chalk it up to the ineptitude of the TN Democrats but more to the sad truth that the republicon base is energized this year like no year before.

    Clayton’s win does not bode well for the Democrats in November. It does not bode well for LGBT people either.

    The election in November is less about who gets the White House and more about whether the republicons increase their House majority and gain majority control in the Senate, as well as increasing their hold on a majority of States’ legislatures and governorships.

    A Congressional majority of republicons plus a States’ majority of republicon-controlled legislatures means a rash of Constitutional amendments that will be unprecedented in U.S. history.

    Expect a DOMA Constitutional amendment.

    Expect a recriminalization of same-sex relationships Constitutional amendment.

    Expect an absolute ban on women’s reproductive freedom Constitutional amendment.

    Expect a declaration that America Is A Christian Nation in a Constitutional amendment.

    In other words, the results will be disastrous, unless you’re a republicon, teavangelical, right-wing extremist (redundancies, I know). It’ll be your ultimate wing-nut wet-dream.

    This “win” by Mark Clayton means that the crazies can and will win.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. And, have those passports at the ready.

    If you do not have one, I would suggest that you do get one.

    A passport may come in very handy in the first six months after November 6, 2012 should the election scenario described above come to pass.

  19. Tennboi64 says

    I live in eastern Tennessee. Here the democrats are as conservative as Republicans elsewhere. The Republicans stand to the far right of Republicans elsewhere. The whole political spectrum is shifted to the far right. You go to shop at the grocery store and you can actually people discussing the finer points of Leviticus in public… and taking it seriously. Now I don’t mean the anti-gay stuff but instead stuff about wearing cloth made of two different materials or the ashes of the Red Heifer. Strange .. so very strange!

  20. johnny says

    I’m not sure who is more paranoid, Clayton or our own Jamal….???

    Seriously, there’s not a chance in hell that criminalization of same-sex relationships is going to be a constitutional amendment. Nor women’s reproductive rights. I think you’ve just entered “fringe” territory, honey.

  21. jamal49 says

    @JOHNNY Actually, no. I gave up on conspiracy theories along time ago, back probably before you were born.

    Actually, this was from a conservative “think-tank” symposium of not long ago that basically laid out the republicon agenda for the long-term.

    Perhaps my comments might seem “paranoid”, but I’ve seen this thing coming for a long, long time.

    And, yes, if a republicon-controlled House votes to send a constitutional amendment to re-criminalize same-sex relations to the States for ratification and the majority of the States’ legislatures are in republicon, conservative control, such an amendment can easily be ratified, regardless of what those who live in more liberal areas might think. The same to ban outright a woman’s reproductive freedom.

    Constitutional amendments are difficult to ratify, I admit. One only needs to look at the spectacular failure of the Equal Rights Amendment, which was once considered a “shoo-in” for ratification. Thanks to Phyllis Schafly and her tireless efforts, the ERA never made ratification. That, my love, is where the conservative movement found its mojo and has not looked back since.

    Again, the right-wing–in books, lectures, symposiums, think-tank position papers, etc.–have all outlined in one form or the other this “game plan” you say is paranoia.

    I’ve been to two right-wing think-tank symposiums in the NYC area in the past two years. I am only repeating what those conservatives discussed as a plan to “take back” America.

    Sorry you see it as “paranoid”, babycakes. Just don’t get your panties in a bunch if I say “I told you so” as the evangie-fundies are hauling your fringed-up ass off to the stockade.

  22. anon says

    Primary elections have been deeply flawed for ages. Most countries have run-offs instead because of the problems that primaries have.

  23. EchtKultig says

    Agree with Jamal. We “misunderestimate” (LOL) the dominionist right-wing at our peril. If Romney is elected, he will appoint supreme court justices willing to put everything back on the table including Lawrence vs. Texas. His faux-moderate image has been carefully cultivated for decades. He’s not a moderate. He’s more socially conservative than the Bushes.


    I Love it the people of Tenn are fed up with the Democrats, Republicans and Washington D.C.!
    Clayton will win against all odds and with all the Media and Press against him as Tenn is sending a message to all that they are disgusted Business as Usual!
    Tennessee is but the First of many States that are about to rock the Boat!
    Vote the Bums out!



    Q: What is Free Speech?
    a: Anything a Democrat says!

    Q: What is Hate Speech?
    a: Anything a Republican says?

    So you must agree with Obama & the Democrats or you are a hate Monger, Bigot or a Racist?

  26. says


    we don’t have enough GAY people running for office. THAT’S our answer and an obvious solution, yet one the gay community notoriousley overlooks. It’s tragic.

  27. Lipstick Diva says

    I agree that it’s shameful there’s no concentrated effort to get more LGBT to run for positions of power in politics. I’ve read books on the Chicano movement and black rights, and in each case, they realized one huge concentrated effort should be focused on getting educated people in their communities to *run for office* then galvanize members of those communities to support them. We as an LGBT sadly don’t have that. I’m not even sure if we have an organization set up to SUPPORT LGBT elected officials.

  28. says

    I believe for far too long, GLBT have sat on the side lines and wishful thought about the straight man having our best interest at heart. There is something to be said about taking political matters in our own hands, by creating a grassroots movement to promote more members of our community to enter the field of politics.

    Far too frequently, we leave the power in the hands of heterosexual law makers instead of become the law makers ourselves.

    Did you know that in thousands of Churches across the country, young heterosexual conservatives people are being *groomed* to enter politics, so to ensure conservatives are in charge of power, control and laws. That’s why you see so many insanely homophobic laws in place. It’s no accident.

  29. Alex says

    Start fighting back gays! and start fighting back stronger.

    This is the new Nazi camo (conservatives) and they are out to kill us, starting with our youth. Get actively involved. In todays age, being gay automatically makes you an activist, whether you want to be or not, the conservatives have made us one. So stand up and speak up for your rights and respect.

  30. John says

    This wasn’t a set up. He didn’t pretend to be a liberal. He didn’t hide his views. He didn’t scrub Google to eliminate traces of his nonsensical beliefs.

    The sad truth is that voters too often don’t bother to educate themselves about candidates or ballot initiatives before they vote. When voters don’t take the time to pay attention, they make decisions based on minimal information, lots of misinformation, and an element of arbitrariness.

    Unfortunately, despite the great work of groups like the League of Women Voters, even when given fairly comprehensive information about candidates and issues, many don’t bother to read through it.

    I hope that by reinvesting in education and supporting citizen education programs, we can build an American electorate that is civic-minded and has the tools to educate itself on political issues.

  31. Walter says

    Oh those laughable libs. They can’t even get a candidate they want elected to their own party’s ticket.

  32. Beef and Fur says

    Perfect example of Americans who get their info from 10 second sound bites and consider themselves patriots and qualified to actually be part of the Government Of The People, By The People and For The People.


    Chilling scenario, without doubt.

  33. andrew says

    @Dannyeast village: What do gay people look like? I’m 100% gay and he looks nothing like me.

  34. KK Bloom says

    He looks like a 70s serial killer. I’m picturing him in a Lifetime movie and shuddering. WTF is wrong with Tennessee?

  35. Bill Perdue says

    A real luntic, he opposes marriage equality. He’s a bigot, just like Obama until it became a political liabilty early this year.

    Obama’s lunacies.

    1996: In response to a questionnaire from Outlines newspaper (now part of Windy City Times), Obama, a candidate for the Illinois state senate seat representing the wealthy Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, writes, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

    1998: Responding to an Illinois State Legislative National Political Awareness Test: “Q: Do you believe that the Illinois government should recognize same-sex marriages? A:”Undecided.”
    2004: In an interview with Windy City Times, Obama mentions the religious dimension of the gay marriage debate, says he supports civil unions, and indicates that his stance is dictated in large part by political strategy…

    2006: In his bestseller, The Audacity of Hope, Obama, now a U.S. senator, explains his support for civil unions, again mentioning religion and noting the strategic problems that the push for gay marriage poses.

    2008: At Rick Warrens bigotfest Obama said ”For me as a Christian, it is a sacred union. God’s in the mix…” and repeated it on MTV, sabotaging the defense of same sex marriage and promoting passage of Prop 8.

    In an interview with MTV, Obama says he opposes Prop 8, but also gay marriage. Civil unions, the candidate says, are sufficient: “I have stated my opposition to [Prop 8]. I think it is unnecessary. I believe that marriage is between a man and woman and I am not in favor of gay marriage…”

    2008 to 2010 – Defends DOMA in the courts using vile, bigoted language.

    2011 – Refuses to support same sex marriage in NY and continues to prefer that we be second class citizens deserving only civil unions.

    2012 – After a firestorm of anger because he refused to extend ENDA like provisions to employees of companies with federal contracts, Obama announces that he’s no longer a bigot. Except for the fact that he thinks that states rights trump marriage rights.

    ‘States Rights’ has a long history of being a Demorat priority from Jeff Davis down to George Wallace and now Obama and the Clintons.

  36. mike flower says

    No mention from Howie Klein from “Down with Tyranny” web site about this?

    Thank Obama for kicking Howard Dean from his post at the DNC.

    Jamal: x1000

  37. says

    Freemon Sandlewould, “Limited intellectual power” and “morons”?? You and your party are off your rockers. In one breath, you call Democrats intellectual elitists and in the next you call them stupid. So, which is it?

    Good question student Boone68.

    Calling someone an “INTELLECTUAL ELITIST” is not mutually exclusive with limited intellectual power. In fact a majority of the time the two coexist is the same crap bucket vessel called “a liberal”.

    Just because you liberal intellectual elitist THINK you are smarter, better, faster than everyone else does not make it so.

    Ah logic. You have no hope of understanding.