Texas Gay Activist Arrested Again After Being Denied Marriage License

GetEQUALTexasNo, you are not having deja vu.

Texas-based activist Major Jiminez was arrested again this afternoon after he and partner Beau Chandler were denied a marriage license.

Both men were arrested last month in an action that highlighted the Lone Star State's anti-equality marriage laws, and were in court this morning for a hearing on that matter. It was postponed, leaving Jiminez and Chandler time to go to the marriage counter and ask for a marriage license. Again they were denied.

GetEQUAL, which worked with the men on their protest, provides more details:

While Beau elected to comply in order to ensure the he would keep his job, Major elected to sit down and refuse to move — resulting in a second arrest. At this time, the charges against Major are not known.

"Yesterday, people came out in force to eat chicken and support hatred," said Major Jiminez. "Today, I am being thrown in jail because of who I love. How can our lawmakers and courts sit by and do nothing?"

The original action and GetEQUAL helped inspire similar protests around the nation today. Activists from Albuquerque to Tampa headed to their local marriage counter and requested licenses the government keeps for heterosexual couples. There are apparently more actions on the way.

Image via GetEQUAL's Facebook.


  1. Mike says

    God Bless these men for doing the right thing to get their Civil Rights to marry for them and all LGBT people. They are doing what Martin Luther King did to get civil rights for the African Americans, no violent acts of civil disobedience. This is what is will take to get our Equal and Civil Rights and freedoms as LGBT people in America. Land of the Free, we have to fight for our freedoms because freedom is not free unless you do something to ensure your freedoms and rights, even in America.

  2. Kilean says

    I think it’s amazing they have the convictions to do this. I honestly wish more people in CA did this after the horrific events of Prop 8. Something being granted to us, then taken away, while millions of LGBT lives were in limbo is a dang shame and reason to be livid.

  3. Icebloo says

    Great jobs guys ! Civil disobedience works.

    All of the retired gays & lesbians in every state should be doing this at their local City Hall. They have no jobs to lose so they have less of a risk attached. The Judicial System would not be able to cope if all of the retirees did this !

  4. Dave says

    Some one that is being discriminated against because of their skin color is different than some one being discriminated against because of their lifestyle. One is a choice, I will let you decide which one is which. Or, are you ready to see me walk around naked because I claim to be a naturalist?

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