1. Mikey says

    I just can’t deal with that travesty of writing. I know the grammar rules of Twitter are lax, but this is too much.

  2. Mikey says

    I just can’t deal with that travesty of writing. I know the grammar rules of Twitter are lax, but this is too much.

  3. jason says

    Cher, darling, you look atrocious. Atrocious in the sense that you look very fake. Your hair looks photo-shopped, your face looks photo-shopped… where does it end, darling?

    You were great in the 70’s but your vanity and propensity for treatments seems to have gotten the better of you. You’ve become a parody of the illusion you’ve created for yourself. Sad.

  4. Bobby says

    Cher is a LEGEND. Do you bitter nasty queens understand that at all? Cher is dyslexic and I understood everything she wrote.

    I think some of you are just so bitter about your own lives you take to the internet to insult others so you can feel good about yourselves. Guess what, we all know you’re assholes with no real life.

    Rock on Cher!

  5. luke says

    you just know this is going to be playing in every homemade twink sex video on xtube once it’s released

  6. jason says

    Oh, go away, Cher. You are way past your use-by date. Your fake female empowerment song does not help us gay guys one bit. It simply props up the egos of women, including homophobic ones.

    As far as I know, you have never mentioned gays in your songs and you have never put male-male sensuality in your videos. You’re a fake as far as I’m concerned, Cher.

  7. robert sharp says

    Its a FUN freekin song…..thats what it is….If you do not like it….do not listen.
    Get over it you evil snitches. Cher is Cher. Truth be told, she probably wouldn’t like you either.

  8. Johnonomous says

    Cher is a very successful person and for her to be doing what she wants to and doing very well at it in her mid 60s should be encouraged. People are negative, pathetic and controlled way to heavily by closed minded thinking. As for the person talking about helping gays in songs.. I’m gay and I don’t understand why you thought her songs have to be about gay support? There are people who still love Cher and respect her and what she’s done whether she’s dyslexic or over the age of what you deem acceptable to sing.. people really need to think about all aspects of some situations before automatically shooting it down. Sad world.

  9. Weepy says

    These are all her twitter posts put together. I’m quite confidant that Chet can form a full sentence, but in twitterverse & 140 letters space had to be made

  10. says

    I was the DJ who played this at Metro Nightclub in Kalamazoo, MI this past Saturday – the original video clip I shot with my digital camera was only :55 seconds long, so I’m not sure why this version posted here is 1:38 or why you edited it

  11. says

    Regarding her grammar – she is dyslexic for starters. Secondly, there’s the character limit on Twitter. Thirdly, these are multiple tweets bunched together. Also, she’s 66! You should see how my 57-year-old mother writes when she attempts text-speak.

    Regarding her looks. One, this picture is an edited photo. It’s original comes from a photoshoot she did for a magazine a year or two ago, and a fan has simply took it and edited it. Two, again, she’s 66! Would you go up to a 66-year-old woman in the street – who bothers with her image – and tell her she looks “atrocious”?

    And come on, past her “use-by date”? Really? She has a huge number of fans and everything she has done in the past 15 years has been a success. So she’s hardly past it! The interest in “Woman’s World” alone has been staggering! And it’s only been around for a few days – a snippet at that!

    Cher’s a legend! And looks absolutely TERRIFIC – in fact, mind-blowing – for someone her age! Plus she sounds brilliant too – I’ve never witnessed someone her age handle a hardcore dance song like this before!

  12. RJP3 says

    If this first draft sounds great — the haters — you will die forgotten.

    She will live for a long long time as legend.

  13. Ron says

    Leave her alone, at least shes being positive and making people smile by coming back. She doesnt need to work, she could sit on her lovely ass and chill out. I like it, it has energy, better than Madges last one! Anyway we shall all be dancing to it so just accept it..everyone hated ‘believe’ and then it blew up and its a classic!! GO CHER!!!

  14. bostonbeat says

    wow wow wow. totally fun, gay dance song. i can imagine listening to that with a couple of drinks in me at a club…

  15. NYChris says

    jason u r n were the carbon copy when god was creating a jackass,,urs comment is stupid, as if we dont age,,,or r u a man wishin to be a woman,, n hate her for her beatuy.. u speech out of ue bottom hole,, u know ZERO

  16. Bad lyrics says

    I like the music, but the lyrics are not good. Considering most of her fans are gay men, why would we want to sing a song with lyrics that say “This is a woman’s world?” She should have released a song that was gender-neutral so that everyone could sing it.

    And she’s working with Pink’s producers? Oh, great…not.

  17. Tagg says

    @ Bad Lyrics…Pink’s music kicks ass! It def is a plus that Cher is working with her producers.

  18. Mark says

    So let me understand most of you. You wouldn’t want to live a life as full as Cher has and had all the opportunities all over the world which I’m pretty confident she has, or make it to icon status and make millions of dollars. Nor have to worry about money, boredom,medicare, all those other things you will experience when you’re in your 60’s. Well ok then. Rock on.

  19. Gary says

    Happy Thanksgiving Andy. I’d love to have your beaming at my table, or playing with you under the table. Cher started her career in 1964. If she wants to be the living legend of plastic surgery, let her. She’s ahead of her time. Cher doesn’t hide from life.