‘Woman’s World’, Unfinished Cher Single Leaks: LISTEN


Cher took to Twitter after a minute-long "not final" mix of a new record leaked to the web, reportedly because a DJ in Michigan played it.

Tweeted Cher:

"I’m upset about the leak.It’s not the End of The World , but,Dont understand how Club in Michigan played min of it? It’s not final mix!...Vocal sounds different , well there’s more but I’m not going 2 Stress, it’s just it’s my 1st cd in a gazzion yrs. & I’ve worked so hard on...It.wanted it 2come out,like it is now.Pink’s Ballad is 2nd favorite! EVERY Woman I played it 4 cried,but just got AMAZING new songs! Mark...(BELIEVE PROD) is coming with his songs,Billy (Pink’s Prod.) has done 2 & 2 more 2 do! Am very lucky, but its drag about WW! Bye xxxme

She later added:

Guys don’t sweat it . I have 2 real problems with this leak ! 1st I wanted ppl to hear final mix & we haven’t done video ! Also record co Had changed roll out date to jan.they wanted 2have videos finished,world promo tour etc etc 2 coincide . “The Best Laid plans of mice & Men”

Listen, AFTER THE JUMP....

Posted October 22, 2012 at 8:16am ETC by Andy Towle
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