1. Jack says

    It’s really cute that you guys pretend that Obama doesn’t lie straight through his teeth just the same as Romney.

    Wake up, people.

  2. sparks says

    lol really well done

    oh and just ignore Jack. Self-loathing bitter queen who’ll stuff a dollar down a guy’s thong then vote away all our rights just to feel like he’s as good as the conservative christian morons he thinks are his friends.

    (yeah, I’m good at what I do.)

  3. Jack says

    @SPARKS (Kiwi, trying to rebrand yourself?):

    The only thing you’re “good at” is proving your own ignorance. Why don’t you go back and look at my previous comments? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Back? See that part about how I have been a proponent of Gary Johnson, a candidate who is FAR more pro-equality than OBAMA? Yea? Ok, now shut up.

    The only thing I’m bitter about is that uneducated people like you have bought into the lie that either major party candidate is a) different from the other, and b) gives a damn about your best interests.

  4. DAN says

    @JACK: what exactly did Obama lie about? Please provide examples. I will wait while you turn on Fox News to get your answers.

  5. i could go on, but I won't says

    The pretense that one candidate is as good as the other or that one party is the same as the other with regard to gay issues is just plain stupid.

    Most of us get it.

  6. Jack says


    1) Medical marijuana

    2) Ending the wars

    3) Limiting executive power

    4) Pulling back from the abuses of civil liberties begun in the Bush administration with the Patriot Act, et al.

    That enough for you? How about you Marc?

  7. Jack says

    Funny how people here resort to ad hominem right off the bat.

    I don’t agree with the right-wingers much, but I will agree with them that it appears that gays are as closed-minded as anyone that they rail against as being closed-minded.

  8. DAN says

    1) We could probably agree on this one.

    2) He ended the war in Iraq and is winding down Afghanistan. What is your problem here?

    3) I don’t know what your beef is here either. He hasn’t exactly been flexing a lot of executive power, unlike other Presidents. As if he could, he got enough of the howling about being a “communist” and “socialist” by Teabaggers and Republicans the past 4 years to even be able to do so.

    4) You know if he pulled back on some of these, especially in his first term, the GOP would have cried bloody murder! They would be running ads right now saying he is soft on terrorists and he wants us to get attacked again along with all their usual fascist demagoguery.

    So, I guess in your books he will always be a liar. Whatever.

  9. DAN says

    I find it funny that Turston Howell can be against Obama’s health care plan when it was based on the very one Mitt created for Massachusetts! That just sums Mitt up in a nutshell. Plus, the “vote for my tax plan” but I don’t want to give you the specifics of the plan until after I am elected so it doesn’t get criticized. WOW!