1. jason says

    I think parties design their positions for the purpose of catering to whatever the other party is not catering to.

  2. Johnny says

    Nobody in their right mind reads or pays any attention to what the NYT says! If you voted for Obama, you will soon get exactly what you deserve! The interest on the debt will be $1 trillion a year which is 1/3 of market interest rates! As the USD is downgraded, interest rates will rise. Taxes will continue to rise and entitlement payments will drop through the floor. Get ready because it is coming. Obama will not be satisfied until we are paying $12 a gallon for gas like they do in EU and AU. You will be walking or riding public transit if they have the money to buy fuel. It’s all downhill from here thanks to the idiots who voted for Obama.

  3. JNJ says

    Hey Johnny, it must be difficult to be filled with so much hate. Relax, deep breaths, calming music, glass of wine, read a book… take a vacation. Enjoy life. Try not to create light where there is no darkness. You’ll see, the drama in your life will begin to fade and you’ll be a better person for it. Happier, albeit, more pleasant to be around.

    But thanks for stopping by and leaving a message, we appreciate the time you took to help us realize the world is still turning and full of diverse people – and we love that.

  4. Rob says

    Johnny, the reality is that Bush bankrupted the country with a war we couldn’t afford, while simultaneously de-regulating Wall Street, turning it into a kleptocracy of credit default swaps and mortgage backed insecurities. Obama can now do what Clinton did, which is to balance the budget.

    Gay republicans all talk like you- all emotion, no facts, no real thought. Lots of team spirit and bitter, empty platitudes. You are right on one thing, though, we WILL get what we deserve and it’s about time. Rationality won.

  5. BrandonJD says

    I am not even going to dignify the above comment with a response other than to say that conservatives say that stuff every time they lose.

    As for the GOP and Ari Fleischer, if they think doggedly being on the wrong side of history by courting an ever shrinking group of people and think they will win elections, they are delusional. People voted and showed what they wanted, and it is not to continue making groups unlike themselves second class citizens.

  6. Dave says

    Ha! Good one, Ari. You don’t want to be the popular party. Isn’t that the goal of most elections??

  7. simon says

    The gay electorate is 5% according to survey. It may have far more impact than racial groups since members of a racial group tend to be related within itself. For a gay voter, he may influence his or her family and friends like threatening to defriend them. The Democrats don’t have this problem. On the other hand, the GOP has to choose between the gays and those in the religious right.

  8. Tom in long beach says

    Maybe I am simple minded. But it seems to me that because the truly wealthy are only 1 % they really need the world is 5,000 years old literal interpreters of the King James Bible “Values Voters” to try and stay in power. Just like in middle ages Europe were the Ruling family and the Catholic Church were in league with each other to keep in power.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    Hey Johnny, you really shouldn’t be wasting your time here providing evidence of your ignorance to a bunch of strangers. If you want to have any hope of winning another election you should be home trying to make more white people….

  10. Caliban says

    Yes Johnny, because people like you are the only REAL Americans, right? You DO know what an election is, don’t you? It’s when the MAJORITY of people who vote WIN. American people just like you. The Republican party LOST and it’s their own fault. So get over it.

    Is your picture on this Tumblr blog?

    Because it sounds like it should be.

  11. says

    the GOP will continue to run anti-gay and anti-choice campaigns because, simply put, it’s the only way to get the votes of their base who will in no way benefit from the GOP’s fiscal and economic policies.
    every country around the world that wants to screw over the middle and working class does so by pandering to meaningless and indefensible “religious beliefs” on social issues.

  12. e.c. says

    Ari, the sad thing is that being pro-choice and pro gay marraige are actually conservative, small government positions. The problem is that the GOP isn’t truly conservative in the political sense any more. You’ve been hijacked by a bunch of social and religious radicals. That’s going to be an ever-shrinking coalition that will eventually become irrelevant.

  13. jamal49 says

    Well, Ari, then I guess you shouldn’t quit your day job (lord knows what that is) because your party has been officially delegated to minority status and after 2014 mid-terms, when the Dems retake the House, I imagine the GOP will be tossed into the dustbin of history.

    Good riddance.

  14. Icebloo says

    I don’t want the Republican Party to change. I want them to remain the party of anti-gay and anti women policies of hate. If they change they will be harder to beat. I want to keep them out of power for YEARS to come.

    Let’s start an online petition to tell them NOT to change – it will work in our favor !

  15. says

    The republican pundits on CNN just don’t get it at all. In fact, while all of them preach about courting the Latino vote, they keep falsely spreading this meme that “with latinos, our conservative views on social issues should become even MORE conservative” Ari Fletcher in other interviews with CNN completely dismissed LGBT, and said that with Latino support, LGBT causes need to be supported less not more, because according to him, Latinos are not in favor of gay rights at all. It was SOOOO frustrating hearing hims ay this and no one challenge him on it. FIVE recent and prominent polls (La Raza, People Latino, ABC, Pews) all indicate that support from latinos for gay marriage is higher than any other demographic. We need to get that message out there so the conservatives don’t keep spreading lies about how they have the latinos in the bag on social issues. Not true!

  16. CJ says

    it’s discouraging that in this day when all these gay elected foccials and ballots won, republicans are saying they will reach out to latino votes as a result of bonding over hating gays. i sure hope thats not the case with latinos. maybe our side needs to get latinos on our side more via outreach before republicans get their hands on them

  17. Matt E. Padd says

    Why would you go on a gay website and then speak against the person who has done more for the recognition of gays and lesbians unless you have a problem.

    What type of person is this? This is the same mentality as those who follow Fred Phelps. These people can not be helped because they are bitter and angry with themselves. Most likely someone who was made fun of all of their lives. So they come to our website to write something to make themselves feel better about themselves. I bet she has a small one.

  18. walter says

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  19. andrew says

    I am an old white guy who voted for Obama and couldn’t be happier. Knock off the simplistic stereotypes, kiwi.