Tammy Baldwin Wins in Wisconsin, is First Out Gay U.S. Senator


Representative Tammy Baldwin is the projected winner in the Wisconsin race for U.S. Senate, defeating Republican Tommy Thompson. Baldwin is the first openly gay U.S. Senator.

UPDATE: FOX News called it early, but nobody else has called it. There is growing concern here that it was called too early. Let's hope that's not the case.

UPDATE II: Reuters calls it, but does not cite numbers.


  1. Tom Cardellino says

    Witnessing the ascendancy of Tammy Baldwin to a seat in the US Senate, the joy I feel as a 59-year-old gay man can’t be expressed fully enough, that I have lived through the hatred of homophobes ever since the late 60’s, the askance views of the majority of straight “sexual liberationists” of the 1970’s, the demonization of frail and lovely unsuspecting young men of character and delight beset by an unprecedented vicious virus during the 1980’s, the so-called “culture wars’ of the 1990’s, and the repeated attempts by hateful groups who have known NOTHING of what it means to be an LGBT patriotic American simply trying to live their lives loyal to the US Constitution and as lovingly dedicated to the future of this great country as are the best of all other Americans who truly believe in Equal Protection Under Law, as it is engraved above the entrance to this great democracy’s Supreme Court building on Capitol Hill. Long live the American Dream in all of its outcomes for each and every American Citizen who vows to defend personal freedom as Our Great Ancient Document of Liberty, the US Constitution, proscribes!

  2. says

    Fan-effin-tas-tic! Gave her money through the Victory Fund when she was running for Congress in 1998 (or earlier maybe ?) and sent her money for this campaign. An out lesbian Senator! A big deal!

  3. Max Million says

    It’s disgusting to think that someone can win a important seat based on who they sleep with rather than their intelligence.

  4. Billy Crytical says

    Tammy is the first openly gay person to win a statewide election. I am very happy for her. The election was very close.

  5. John says

    Congratulations, Tammy Baldwin!

    It was an amazing feeling to be standing in the middle of the Castro among the cheering crowd when it was announced that Tammy Baldwin had won the Wisconsin Senate seat and that Maine and Maryland had voted to APPROVE same-sex marriage.

    Despite previous setbacks and future challenges, today proved why America is and continues to be the greatest country in the world.

  6. says

    Having Tammy as a Senator who happens to be gay, is a Proud moment for all of us and America. She has been an inspiration ever since her first election oh so many years ago.

    I happen to be 75 years old. I quit H.S. back in 1953, because I had those “tendencies” and back then it was considered taboo just to know someone queer, let alone be gay. That is what we were called and there were no support groups to seek help. I have been involved in the Gay Rights Movement since the early 1970s. I have seen progress,but it came at a snails pace. With our friend back for the next 4 years in the White House, Tammy in the Senate and victories for Gay Marriage… I am Proud to be a gay American and happy for the future of Gay Rights here,there and everywhere.