1. says

    There was an odd use of words I saw during the last election; on facebook, in conversations, messageboards, and it came from conservatives talking about “liberals living in their liberal bubbles.”

    Liberal. Bubbles? Those bubbles of closed-off…diversity?

    I think of a university classmate of mine in 2008, white right-wing Christian girl from Texas who came to NYC for school and couldn’t believe that her classmates were “stupid enough” to think that “that black muslim was going to win the election.”

    Well, he did.

    Many GO folks live in the proverbial bubbles. They talk to people who share the same ideologies, despite actually having any true understanding of them. Rhetoric and lies get shared around until people become convinced that they’re truths.

    And here we have the reality of the GOP’s continued losing war on LGBT Equality. Sure, they’ll admit to some of their confidantes, in specfic groupings, that they’ve lost. But when it comes time to speaker louder, and more visibly? I’ll be they turn back to their old tricks. Heck, even gay republicans can’t man up and demand actual equality, they expect the non-gay members to do it for them?
    Doubtful. Mehlman and co. would do well to grassroots-travel the country, town-hall meetings and all that jazz, and talk not just about being gay, but about what the Republican machine of anti-gay prejudice reduced him to for years.

    It’s an important aspect of “his” story that he’s utterly ignoring.

  2. JohnAGJ says

    Ok. If it helps bring about much needed change in the GOP on these issues, fine. I don’t care anymore about extracting a pound of flesh for past comments (unless he’s up for an office). I care more about results and getting this done already. A less hostile GOP is good news for us so preach on brother!

  3. candideinnc says

    Sure, that is supercalifragilistic wonderful. You used us as whipping boys as f*cking long as you could. The rethug party incited homophobia for political advantage. I will live out the rest of my life voting to keep those bigots out of office and looking for Jesse Helms’ hidden grave to piss on.

  4. Cyd says

    There’s an error in the article. Gary Johnson did come out for same-sex marriage. He was the only viable Presidential candidate to be for same-sex marriage until Obama supported it in May.

  5. jjose712 says

    I’m going to be positive here. If more and more prominent republicans are doing this speech is because spreading homophobia is less and less effective to catch votes.

    The solution is not near of the end, but it’s a positive step. Of course, facts are way more important than words

  6. jamal49 says

    Lost the “culture wars”? The “culture wars” was a divisive GOP tactic to turn Americans against their own families and neighbors by demonizing LGBT people and playing to the worst fears and ignorance of the GOP’s evangelical base. Screw David Kochel. Screw the GOP. Vote the GOP out in 2014 and send the GOP to the trash bin of history where they belong.

  7. Frank C says

    I spoke with a straight Republican acquanitance recently and brought up the subject of marriage equality. He responded by sayingthat “its not an important issue.” I thenasked “if its not important then why did youmake the centerpiece of America’s 40 yearculture war? Guess what? He didn’t have an answer. Don’t ever let a Republican forget about this issue.

  8. Bart says

    They didn’t lose the culture war because there was no war. They were simply run over by the culture truck.

    Life progresses, it doesn’t regress. These idiots have never understood it, wishing it was “the good old days” when everything what white, straight and male.

    I do wonder what it’s like to know you’re now irrelevant.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    As Rachel Maddow has recently pointed out, there is a disconnect between national level pols and the state/local pols. I won’t care about Republicans until I start hearing the state/local pols actively on our side.

    @OS2Guy: The Religious Right is getting better at ignoring reality. They are doubling down on their beliefs. They claim that if the Republicans move further to the right, everything will be just wonderful. Eventually they may become irrelevant.

    @Bart: Read some history. The 20c was full of political movements which could only charitably be called regression.

  10. anon says

    I’m not sure they lost, as abortion rights have been curtailed and gun control is on the wane. Where they’ve lost is on prayer in school, the “war” on Christmas stuff, gays in the military anti-sodomy laws, equal rights for women and minorities in the workplace, and a bunch of smaller issues. However, gay marriage is still out there.

  11. Jay says

    How were they ever going to win this? that statement blows my mind. I can understand sad opportunistic politics. But lets be honest there was never an end game for the Republican parties in the so called “culture wars”.

  12. Bill says followed by will give you a good idea of how people living 50 years from now will view the current crop of Republicans, as they tried to “give us that old time religion.”

    (The film clips are the start of Inherit The Wind, which depicts the Scopes Monkey Trial, with the yokels thinking that the theory of evolution is some sort of threat to public morality – the use of the song “Give us that old time religion” with some non-traditional harmonization makes the religious intolerance really stand out.)

  13. says

    I do welcome this…and with more gay people COMING OUT..and fighting to be treated as equals in society and government…this will become the norm. But I hope their intentions are genuine. The tides are turning

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