Romney Advisor Comes Out for Marriage Equality, Says GOP Lost the Culture Wars: VIDEO


Romney advisor Dave Kochel is coming out for marriage equality (along with some other Republicans, presumably) and plans to make a public statement at a Ken Mehlman-organized event in Des Moines this evening.

WHO-TV reports:

Kochel helped to organize an event for the Iowa Republicans for Freedom. Monday, January 28th, the group will sponsor an event with Ken Mehlman, a former Republican National Committee Chairman and key adviser to former President George W Bush.

Mehlman has become an outspoken advocate for marriage for same-sex couples.

The event held at the Davis Brown Law Firm atrium in Des Moines will feature Mehlman’s vision of what he thinks his Republican Party should look like in the future.

No Republican presidential candidates came out in favor of same-sex marriages during the 2012 cycle, including Romney, Kochel’s candidate. But Kochel now admits, “The culture wars are over. And the Republicans, largely, lost.”