1. Jack says

    Also, just to clarify, because this post is NOT at all clear, this is only the senate vote. This is not the vote for final passage.

    The bill still has to pass in the House, which is way tougher for this bill than the Senate.

  2. mike/ says

    Righter, how many ways can Sen Steans answer the same question that you are asking in so many different ways? she flat out said the answer is NO to any facility being forced to be used for marriage, and what’s the sh** about hospitals?

    Righter is an a**hole and always has been.

  3. simon says

    It is called “religious freedom and marriage fairness act”. Religion poisons everything. It is like calling the civil rights act “religious freedom and civil rights act”. It is understood that we still have segregation in the churches. You have the “white church” and the “black church”. Except now discrimination is codified in the law.

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