1. John Freeman says

    I don’t know this man at all but, based on your photograph, he looks to be yet another GOP closet case. I wish they would just get a life.

  2. says

    What Iowan Party Chair A.J. Spiker is stubbornly missing here is the self-destruction of the Republican Party. Iowans who refuse to accept equality within their own state are doomed in the polls. If he continues to push this outdated “one man one woman” policy he had better be prepared to be removed as party chair and removed from office. America has spoken and we are no longer going to tolerate the bigotry of the Republican Party.

  3. Steve says

    We should be glad about this. The more they cling to the past, they sooner they sink into irrelevancy and really have to rebirth themselves as something entirely new.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    He thinks Iowans should be able to vote on marriage equality? Didn’t he pay attention to the last election? He should look northward to see what Minnesotans did with that idea.

  5. Nick says

    A.J. –
    it is so kind of you to “allow” Republicans who support equality for all-to remain in your Old White-boys party. We can see the evolution (poor choice of words for Rethuglicans-I know) of your version of the Party of Lincoln. Keep talking, keep talking, keep talking- as you sink into irrelevance. We know you are a fierce advocate for people just like you—- but nice that you are tolerating other views….

  6. Michael says

    Wow, just another huge Nelly queen, self loathing and all.

    If all the self loathing closet cases would jump off a bridge we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  7. Reality says

    If this man is the spokesperson for the Iowa GOP then he’s going to gradually become very lonely – people are turning their backs on anti-gay bigotry and I’m assuming he is too stupid to notice. This guy is an idiot.

  8. Jere says

    But isn’t this man simply speaking the truth? The Republican Party DOES support marriage for one man and one woman only not only in Iowa, but in every state including all those where marriage equality is the law of the land. Sure, increasing numbers of people do not agree with this position, but Spiker isn’t wrong when he states his party’s position on the matter. If he’s appearing as a representative of the party, isn’t it his responsibility to truthfully state what his party’s policies are?

  9. Houndentenor says

    The good news in this story is that there are a significant minority of Republicans who want to drop the issue of gay marriage. Whether they are looking at the political reality of the issue or finally growing a conscience, that’s a positive sign.

  10. Sean B says

    Hey- I am proud to a member “the gay marriage party”!!!! Tell me something I don’t know bigot!!!

  11. Randy says

    You ALMOST have to feel sorry for these folks. From near every direction they are not only under serious attack but are losing big time. Like never before and from so many directions, and at such a fast pace. In each area it is just a matter of time and only the fools can’t see it. The military, the Boy Scouts, gay marriage in state after state, the Republican party, LGBT folks (movie & TV stars, politicians, sports figures, etc. etc.) are popping out like kernels of popcorn, male prom queens, male West Point cadets taking their boyfriends to big parties, etc. etc. etc. Even some of the rock hard fundies from the Westboro Baptist Church are deserting that sinking ship. Anti-gay is not the way anymore and is the losing side to be on.

  12. GregV says

    “The Republican party DOES support marriage between one man and one woman…”

    @Jere: That’s an ironic twist of phrasing for their opposition to equal rights for other couple’s marriages.
    There is no movement against mixed-sex couples ‘ marriages by any party.
    The phrasing would be parallel to misoginist white slave-owners saying that they “support white men’s right to vote” or anti-woman Afghans saying they “support a boy’s right to go to school.”

    They’re not “supporting” anything but bigotry.

  13. Steven H says

    Even if Iowa were to ever vote on marriage equality, it wouldn’t be before 2015 or 2016. By then, marriage equality would have been in place in Iowa for more than 6 years, and in the northeast for more than a decade. That’s 6 years of the sky not falling over Des Moines.

    If an anti-gay law were to pass in Iowa–which is possible, I suppose–it would be pretty much impossible to defend in court. “But Judge, it wasn’t animus… everyone knows that the skies would have fallen next year.. or perhaps the year after that! It definitely would have happened if we had given the gays another year.”

  14. Pog says

    Smart people would rather vote for love than hate, like the GOP who is a anti-gay Christian hate group.

  15. Jake says

    The “he’s a closet case” argument is running thin. It’s bullshi-. And this” love vs. hate” crap belongs on a greeting card, and not in the Supreme Court – who will ultimately decide.

  16. Jake says

    The “he’s a closet case” argument is running thin. It’s bullshi-. And this” love vs. hate” crap belongs on a greeting card, and not in the Supreme Court – who will ultimately decide.

  17. Bill says

    @Sargon Bighorn: he didn’t come across so much as a bigot as a political operative: he was asked about same-sex marriage and stated that the official Republican position was against it, but the Republicans thought each state should make its own decision, and that some Republicans disagree with the Republican position against same-sex marriage, just as they have a few Republicans who are union members and disagree with the Republican positions on unions. He also indicted that the Democrats were the party in favor of same-sex marriage, but he specifically indicated that they did not want to force anyone out of the Republican Party for disagreeing on such issues, although those members can’t really expect the party to ignore the views of the majority of its members.

    He did not, however, make any personal observations about gays or even about same-sex marriage, nor did he indicate whether or not he agreed with his party’s decision.

    So I wouldn’t call him a bigot based on what he said because he (a) merely answered a question he was asked, and (b) simply stated what his party’s position was. It’s like me saying that in 2004, George W. Bush as elected president (I’d say elected rather than reelected as the 2000 election was quite likely stolen), but stating that as a fact does mean I was happy about it. It is even possible that he thinks the Republican position on same-sex marriage is either wrong or out of step with the voters, and was trying to say as little as possible about the topic to avoid drawing attention to it.

  18. andrew says

    The funniest part of his statement was where he says that the Republican Party is a BIG TENT! Yep, everybody is welcome: ultra conservatives, extreme right wingers, hard right types and wing nuts. Come one, come all.

  19. RexT says

    Very pleasing to see Bob Vander Plaats numbers about as LOW as you can get at this point. He is the evil snake crawling around the State of Iowa. Spiker is a joke.