France to Hold First Gay Wedding: VIDEO


Within the next few hours, Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau will wed, becoming France’s first married gay couple. The pair will be united at their town hall in Montpellier, known locally as “the French San Francisco.” Helene Mandroux, the mayor of Montpellier, will preside over the service. The wedding will be attended by 600 guests including 2 cabinet ministers and 130 journalists, AFP reports:

“‘It could be intimidating,’ Boileau said, speaking about the likely media circus that will surround the couple. ‘But we will try to retain the spirit of the goal -- equality for all. That Mister or Miss Anybody can get married in the town hall.’”

Mayor Mandroux told the AFP:

Mayor"I didn’t think there would be such a buzz in what is the 14th country to recognize homosexual marriage. But at any rate, we’re delighted that everybody will be here. And more than anything I hope that what they’ll remember about this marriage is that French society has moved forward.”

As reported earlier, gay marriage in France was signed into law on May 18 by President Francois Hollande after previously passing the Senate and receiving approval from France’s Constitutional Council

On Sunday, an estimated 150,000 people rallied in Paris to protest the law. The protests turned violent and police arrested 239 individuals.

Check out a video from the AFP of the happy couple and Mayor Mandroux expressing her support AFTER THE JUMP...