Cher to Headline NYC Pride Dance on the Pier


Cher will headline NYC Pride's 27th annual Dance on the Pier, organizers announced today, performing her new single "Woman's World" along with other hits.

Said Chris Frederick, Managing Director of NYC Pride: "NYC Pride is thrilled to welcome Cher to the stage of this year's Dance on the Pier! Her performance will be one of the most memorable in the history of this world-class party. Now in its 27th year, the Dance on the Pier continues a proud tradition of partnering with all-star talent to create a high-quality event that raises funds to support local LGBT non-profits and New York City's  annual Pride festivities."

Yesterday, Deborah Cox was announced as the other performer for this year's event.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    That’s fantastic news. Maybe I’ll go up. It’s only 90 miles away.

    But then again, I’m heat intolerant now. The last Sunday in June in Manhattan is usually as hot as hell with high humidity. Never mind. Y’all have a good time.

  2. Jason says

    In her hey day, Cher was terrific. However, in recent years, she’s become too AutoTuned.

    Also, wouldn’t it be better if we supported male artists with genuine connections to our community? This “I’ve got to support half-naked female singers who mime or use Auto Tune” is clearly ridiculous.

  3. Jason says


    We gay men need to support MALE singing acts for a change. After all, we are MEN first.

    Did you know there are no openly gay or bisexual male acts in the itunes top 100 song chart? Food for thought…

  4. Rick says

    “Why do they have to be male Jason/Rick? Oh yeah, because you’re the charter member of the He Man Woman Haters Club. Boring”

    Why don’t you ask yourself another question, ChristopherM? Why don’t you ask yourself why all gay male “icons” are heterosexual women and why gay men are the ONLY group in society whose “icons” are all from a different group than their own.

    I’ll tell you why you don’t ask youself why? Because the truth it would reveal about you and others like you would be pretty ugly and a little too painful to face, wouldn’t it be?

  5. says

    Deborah Cox AND Cher??!?!! So glad we chose this year to make our first trip back to Gay Pride in NYC since moving away to LA over 6 years ago. I’m sure this means the Pier Party is gonna be one crowded, hot mess, but at the same time I’m actually super excited!

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “…why all gay male “icons” are heterosexual women and why gay men are the ONLY group in society whose “icons” are all from a different group than their own.”

    James Dean

  7. Michael Floyd says

    Shame Towleroad

    Nothing about Cher taking money from anti-gay Russia then turns around and takes money from the gay community. PERSPECTIVE people.

  8. ChristopherM says

    And by the way, the idea that all gay icons are only women was cancelled around the same time as Will & Grace. We love Jake Shears, NPH, and a plethora of others. Come into this century…your sexist schtick is getting stale and tired.

  9. says

    jason/rick aren’t man enough to go to a Pride celebration anyway.

    during pride, they’ll be at home on their computers miserably complaining about all the “effeminates” that are out having fun and interacting with the community.

    it’s the best thing about the “i hate effeminacy!” gays: they’re such cowardly sack-less wimps that to avoid them all you need do is avoid internet messageboards. they’re simply not man enough to exist and live out loud in the real world.

    so, yay! HAPPY PRIDE@! and long live queen cher!

  10. says

    the question the RICK/jason cowards of the world should be asking themselves is this: “how come i hate women so much and worship a narrow idea of perceived-*masculinity*, and utterly hate “effeminat egay men”, and yet I’m not able to be as fearless and Out and Proud as all those Cher fans?”

    aye, there’s the rub my brothers and sisters. because that hack trolling coward is no brave tough strong masculine man.

    the men you hate are Out and you’re not.

    let’s keep it that way :)

  11. says

    “Sam” – intelligently, with specifics, explain how that’s ironic and why it makes any sense to hate “the message on gay pride day.”

    Or are you one of those people who doesn’t know that some women are gay?


  12. MateoM says

    Everyone knows that Rick/Jason/David Hearne isn’t actually a gay person, and has no investment in the LGBT community. In fact, he’s blatantly homophobic.

    Now if only Andy would change the comments format so that people like Rick and his other aliases could be banned outright.

  13. Icebloo says

    Multi-millionaire Cher has a new album to promote so she suddenly remembers where the gays are ? Full speed to high profile gay events for the free publicity and all that gay money.

    Cher has done NOTHING for gay people. NOTHING.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. This is the woman who stopped talking to her daughter for months when she came out as gay and for a YEAR when she came out as a transsexual. This is not the behavior of a friend of our community.

    Cher is just another straightie who has used us so we can make her rich.
    Gays are so stupid – they get sucked in every time !

  14. millerbeach says

    Wow, Paris Hilton was the grand marshal of the LA Pride parade? Wow.. who knew. I wonder if she just got lost? As for Cher, more power to her. Even if she is 100% plastic, she still looks good. She has got to be nearing the big 7-0, and I have never seen anyone in their 70’s who looks THAT good! Rock on, Cher!

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