Homophobic Dominican Cardinal Facing Pedophilia Accusations In His Diocese


Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, a Catholic Cardinal from the Dominican Republic, is facing a great deal of controversy as of late. Cardinal de Jesus has recently come under fire for using a gay slur, "maricón" (which is generally translated to mean "faggot"), to refer to James "Wally" Brewster, Barack Obama's gay nominee for U.S. ambassador to the Caribbean nation. 

Now, the Cardinal could potentially be facing even greater trouble, thanks to accusations of pedophilia taking place in his diocese, as well as evidence of a potential cover up.

Dominican Today has reported that the "Santiago Office of the Prosecutor on Wednesday announced it awaits the Immigration Agency to specify whether Catholic priest native of Poland, Wojciech (Alberto) Gil, accused of pedophilia  by several families, left the country with another identity." Gil managed to flee the country after the accusations began to draw attention to the small village of Janico. Two minors from the village have also left the country, although it has not yet been determined whether they did so in the company of the priest. 

Cardinal de Jesús López Rodríguez's diocese announced that the priest has been placed on suspension, effective May 30. Although ASKARBENT has noted that said suspension was not reported until July 3. They were also quick to note the suspicious timing of certain events…

"Gosh, Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez! Got any ideas about how, as public outrage mushroomed, your priest could have left the country so stealthily, perhaps under an assumed name and maybe even with two embarrassingly talkative minors? Have you thought about asking around — maybe one of your other padres knows something! Maybe you do, but it slipped your mind… We're guessing that the civil authorities would be all ears should you decide to favor them with your distinguished input. Don't be shy, now; we know you can run your ecclesiastical mouth when you want to!"


  1. bwana says

    It is difficult for me to take seriously any pronouncements on how bad “teh maricons” are coming from someone wearing that silly hat and dress. Really???

  2. woodroad34d says

    I Love how one of the microphones is for a station “SIN” and it’s right in the bigot’s face….who’s the “maricone” now, Nicci?

  3. says

    Funny. When asked in 2002 about the sex abuse scandals emerging in U.S. Catholic churches, Cardinal López blamed them on the “tolerant” public policies promoted in the United States and alleged that they would never occur in the Dominican Republic because they had a ban on “effeminate” men in the clergy (unlike the U.S.): http://blabbeando.blogspot.com/2013/07/dominican-cardinal-has-no-problem-using.html

    By the way, before anyone suggests boycotting the Dominican Republic or blame Dominicans for this awful man’s statements, you should know that for the most part the Dominican population is just as disgusted about them as you are: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2013/07/05/gay-us-ambassador-reveals-shifting-catholic-society-in-dominican-republic/

  4. Is it Monty Python? says

    That photo looks like an out-take from a satire about the Catholic Church. But it’s real, so how do you parody that? It’s already as ridiculous as it can be.

    That face, that outfit; only an idiot could hang on his every word.

  5. PAUL B. says

    And they ridicule us for “dressing up” at the gay pride parades. At least we know when we look silly…and can laugh at ourselves. They take this $hit seriously.

  6. jamal49 says

    @Andres Duque: thanks for the comments. I must also emphasize that it would be unfair to “boycott” the DR because I am involved in the Dominican community here in NYC and I travel very frequently to Santo Domingo and I will tell you that Cardenal Lopez is universally despised among the regular Dominicans.

    I have heard stories of sexual abuse by priests around the island for at least 20 years. Cardenal Lopez himself is a notorious–and I mean NOTORIOUS–womanizer and how he has stayed in his position as head of the Santo Domingo diocese is beyond me.

    If I chose to do so, I could name four priests/bishops in the Dominican hierarchy who have been accused of involvement in either covering up sexual abuse or themselves having been participants in the sexual abuse of minors (mostly adolescents). Dozens of people have complained over and over about this but it falls on deaf ears.

    I could go on about Lopez and the rising influence of a vociferously homophobic evangelical church but I will save that for another day.

    I’ve been talking to several friends in Santo Domingo about Lopez and, while Dominican gays live very discreet lives, some are beginning to see that unless they become more outspoken, things could get really bad for them.

    Dominican people, for the most part, are a very tolerant group, but Dominican society is still somewhat conservative and the Church and the evangelicals have been exploiting that in their bid to demonize gay people in the DR.

    It is ironic that Lopez accuses gays of being pedophiles when I can categorically say that the pedophiles are in the Catholic hierarchy of Santo Domingo and around the island AND the evangelical ministers.

    Dominican Republic is a beautiful place with many interesting sites and wonderful people. I am going the end of July for 10 days and I can’t wait. I also intend to meet with some of my gay friends to discuss a more visible presence to combat that pendejo Lopez and the aun mas pendejo evangelicals.

  7. Jerry6 says

    Enough already! Everyone knows the Catholic Church is now, always has been, and always will be, a pedophile organization. When are the world’s governments going to start bringing these criminals to justice and selling off the Church’s assets to compensate their victims for the wrongs done to them?

  8. Ninong says

    Cardinal López is just following orders. Cardinal Ratzinger, when he was Prefect of the CDF, specifically ordered all bishops worldwide to NOT report incidences of clerical sexual abuse to the civil authorities because, according to Cardinal Ratzinger (who is now Pope Emeritus), the Vatican reserved exclusive jurisdiction in such matters! What? Maybe another Nuremberg Trial is in order?

    Just this past Friday, July 5, 2013, Fr. Uriel Ojeda of the Sacramento Diocese pleaded guilty to a single count of “substantial sexual conduct” with a 13-year-old girl in a plea dead with the prosecutor. He did that ONLY after the judge ruled in pretrial that Fr. Ojeda’s admission of guilt to church authorities and a private investigator were not covered by ministerial privilege and would be admissable in court.

    Prior to that ruling, the Sacramento Diocese and Fr. Ojeda were prepared to lie and claim that the child’s accusations were false! So Fr. Ojeda accepted this plea deal, which could bring him 8 years in prison, and in exchange the DA’s office agreed to drop six other felony charges involving sexual molestation of the same 13-year-old victim that could have resulted in a 20-year sentence.

    Yes, the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento and Father Uriel Ojeda were prepared to lie under oath and deny the accusations of the 13-year-old victim of clerical sexual abuse because that’s what they have always done.

    The reputation of the Church is more important than the children of the Church. Nothing has changed!

  9. Ninong says

    Yeah, but you see, the 12 minors Fr. Gil is accused of raping were girls, so that doesn’t count according to Cardinal Nicky, which is why he allowed Fr. Gil to leave the country.

    Somebody needs to inform the Polish bishop in whose diocese Fr. Gil is hiding out, to pick up his ass and send him back to the Dominican Republic to face justice.

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