San Diego County Clerk Wants To Halt Same-Sex Marriages

Yesterday, San Diego County Clerk Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr. filed a petition seeking to put an end to same-sex marriages in California – at least temporarily.


The LA Times reports: "Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr. argued that the court should halt weddings while it considers the argument that the federal court ruling should apply only to the two couples who sued over Proposition 8, as well as to the county clerks in Alameda and Los Angeles counties, where the couples live."

Dronenburg's office claims the document was filed for the purposes of
clarification, saying they want to make "sure to follow the Constitution
so there isn’t any confusion."

County Chariman Greg Cox was quick to distance himself from Dronenburg's office saying, "The County Clerk has acted independently on this matter. No one else from the County was consulted or had any part of this court action, including the Board of Supervisors. The County’s position is and always has been that we, the County, will follow applicable law with regards to same-sex marriage."

Also, California Attorney General Kamala Harris immediately issued a brief and stern response which essentially quashes Dronenburg's petition.

"The filing offers no new arguments that could deny same-sex couples their constitutionally protected civil rights. The federal injunction is still in effect, and it requires all 58 counties to perform same-sex marriages. No exceptions."

Read the entire petition here.


  1. corydiablo says

    And the dance of the morons continues; dance for your supper, creep.

    Then, when you’re shot down from the court, get your a$$ back to work and STFU.

  2. says

    And, surprise, he looks like he time-traveled from 1952! Keep trying, losers, cause it’s very entertaining watching your desperate irrationality get slapped down again and again.

  3. johnny says

    And look for more of this type of silly legal pranking around from other idiots in the future.

    So much legal paper work and hours of writing effort to simply keep other people from having their legal rights – which in no way shape or form affect his own life.


  4. ChrisorDavid says

    The CASC can not change where a federal court injunction applies, that can only be changed by a federal court. The injunction currently applies statewide. In this case, he would need to file with the 9th CCA – unfortunately his groups don’t have standing in federal court. Bummer, for him

  5. Brian1 says

    Disgraced ex-attorney general alberto gonzales wrote an editorial in the New York Times a couple of days ago. It basically argued the same thing for different reasons, that the supreme court’s decision was ambiguous and didn’t necessarily overturn DOMA. So it seems like this is going to be a “thing” now. I guess a way to milk some more donations for a few more years.

  6. Mark says

    Given the clerk’s morality, I’m surprised at his willingness to bear false witness-the document clearly wasn’t filed for purposes of “clarification,” given that it repeatedly affirms that Prop 8 should be valid.

  7. says

    And he must now remain personally liable for all legal costs associated with his intemperate and ill considered and unapproved (by the Supervisors) petition.

    Hit him where it hurts.
    @Brian1 :

    That Gomzales garbage was contradicted by a letter from Kaplan, the lead attorney in today’s NYT.

  8. I See You says

    Why is it that guys like this somehow always have a lurid past? Not saying this guy does. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we find a young male prostitute or two in his past. Not that there are, just saying I would’t be surprised if there were.

  9. says

    His lawyers are from the “Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund,” which you will be SHOCKED to learn is a Catholic law front that co-signed a SCOTUS friend of the Court brief with the Christian Legal Society and the Catholic Vote Education Fund. Plus it has defended conversion therapy as a religious right.

  10. says

    As a Republican it may be the case that Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr feels a certain obligation to defend the Sanctity of Bigotry. After all intolerance and hatred are primary values to the Party of Jesus.

  11. Steve says

    Don’t forget that Maggie Gallagher sits on the board of that so-called “Fund” and that she considers LiMandri a good friend. He is also defending JONAH in the ex-gay fraud lawsuit.

  12. anon says

    The thrust of the problem is legal precedent in CA which allows county clerks access to the court system on behalf of petitioners. This was originally done to handle election fraud and tax cases, but now is being applied to civil rights cases. CA is a wonderland for lawyers.

  13. TomTallis says

    Harris was making it clear to the California county clerks, who the CA Supreme Court acknowledged in 2004 were agents of the state when issuing marriage licenses in a decision then applauded by the Christian hate machine, that if they refused to grant any otherwise-qualifed same-sex couple a marriage license, would face contempt court procedings in federal court.

  14. Bart says

    I would agree with his lawsuit as long as all heterosexual marriages are invalidate except for the first two as well. Because we all know that laws are a one time thing.

  15. Rexford says

    Oh no! What do we have here? Another clerk who thinks he’s some kind of angelic messenger of God at the gates of judgment instead of the glorified paper-pusher at a government counter that he is? Seriously. Get over yourself.

  16. Darren says

    OMG…is this guy for real? Is this a Halloween pic or something? He looks like a 1950’s high school principal who won’t let the students dance!

  17. Clerk says

    It’s ridiculous to claim that the order only applies to the clerks in Alameda and Los Angeles counties. Californians don’t have to get their marriage license in the county they reside in. They just have to return it to the same clerk they got it from.

  18. Bill says

    @David: they are not as dumb as the seem. The lawyers don’t get billable hours unless there is something to bill for, and billable hours need someone who can pay the bills.

    My guess is that they are trying this so they can claim to be doing something in order to keep their not-too-bright supports sending in those all important checks.

    It’s not about us. It’s about making sure the lawyers can pay their country-club dues.

    Even the “flock” getting fleeced gets something – the thing in the Bible, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake,” which plays well with pie-faced Christians with a martyrdom complex.

  19. Icebloo says

    So DOMA has gone. Supreme Court says it is unconstitutional to discriminate against gay people so why are we still having to give millions of dollars to rip-off lawyers and politicians to BUY our rights in each individual state ? This is MADNESS ! If a law involving race is struck down it is struck down in EVERY state so why aren’t we treated the same.

    Gay people have made these lawyers and politicians rich in the last 20 years of us fundraising and buying their services.

    What a TERRIBLE country that we are BUYING our rights instead of just being given what is rightfully ours !

  20. Bob says


    More handiwork of the hateful Cordileone, who brought in the mormons for Prop 8 and is now archbitch of San Francisco


  21. Patrick says

    Boy, those neo-conservatives have got their knickers in a twist. All they think about is gay this and gay that. Makes me think: “ummm they’re deeply closeted…”

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