Hillary Clinton Feels The Love, Crushes Christie And Cruz In New VA Poll

Clinton christie

Clinton cruz

Although no major candidates have confirmed a 2016 run for President, speculation has been brewing around several possibilities. Chief among them are former senator-turned-candidate-turned-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey who spoke out harshly against this summer's SCOTUS rulings, and Ted Cruz, a Texas senator who fears gay marriage will infringe on religious liberty. While the possibilities remain endless for now, a new poll out of Virginia indicates that early numbers for LGBT-supporter Clinton are on the rise.

Reveals a new Quinnipiac poll

Looking ahead to the 2016 presidential campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to be the apple of Virginia voters' eyes, leading New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie 46 – 37 percent, compared to 45 – 40 percent when Quinnipiac University asked that question in July. Christie continues to lead Vice President Joseph Biden, 44 – 37 percent today compared to 46 – 38 percent last month. Clinton crushes Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas 53 – 34 percent. Biden tops Cruz 47 – 37 percent. Virginia voters give President Barack Obama a split 48 – 48 percent job approval rating, compared to a negative 46 – 51 percent score last month.

Will Clinton announce her presidential campaign in the coming months, or will Virginia voters be sorely disappointed? Early speculation can be futile, but it is hard to argue with numbers like these. If she runs Clinton could see the Virginia blue streak continue. 

Images via Quinnipiac press release.


  1. Moz's says

    ALL polls have been consistently showing Hillary crushing all repub possible candidates everywhere with Hillary even taking Texas, Kentucky, and Indiana

    all polls show christie does best against Hillary (still looses) but the person who could give her a fight is the 1 repub base will force to go crazy right during the primaries and then still most likely won’t like him due to = hugging Obama, outlawing reparitive therapy for minors, and putting an openly gay black man in a judgeship

  2. AKChris says

    These numbers demonstrate perfectly why the Republican leadership in the several southern states are attempting to make it more difficult for blacks to vote with these so-called voter ID laws and other efforts to make it harder for people to vote. Election integrity, my foot!

  3. ratbastard says

    Virginia is controlled by northern Virginia, i.e. metro D.C. Naturally, there’s a disproportionate love for both Democrats and so-called ‘progressives’. These are big federal government people whose jobs revolve around it.

  4. Geoff says

    Hills has the proven, indisputable wealth of experience no one can match…both domestically and internationally. Whether or not she’s liked or appreciated can be measured along utterly partisan lines. The GOP hates her. Wait – The GOP hates EVERYTHING. Never mind.

  5. northalabama says

    perpetual presidential election cycles are becoming tiresome.

    supporters better hope hillary decides to run in a couple of years. if she doesn’t, a lot of hopes will be crushed, and the last minute scramble to replace her will yield a candidate not nearly as qualified or successful, and could result in “bush2: the apocalypse”.

  6. Moz's says


    all polls that include jeb shows christie beating jeb in the primary process and vs hillary she beats jeb by more than she beats christie

    jeb = still too much bush fatigue even amongst repubs, Jr ruined it for Bro

  7. andrew says

    If she runs I will probably vote for her in the Pa Democratic Primary election, after checking out the other democratic challengers. If she wins the Democratic Party nomination, I will CERTAINLY vote for her against whom ever wins the wingnut Republican party’s nomination.

  8. The Truth says

    This is way to early to even hope for this. Remember she was the favorite to win last time before Barack Obama crush her with his winning campaign. I hope she runs though and I will support her like last time around if she does

  9. BigGuy says

    Presidential election campaigns are much too long. I hope Hilary does run, but I hope she does not announce that she’s running until 2015.

    When Hilary says she wants to rest some after leaving the State Department, I believe her. Also, I think the highest priority for Bill and Hilary right now is becoming grandparents. They would really Chelsea to become a mom.

  10. BE says

    Where was the all Hillary worship when she first ran against Obama?
    Obama has proved to be a real case of false advertising, and his term isn’t over. Hope we make it.

  11. Ben B says

    Seriously?? What has she actually done? Can you name one single policy achievement that she’s responsible for? Or just the fact that she’s a woman? Who has *reluctantly* come around to LGBT rights:

    As First Lady: health care total failure (did it in secrecy and then failed to sell it) and embarrassed herself by calling her husband’s very real affairs as the product of a “right wing conspiracy.”

    As Senator: voted for the dumbest war since Vietnam — why? Because she thought she had to in order be President (i.e., she’s cynical and a political opportunist) or because she thought it was a good idea (i.e., she has terrible foreign policy ideas).

    As Sec of State: Benghazi. People died on her watch — is there any other achievement during her time in this post that I’m missing??

    I’m honestly just…baffled. But I do sincerely want to know why people like her for President — and would LOVE to have someone post what she has actually done to earn that spot. I really would!

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