1. SFshawn says

    He is not only delusional but dangerous.
    One can only hope GAWD takes him and his fellow hater Pat Buchanan sooner than later and that the world celebrate their deaths and hatred that will go with that death.

  2. AggieCowboy says

    The man is skirting on inciting violence with his words. Disney and ABC need to find a way to legally ditch this hate-filled,fact-challenged pogrom of anti-pretty-much-everything propaganda.

  3. northalabama says

    and i’m supposed to believe local police and the fbi are involved in a conspiracy to cover up these serial killings, protect the killers from prosecution, and then hide the murders from the public?

    at least cbn had enough sense to edit the remarks from the program. those who make money by allowing this sick and delusional man to continue to appear on tv should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Thomas says

    Thanks Pat for informing us on yet another seedy tactic by the Gay community. What a perfect way for us to introduce a great new social-initiative. We’re going to start with the shirt – Hug a Gay!


  5. Consider your OWN hypocrisy says

    How can some of you folks posting here express revulsion at Pat Robertson’s deeply offensive words by wishing DEATH upon him?! Don’t you realize that on their *own* sites the holy rollers then, quite rightly, excerpt your remarks and point out how DEEPLY HATEFUL we are as a community wishing death and pain on another?!

    Nothing he said is incitement to violence. Had he added “and that is why they should be killed… and so on” then it would get closer to that but even then it is likely considered rhetorical speech (much like when people, like those above, express sentiments about death and so on).

    If you want the cycle of hatred to end then pity the fool and expose him. But for the love of our community do not sink to his level and give them ammunition. Quite honestly, the comments sections of this website are so often an embarrassment to our self dignity.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    WHOA! First, We’re putting laws on the books now! I like the power they would claim we have to “put laws on the books”.

    He is REACHING for topics. This shows that the right wing will never fail in attempting to generate hatred through spreading lies. Fear is the great motivator Pat uses to benefit in a huge financial way from the ruin of lives.

  7. Adian says

    Don’t wish death on people. It’s even more tacky than what this old man has to say. If you really want to get his goat then pray for him. Pray that his heart will be opened and that the love of Christ/Buddha/Whatever you believe will shine through. If you’re not religious then wish him well. You must understand that he is kept informed of how we react to his ridiculous statements…hatred only begets hatred.

  8. Adian says

    Don’t wish death on people. It’s even more tacky than what this old man has to say. If you really want to get his goat then pray for him. Pray that his heart will be opened and that the love of Christ/Buddha/Whatever you believe will shine through. If you’re not religious then wish him well. You must understand that he is kept informed of how we react to his ridiculous statements…hatred only begets hatred.

  9. Robert says

    CONSIDER – Pat is as bad as toxic cancer. He is a vile, hateful, spiteful man and the world will be a better place when he’s GONE, just like how the world will be a better place when CANCER is gone. Mark my words, I will dance on this monster’s grave one day.

  10. Piet says

    He’s either delusional or a purposeful liar. His “facts” don’t match reality in any way, but his audience will believe them, which is what makes him dangerous. It’s time for CBN to be held accountable for the lies their stars tell about the GLBT world.

  11. ted holland says

    I know we have freedom of speech laws here but this is borderline inciting a riot. This man should be curbed on what he can say. Hes made some outrageous statements before but this just takes the cake. I cant believe ppl still give him money. He needs to be sued…BIG TIME

  12. Seattle Mike says

    What’s so surprising about this is that he starts off with a (reasonably) good answer. He tells the woman that AIDS is spread through sexual contact and then tells her not to have sex with him. Zing!

    But then what on earth is happening in his brain when he just begins to babble about this weird spiked ring thing? I think we’re seeing signs of dementia.

  13. BrianB says

    Seriously – I want someone to pull his feet out of his mouth, and shove them back in far enough that he chokes on them. I’m tired of waiting for him to do it himself.

  14. Caliban says

    I’m pretty sure he’s confusing reality with the plot of a 1950s B-movie, where a “jungle woman” had a ring with a spike on it that allowed her to steal the youth and beauty of other people. Based on his statements over the past few years it’s pretty clear that he’s senile, and that CBN knows it. What’s strange is they’re still letting this deranged old coot on the air.

    Considering Pat’s big hero was Ronald Reagan, who also continually confused movie plots with reality, this bizarre claim comes as no great surprise.

  15. SFshawn says

    I pray for his death then. The quicker he dies the quicker he’ll get to GAWD! But if some want to PRETEND that he’s ‘not inciting violence’ and Putin is an angel then go ahead and delude yourself until one of his “followers” literally kills you to “SAVE” you! These religious zealots/FREAKS are losing and they don’t like it. Tough. Perhaps they’ll actually learn the REAL concept of love,acceptance and freedom once they have to PRACTICE it instead of faking it.

  16. says

    This may well be the most disgusting thing that this old man has ever said. Feel free to tweet CBN (@CBNproducers) and demand a public apology and a retraction of Pat Robertson’s disgusting lie. Also you can call: CBN Main Switchboard (757) 226-7000.

  17. Mark says

    Is there anything in ABC Family’s contract with CBN that would preclude them from running this show with a laugh track? Or better yet, with MST3K-style commentary?

  18. Marc says

    Pat, your time is up. Find the bright light — any bright light, really, actually, two moving towards you is preferable — and go home to your Jesus. Why spend any more time on earth if you can be up in Heaven praising God? You know what to do. Move along.

  19. Lerro says

    The ones who want Pat Robertson DEAD are likely to want the Islamic/Muslim Clerics to Live forever & ever. BTW, the punishment from Islamic/Muslims for Homosexualism is Decapitation . . .

  20. Mary says

    Every time you think Pat Robertson can’t come across as any more wacky, he does. At this point I think he needs to retire to avoid embarrassing the evangelical community any further. Why doesn’t someone in the evangelical world circulate a petition asking this man to please refrain from making evangelicals seem like paranoid lunatics. I am starting to feel genuine
    e pity for Mr. Robertson. Whenever I hear that he’s made a new statement about gays I think “Oh, God what has he said THIS time?” Usually I’m afraid to ask.

  21. Linda R says

    This man absolutely must retire. Don’t his minions realize he has become a laughingstock? Seriously, he no longer is viewed as a Christian preacher, but rather a paranoid hater who is doing way more harm than good. Wait, did he ever do good? Hmm…

  22. Pashy says

    This man is insane. Literally insane. He needs to retire from public eye and take a nice long rest with some psychiatric help. I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m saying this to be factual. Somebody in his family, his next of kin, whatever, needs to wake up and realise he’s gone senile. He has these paranoid delusions about situations of all sorts, not just LGBT people. He even warned people about adopting “messed up” kids.

  23. feo says

    he’s past his sell by date. Although i’m wearing my ring now. BUSTED!. sometimes
    these idiots come up with some interesting ideas. come closer, Pat. look at my ring.

  24. Bill says

    @Seattle Mike: I don’t think it is a question of what is going on in his brain but rather what is happening to his brain.

    He started out semi-reasonable (don’t worry – you won’t catch it casually) and then got crazier and crazier. Alzheimer’s or dementia comes to mind.

  25. gregorybrown says

    The mention of AIDS and sex led Pat’s mind to associate the words with rings…but he was actually imagining places other than fingers where you’re likely to find them on gay men. Personally, I’d be more suspicious of men with EAR ringswho insist on close hugs.

  26. Chuck Mielke says

    Ludicrously obvious fear-mongering. He had already made the point that there needs to be the transfer of bodily fluids so, even if that crap about a cutting ring were true, what would result except a small scar? In any case, Pat has been reading too many historical bodice-rippers and confusing them with newspapers. The SPLC should declare Pat, himself, a hate group.

  27. John says

    Ok, which one of you queens spilled the beans about our secret AIDS-spreading jewelry? Gay men just are terrible at keeping secrets. Well, there goes my new line of AIDS-spreading cross necklaces I was working on. It would have been perfect for those of us who prefer to hug rather than shake hands.

  28. walter says

    well then consider me tacky because i really wish a very quick death to this snake oil salesman , who will take the last dollar from his followers and use it to buy more blood diamonds.

  29. caren with a k says

    His comments are revulsive but consider his generation and religion. Look forward toward the time when this will be ignorant. Don’t wish anyone to die.

  30. Robert says

    I would think death would make him happy since he will be with the baby jesus. Isn’t that what they talk about all the time being with the baby jesus…couldn’t come fast enough!

  31. anon says

    At least he’s much more amusing to watch than his greasy son who is set to take over the empire when Pat “leaves”. More amazing is what keeps Billy Graham alive. He’s been in a stroke induced coma for like six years now. Billy’s son is also set to become emperor after his father is gone, but he’s already very active, just not particularly effective. All these evangelicals hate each other, btw.

  32. Craig says

    Seriously, we need to stop paying so much attention to WBC, who are already universally despised and work on this nut case who actually has followers AND a tv show.

  33. InquiringMind says

    He’s got it wrong. Wikipedia says a fairy ring is “…a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms.” Or perhaps Pat’s been ingesting some of those ‘shrooms? Just wondering.

  34. TwoReplies says

    He claims to regret that his remarks are misunderstood (while not regretting making them at all).

    What responsible adult would go on NATIONAL TELEVISION and spread what he DAMN WELL KNOWS is rumor or hear-say, and imply it applies to the group as a whole?
    If he knows that only “certain individuals” did it, then the ONLY reason he’d have to go on air and attribute it to the gay community would be to fear-monger and foster a environment of hate among his watchers.
    What a sad and pitiful excuse for a human being.

    Even worse because if the bible is to be believed, then the most sickly people of the time, Lepers, would have been embraced, cared for and loved by Jesus. (Matthew 8:1-4, Mark 1:40-45 and Luke 5:12-16)
    Yet Pat doesn’t follow by Jesus’ example, instead he condemns, and spreads hate a fear of those who are today’s lepers.
    Pat, WWJD? ಠ_ಠ

  35. Mary says

    I have a great idea for how we can stop Pat Robertson from making these absurd statements. A group of concerned evangelicals needs to go to Robertson and tell him that if he doesn’t stop embarrassing them with these ridiculous statements they will publicly support same-sex marriage as revenge. They will send regular checks to Freedom to Marry and attend gay weddings, giving each of the happy grooms or brides a big hug and kiss!

    This is a win-win proposition, folks. Either Pat Robertson finally straightens himself out (sorry for the pun) or Freedom to Marry gets a huge boost in its income. Knowing Robertson’s inability to control his tongue, I’d say gay couples would be able to wed in all 50 states within 2 years time!

  36. Art says

    He is the one that needs to be killed, not us!

    He incites violence against us and get’s away with it, but when we make the same comments against the hateful church we get arrested!

    F’kn US Right Winged Neo-Nazi Facist b’tards.

    Just get resurrected already and leave the good Atheist’s in this world alone. We’d have hope of World peace then, which will never happen as long as the religious haters are here. They go on and on about the love of Jesus and all they do is hate and lie.

    Hey fggot Robertson, I DON”T EVEN WEAR A RING!

    F’kin lying Christian.

  37. N.Squared says

    I’m wondering if any pressure on the Walt Disney Company is in order: they own ABC/Family Channel which is a descendent of Fox Family Channel and before that, The Family Channel which Robertson sold to Haim Saban. By contract, Robertson is guaranteed his time on the channel, regardless of the programming on the rest of the network.

    I have to believe there’s some way to pry this geezer out of his perch. Then again, doesn’t this kind of statement make him even more laughable? No one is going to change the minds of his devoted, so why not let him hang himself with his own rope?

  38. says

    Dr. Robinson’s comments violate so many things of Ethics and Faith. They show that he has done little-to-no research on the issue of telling people your medical condition; 2)That he is COMPLETELY uninformed about what the laws really do and do not state; and 3) that he has no issues with violating the Eighth/Ninth Commandment (depending on the text you are referring to) [“Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor”] as well as rules and laws under Exodus and Proverbs regarding giving false statements about your fellow man.
    He is a disgrace to TRUE Christian Ministers, Journalists, and People of Faith everywhere. May GOD Forgive his Hateful Lies. He will be judged when Gabriel’s Trumpet Sounds, for he is truly a hypocrite.

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