1. says

    Need to take it to the corporate sponsors…found this on FB….

    DUMP Coca-Cola!!

    “Stoli Dump” brought headlines worldwide, how about taking a GIANT corporate sponsor of the 2014 Sochi Olympics (and IOC commercial ‘TOP Partner’) to task…namely Coca-Cola? What if gay owned bars, restaurants, businesses and those in alliance and supportive of the gay community quit selling Coca-Cola products? Would it make a huge financial impact on the multi-billion dollar worldwide corporation? Probably not, but it would make a statement and a public relations nightmare, one that the corporation would need to address. Face it, when you order a ‘Rum & Coke’, do you really know if you are getting Coca-Cola? It won’t affect gay consumers, there are always alternatives, but it will the Coca-Cola Corporation. Help make this a worldwide movement, like Stoli…share, if you believe, and dump Coca-Cola!

    Face it, corporations have no friends, just profits. Are you really going to believe a company that states they support gay rights, while at the same time supporting a repressive Russian government and IOC?

  2. Geoff says

    It’s all about (and ONLY about) the money to them, the sponsors. Not human dignity (or life, even). Aim for the dollar sign and you affect change. Cynical, but true.

  3. JayCrowe says

    I sort of enjoy thinking about the quandary older US conservatives must be experiencing right now. Most of them still have that Cold War era attitude hating the “Russkies”. Now they have choose between seeing an oppressive Russian regime as an ally in homophobia or actually (gasp) evolving so they don’t have something in common with Putin.

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