1. Alan says

    3 things:

    First – Towleroad – the floating buttons on the right (Facebook, email, etc.) block the text of your posts.

    Secondly – in the ad they showed a pot of boiling sauce and then he’s rubbing it on the guys face – ouch.

    Thirdly – why do all these pasta brands start with “B,” I’m having a hard time remembering one from the other.

  2. Bob R says

    @Alan: I am SO glad you mention those annoying floating buttons. I can’t stand them and they make posting or correcting a post so difficult. They’re stupid and unnecessary. Why not move them to the right or dump them altogether? Really lousy page design work.

    Went grocery shopping yesterday and noticed every Barilla item in my Krogers is on special mark down. Even so, the shelves are fully stocked, so people must not be buying. Also notice Bartolli and Newman’s Own (both also on sale yet more expensive than Barilla)were almost gone. Not a good sign for Barilla?

    This parody or spoof of a Barilla ad is just dumb. I like the competitors pro-gay ads much better.

  3. Rrhain says

    And still, Mr. Barilla still can’t seem to give an actual apology. He has to hedge it with “if you were offended.”

    No, Mr. Barilla. Not “if.” The words you are looking for are, “My statement was offensive.” Full stop. No caveats, no pretending that there was some nice way of interpreting it, no claiming that you misspoke. They were offensive. You need to admit that you really did do something wrong with no reservations.

  4. Alan says

    @BOB R – thanks for the support . . . the floating buttons vary by window width – but still annoying. Physically smaller and on the right would make more sense.

    @RRHAIN – exactly. Ironically, when Barilla USA issued an apology it was worded correctly.

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