‘Ex-Gay’ Group Promises The End Of Homosexuality


The International Healing Foundation – an ex-gay group whom we've talked about before for their involvement with anti-gay conferences in Uganda and whose pillow-beating Executive Director Emeritus Richard Cohen (pictured) was eviscerated on Rachel Maddow's show – have released a money-beg newsletter at PFOX preying on fears of protecting your children and the empty promise of the elimination of homosexuality. The fundraising message begins with:

IHF NewsletterGreetings,

Want to be part of an exciting revolution? Want to end homosexuality and prevent bullying? Want to protect your children and grandchildren?

Everyday our kids are being inundated with false information about homosexuality-born that way and cannot change. This is both scientifically and scripturally untrue. We at IHF have developed solutions to end homosexuality:

Scripturally, the Bible says nothing about whether the origins of homosexuality are inborn traits or chosen behaviors, just a handful of verses that arguably condemn the physical practice of same-sex "activities." Scientifically, homosexuality is regarded as an inborn trait, specifically an epigenetic one related to hormone production in fetuses that is passed father-to-daughter or mother-to-son.

Still, facts and reality have never gotten in the way of the ex-gay and anti-gay movements before, so there's no reason that they would start now.