1. Lymis says

    So, which, precisely, OTHER marriages are there that are valid elsewhere but not recognized by the cesspits… I mean, areas… in which the paper circulates?

    Saying that this isn’t anti-gay discrimination when gay marriages are the only weddings to which the policy actually applies is disingenuous at best.

    Of course it’s anti-gay discrimination. That’s the POINT. Own it or stop it, assholes.

  2. A.E. says

    So if someone orders a subscription to be sent to another state that DOES allow marriages for same-sex couples, will they put the announcements in the paper then?

  3. Chris says

    “If those laws change, this newspaper will re-examine its policy.”

    Of course they will, at that point. They’ll re-examine and then change their policy so that once again they can refuse to put gay wedding announcements in their rag based on ‘policy’.

  4. David says

    Their newpaper policy has NOTHING to do with state laws, discrimitory or otherwise

    This Paper’s “Spokesperaon” and, ergo,, Editor, is an ass, who is vastly over-stretching the truth in order to fit his Personal Hatred of Gays.

    There is NOTHING preventing him from publishing the announcement OTHER than his hate. He looooves him some Hate.

    So maybe he’d like a one way ticket to Moscow, where he can run a paper that IS TRULY subject to Governemnt Policy and Censorship.

    He must love the fact that in Russia, printing a Gay Weding Announcement would be considered Pro-Gay propaganda and result in the editorial staff’s imprisonment. That’s definately the way ‘free speech’ works in Russia.


    What’s good for Russia is good for Texas,


  5. David From Canada says

    We’re talking Texas, George Bush Country.
    Everything in Texas is bigger – including the stupidity and bigotry.

  6. Hagatha says

    It’s really hard to believe that the paper has had a policy in place for this. I think that a newspaper in general circulation MUST accept paid advertising. So hopefully some gay people will put together a few bucks and buy a wedding announcement for these ladies.

  7. peteregan says

    Sorry, but the Texarkana Gazette does offer a web-only subscription service, so technically they circulate in all 13 pro-equal marriage states. They are discriminating. Time for some legal action in Texarkana. It will soon be a blue state, so get ready Texas men and women, gay marriage is coming, eventually.

  8. Merv says


    Yes, their statement was a little strange. Their policy is to only print notices for legally recognized marriages, but if the law changes they will re-examine the policy. Huh?