Anti-Gay San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan Resigns, Announces Bid For State Senate

Elisa Chan

Elisa Chan, the San Antonio Councilwoman who made headlines back in August for her recorded anti-gay comments in which she called gays 'disgusting' and unfit to be parents, submitted her letter of resignation Monday in order to seek higher office. The San Antonio Express-News reports:

Her last day as District 9 councilwoman is Oct. 18, said her campaign spokesman, Craig Murphy. State law requires that she resign from council in order to file as a state candidate, and the filing period for candidates is Nov. 9-Dec. 9.

Last month, Chan, 47, said she would challenge incumbent tea party Republican Donna Campbell to represent Senate District 25.

In a letter to Mayor Julián Castro and council members, Chan said she was proud of San Antonio and "what we have accomplished." She reflected on her five years on council, saying:

"I have done my best to represent the conservative values of these fine people. The people of this district take an active role in deciding policy, giving their input, volunteering their time and listening to the views of their neighbors," she wrote.

 Gay neighbors excluded of course. 


  1. Craig says

    Wait a minute…she’s challenging Donna Campbell in the primary? Is she planning to run to Donna Campbell’s right? How much more batshit insane is she going to have to get to get to the right of Donna freaking Campbell? I mean if she doesn’t get to the right of Campbell, that means she is to Campbell’s left and being to the left of anyone will make her be seen by the Republican Primary voters in northern San Antonio as an Obama loving socialist nazi foreigner who is probably Muslim and wants to turn Texas into a neo-colonist Islamic caliphate ruled by Sharia law that will take away their guns and make them marry someone of the same sex after killing their grandmother and providing them with government run healthcare.

  2. NotSafeForWork says

    ^^and in a stunning twist of irony, Cruz won’t have anything to do with her because of her gender and ethnicity

  3. Geoff says

    I love it. The truly, laugh-out-loud stupid seem to believe that broadcasting to a larger audience somehow validates their ignorance and nastiness – when (in fact) it will kill their careers as politicians faster than anything. Har!!! You go, honey!!!

  4. Stephen says

    I can just tell by looking at her that she is a racist, bigoted biach. She will not get far in politics.

  5. PAUL B. says

    In other words…I’m an embarrassment to my city and I’ve been asked to step down. Very much like that palin tramp who just knew she could serve her country better in another capacity. How did that work out for you s.p.?

  6. Joe in Ct says

    Randy — Please refrain from suggesting the good people of Mexico are idiots. Believe me…they don’t want our crazy right-wing Texas bigots either.

  7. DannyEastVillage says

    ohmygoodness–hadn’t seen this picture of her so hadn’t realized she was a lesbian. Guess we should have suspected it all along.

  8. Bill says

    I live in San Antonio. The comment section in our local paper about Chan’s departure were overwhelmingly “good riddance.” San Antonio is the #1 city in America with most lesbians raising children. Perfect we’re not – but it’s getting better all the time, truly. Sometimes progress comes on small wheels – but it does arrive eventually!

  9. Anthony says

    I like Ms. Chan. Nobody discriminates against others than gay people. Check out the last thirty days archives of the Janet Mefferd Radio show for free on the Internet. She has had interview after interview of how gays and their sympathizers in the military routinely discriminate against straights. Not only that, the activist group Act Up, a gay activist group used to go into churches and commit vandalism and assault church members. Sorry, but the ones doing the discrimination are gays. Not only that, gays can hire anybody to photo their weddings, but they deliberately go out of their way to hire religiously different viewpoints for the sole purpose of suing them so they can get some money.