Conservative Media Pundit Brent Bozell: TV and Film Has Too Much Gay ‘Propaganda’

EWIn a column published online, Brent Bozell (pictured below), president of the conservative Media Research Center, blasted Hollywood for including too many gay characters in television and film and criticized the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for throwing a "tantrum" whenever media doesn't feature LGBT characters.

Said Bozell:

These cultural trend-enforcers went after the movies this summer, complaining that out of the 101 film releases by the major studios in the 2012 calendar year, "only 14 films contained characters identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual. There were no films containing transgender characters."

America weeps.

BozellThe silver-screen people need to catch up, they lectured: "But if the major Hollywood studios want a real barometer of how much has changed in our society and how much catching up they have to do, they need only look at what's become one of the greatest threats to their viability: television."

In the 2012-13 TV season, GLAAD found a record number of LGBT characters – 4.4 percent, or at least double their actual percentage of the population. Fox was honored for having these characters in 42 percent of their programming hours – although that wasn't enough for "Excellent" status, merely "Good."

Bozell goes on to say that GLAAD is even trying to ram these gay characters down kids' throats:

They want children indoctrinated as well. GLAAD is also not shy when it comes to Teen Nick, Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel. Apparently, children also desperately need the propaganda of gay characters in 42 percent of programming hours. They're extremely happy with the liberalism of "ABC Family" and have relayed that Disney Channel executives promised GLAAD they will "introduce LGBT characters in an episode of its original series 'Good Luck Charlie' set to air in 2014, a first for the network." The first of many, they expect. 

In the past, Bozell has written at length about what he sees as Hollywood's push to normalize the gay 'identity' among America's youth. Back in 2011, Bozell slammed an Entertainment Weekly cover featuring Glee stars Chris Colfer and Darren Criss (pictured above), calling the photo "gay teen propaganda."

The folks over at Equality Matters have also been documenting the MRC's anti-gay crusade, including their disappointment at the lack of 'ex-gays' in the media and their belief that news networks are going too easy on gay bullying victims.

Pretty sick. 

(credit via Equality Matters)


  1. Michael says

    I wish someone somewhere would do a study researching how unattractive a man is versus how much he hates men who find men attractive.

    Every single time I see some piece about some guy complaining about gay guys he’s always the most fugly person possible.

  2. Bernie says

    alright, if you want to see ex gays on TV, go for it……If you can find 5 ex gays NOT connected to an organization, religious group, etc……..go for it…………….I can bet the farm this will NEVER happen

  3. Joseph says

    Too late, Brent! The trend in the college-age group to 30 somethings is already well-established, and the future is ours!

  4. Sean says

    Don’t like it? Act like a civilized adult and don’t watch it. Anti-gay trash need to learn how to use the remote control. Lastly, english lesson for those troglodytes, propaganda means it is a false. LGBT people exist and live their lives just as the characters on TV do therefore it is NOT propaganda, it art imitating life. Maybe we should include a lesbian character being stoned to within an inch of her life and left to die by a mob of barbaric “Christians” in Uganda to represent anti-gay “Christians”? Maybe we should show a anti-gay “Christian” character vandalizing and threatening a church that supports LGBT people like the what happened in Minnesota? Maybe we should show a teenage gay character being raped by his “ex-gay” so called “therapist” to “cure” him or a pack of so called “real” men raping a lesbian to “fix” her such as what happened in Florida recently?

  5. Henry Holland says

    “Pretty sick”

    Pretty lucrative. People like Bozell are grifters, helping the rubes part with their money.

  6. Queer Supremacist says

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s got it backwards. Despite the increasing presence of token gays, heterosexuality is still presented as the norm.

    And if he’s chiding Disney for including openly gay characters (after years of creating characters that seemed pretty gay to me, and even Mickey Mouse seems heteroflexible, frankly), he’d better throw away his DVDs of anything with Tommy Kirk in it.

  7. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Bozell finds it intolerable and inexcusable that he can’t stop thinking about taking it up the

  8. bkmn says

    Thanks Bozo,

    For showing everyone exactly who you are: a bitter, old, white guy, much like the old man whose only words in public are “get off of my lawn!”

    We’re here, we’re queer. Get used to it.

  9. m says


    This idiot thinks that gay characters on tv are influencing teens to become gay?

    How about getting his facts straight?

    How many gay teens would have actually felt a little more comfortable with themselves if there had been any gay characters on tv portrayed in a positive way. Count me in.

    Finally when there is any positive portrayal the morons are all over it. Makes you wonder why the fixation on anything gay? More than you’d think any heterosexual comfortable in their own skin would bother with.

  10. will says

    Why aren’t there any asexual characters depicted on television? Aren’t they part of the LGBTQIA community? We must hold GLAAD’s feet to the fire for failing to stand up for asexuals and demanding positive portrayals in recurring roles.

  11. northalabama says

    his only concern is protecting straight children from learning that gays exist and should be accepted as normal in society. if he really cared about all children, even gay children, positive examples of gays in the media wouldn’t be an issue.

    once again, someone attempting to force their warped understanding of religion on us all. can you say bigot?

  12. says

    More peddling of the Russian meme ‘GAY PROPAGANDA’. Simply seeing a LGBT person can make you want to convert apparently. We’ve got some amazing powers.

    They’ve certainly invested heavily in their ‘ex-gay’ meme as well. Trying to play off the ‘born again’ religious theme.

  13. york says

    These control freaks hate that they’ve rightfully lost power over mass communication. They don’t know how to play nice in a pluralistic world.

  14. GregV says

    According to recent Gallup/Williams Institute studies, about 1 out of 16 young adults is out (to the researchers, at least) as gay or bi. (This obviously does not include the potentially larger number of closeted people, whose stories as fictional characters could be told but who are uncountable in any poll). These numbers are smaller for middle-aged people and even smaller for old people because more of them are closeted.
    Bozo’s cooked numbers would only be accurate if the numbers counted in polls for those OVER age 65 were true for everyone (They’re not; they’re triple that number for young adults) and if ALL gay and bi people were out (again, they’re not).
    The average movie has numerous examples (within one single movie) of couples depicted and of characters whose orientation is implied in their actions and dialog. To be consistent with polls, a TV show depicted a high school classroom with 32 students should have AT LEAST two in the classroom who are gay or bi (I say “at least” because, again, the dtory could also be told of a third or fourth student in that classroom who is too closeted to come out anytime soon — the type of person who is not able to be counted in either polls or in the classroom, but whose stories and struggles exist in real life).
    We have a long way to go on TV snd especially in movies to increase the representation and realism of gay, bi and trans characters.

  15. says

    Dear Bozo: If you add together all the years of television, you would know there hasn’t been nearly enough Gay. A pittance… and programs such as Glee are helping GLBT teens to finally express who they really are. So, crawl back into your Neanderthal cave and suck on a lizard.

  16. Gurl Please says

    He should be a bit more worried about the glorification of gun culture which has helped give the US absolutely epidemic levels of gun violence.

  17. TomTallis says

    Another William Bennett wannabe who needs to be put in the ducking chair and dunked a few times. These scolds need to get a new act.

    Incidentally, Bozell said that President Obama reminded him of “a skinny ghetto crackhead” on national TV.

  18. Robert M. says

    Once again the Fundamentalist Christian, Anti-Gay money machine roles out another diatribe intended to frighten ignorant Christians out of their money. Thank goodness that this group is a shrinking community in our country. They may fight us to the end but not because they have “concern” for the community at large but because they have no other way to make a living. I mean, what does a preaching bigot do to make money if no-one listens?

  19. Mary says

    Conservatives are not used to gays being treated as equals in society. People like Bozell consider themselves “tolerant” (I did also when I was aligned with his viewpoint) because they view gay people as something akin to lepers that the straight world should either take pity on or ignore because it takes pity on. They view as homophobic only those who would physically harm or taunt gays directly.

    But society has moved beyond this “gays as pathetic lepers” view and we are moving toward a nation that gives full equality to all sexual orientations, as well as one that allows people to choose their sexual identity and change it if they care to. This new development can be seen in groups like GOProud, which are even influencing the conservative movement. And there are conservative evangelical women who have attended the lesbian wedding of their granddaughter (yes, you heard it right.) And there are more gay and bi people in conservatism than anyone is aware of. But at the level of the rank and file these facts are well-known.

    What world does Bozell live in?

  20. Chuck Mielke says

    It sometimes annoys, sometimes amuses, me when these right-wing scolds get up in arms about minorities’ demands for recognition and rights. They would never say so in so many words but, clearly, it annoys them that others have learned to use their own tactics and refuse to let the right dictate the terms of the debate.

    What world does Bozell live in? Obviously the one where only people like him deserve to hold any social power.

  21. ty says

    What Bozo doesn’t understand is that straight kids will be straight no matter how much gay content they view. Sexuality is not that malleable. And not to worry, the human race will eventually breed itself into extinction due to the limited resources of planet Earth.

  22. GregV says

    @Simon: It’s “Bozell,” but “Bozo” just somehow seems even more fitting for such an ass-clown, don’t you think?

  23. emjayay says

    Wow an amusing and intelligent and troll free comment section!

    Has anyone noticed that right wing hate groups always give themself a name that makes them seem neutral and scholarly and substantive? Media Research Center. Family Research Council. National Organization for Marriage. Could it be that they know how repellant their views are to a lot of people and how fly-by-night they are so they craft names to misrepresent the reality?

  24. Mark says

    The only people who listen to clowns like Bozell will never change their minds anyway … so why give him any added attention? Stop playing into his publicist’s hands.

  25. jamal49 says

    Remind me the next time I see Brent Bozell on the street that it is imperative that I go up to him and punch his lights out. I can handle the assault charge and I will feel so much better for having done it.

  26. Gary says

    Just want to put an observation forward. All the comments here are from gays, all having a rant. Heterosexuality is normal as our procreation results in reproduction , everything else is perversion no matter how you dress it up. It is NOT normal. I dont demonise people for what they want to do but I odject to grooming our youngsters. They should not be exposed to sex, straight or gay they should be allowed to be just children. Live and let live is what I say dont push you beliefs on others.
    Remember if the whole world turned gay there would be an extinction cos guess why guys ya NOT NORMAL.

  27. catsintexas says

    I have a better idea. Christians know that hollywood and most TV is a hopeless case of immorality and antichristian culture. Why not watch NO TV and stop going to movies in theaters. Now there is a great idea. Trying to “fight hollywood” and change TV and movie makers is silly and a losing battle. “You ” christians believe that your bible teaches that it is a fallen world and that this world belongs to the devil right (1 John 2:15-17)? so what are you complaining against? What? You are surprised that this is happening? Stop watching TV and movies.