LGBT Latino Population in U.S. Grows to Over 1.4 Million: REPORT

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A newly released report by the UCLA's Williams Institute estimates that 1.4 million, or 4.3% of the Latino adults in the U.S. identify themselves as LGBT. The report was conducted, in part, to gain an understanding of the socioeconomic and family situation of LGBT Latinos in the country. Latino Post breaks down some of the report's other findings:

According to the research, areas with higher concentrations of Hispanics have more LGBT Latinos, the leading states being Texas, Nevada and California. Those same states, unfortunately, are states that tend to have fewer legal protections for LGBT people.

"While sometimes less visible in popular representations of LGBT people and families, Latinos make up a sizeable portion of the LGBT population, and they tend to live in Latino, as opposed to LGBT, communities," said co-author Gary J. Gates.

The survey also indicates that of the 1,419,200 LGBT Latinos in the US, it's estimated that roughly 30 percent of same-sex couples who live together also live in populations with high volumes of Latinos. Though, of those couples, a full 63 percent are interracial; one of the partners not being Latino.

LGBT Latinos have a higher rate of unemployment (14 percent) than "straight" Latinos (11 percent); though more LGBT Latinos have college degrees (26 percent) compared to their heterosexual counterparts (14 percent). And LGBT Latinos earn a higher median income.

To read the report in full, click HERE


  1. Jake says

    @HAGATHA This is made from residents/citizen population dumbass. Always an idiot trying to cognate illegals with the Latino population.

  2. Hagatha says

    Note that the comments in the indented portion are the “summary” by the Latino Post.

    Note that the commentary says that 63% are “interracial couples” but that is NOT what the Williams report says. The report actually says :

    “In 63% of same-sex couples with a Latino/a partner, the other partner is not Latino/a. This is the case for only 32% of different-sex couples.”

    “Latino” is not a race. Neither is “hispanic”. Lucy and Ricky were not an interracial couple.

  3. Hagatha says

    Jake – Clearly you didn’t read the report. Here is what it says:

    “Latino/a individuals in same-sex couples are more likely to be a U.S. citizen than their counterparts in different-sex couples (80% vs. 62%). Binational couples make up 1 of every 7 Latino/a same-sex couples. Furthermore, 1 in 5 Latino/a same-sex couples raising children have two non-citizen partners.”

    You were calling people names?

  4. Hagatha says

    “Always an idiot trying to cognate illegals with the Latino population.


    75% of illegals are from Mexico and points South.

  5. Howard says

    @ Hagatha. Lucy and Ricky were most definitely an inter-racial couple. Ricky may have been a fair skinned Cuban, with a cute accent but there is no way 1950’s America considered him white, which made them an inter-racial couple.

  6. dumbnhung says

    I mis-read the graph at first, I thought it said houseKEEPER not houseHOLDER… made more sense when I re-read it. If it was houseKEEPER I’m guessing the numbers would have been quite different 😛

  7. Chimig says

    Stupid study. 53 million Hispanics living in US, 17% of the country and vast majority native born Americans. 1 out of 4 elementary school kids is Hispanic so there’s the direction its going. This group is as diverse as the rest of the country in terms of race, economics, education, politics, sports. The US is the 2nd largest hispanic country in the world. Who cares where gay Latinos live. We’re everywhere.

  8. Bill says

    Any findings on the size of the Latino “LGBT” population is dubious, because there is no such thing as an “LGBT” population. There is an LGB population, and then there are various populations that form “transgender”. They are two different things.

    Also, the Williams Institute never says what it means when it uses the term “transgender.” Trans activists use that as an umbrella term to cover every person who, by identity or expression, differs from conventional gender norms. So if a straight, male Latino dad likes to grow his hair long and prefers cooking over sports, he is transgender. If a straight Latina mom works on a construction site and refuses to wear makeup, she is transgender. How is the Williams Institute counting those people? It almost certainly isn’t. It uses the sham terminology of trans activists, but it can’t follow through.

  9. Hagatha says

    Howard- You are an idiot. America did not consider Lucy and Ricky and interracial couple or they wouldn’t have been on TV. There were no laws against white people marrying Latino caucasians, while they were specifically forbidden from marrying negroes of any nationality, “malays”, etc…

    Your claim is further disproved by the fact that Mexicans were presumed to be caucasian if they had a Spanish surname. You will find a case in Los Angeles in the 1940’s where a Mexican-American woman was charged with miscegenation for marrying a black male. That could only happen if she were legally caucasian because the miscegenation laws only forbid whites from marrying outside their race; it was perfectly legal for a negro to marry a “malay (mongoloid)” .

  10. Rich says

    “According to the research, areas with higher concentrations of Hispanics have more LGBT Latinos, the leading states being Texas, Nevada and California. Those same states, unfortunately, are states that tend to have fewer legal protections for LGBT people.”

    Not even Baja California. The Golden State has its share of rednecks, but the lack of legal protections for LGBT is not one of its problems.

  11. GregV says

    @Hagatha: Anti-miscegation laws, like anti-same-sex-couple laws, varied from stste to state. For example, during the entire run of I Love Lucy, it was illegal for white people to marry Native Americans in Idaho and Nevada.
    But those laws were not synonymous with a definition of who was and wasn’t a different race — they just told us which races in any given state were not permitted to marry which other races. The list of stigmatized races was added to or subtracted from as racist attitudes toward any given racial group increased or subsided.
    Some Americans would have even considered a marriage between a Scotsman and an Irishman as offensive and “inter-racial,” but it wasn’t illegal.

  12. GregV says

    I see some logistical problems with this study.
    They have cross-referenced numbers of people who consider themselves to be lesbian/gay or bisexual or transgender from one survey with those who are coupled with the same sex in the census.
    But being gay vs. being bi vs. being trans are very different. There are almost certainly far more bisexual people in opposite-sex couplings rather than same sex, and I don’t think the census even counts trans people (correct me if I’m wrong), and many (or possibly even most) trans people in relationships may be with someone of OPPOSITE sex of their own legal gender.
    Plus there are millions of same-sex-adults households in which both adults are straight and not a couple OR “LGBT.” (My straight brother and his very straight ladies-man roommate, for example, are NOT “LGBT” and sre a same-sex household. My other brother and his former bisexual girlfriend could have been considered and “LGBT-headed” household or not, depending on which one of them was the “head,” while they were most definitely an OPPOSITE-sex couple.
    And Chaz Bono and his former girlfriend would have been “LGBT-headed” (or not), and an OPPOSITE-sex couple who show up the same as any straight couple on the census.

    Plus,, what’s with Wyoming? Supposedly only 4 in 1000 households there are same-sex couples, and yet more than 1 in 8 Latinos there are “LGBT?” Cross reference that with the fact that 9% of the state in Latino, and it judt doesn’t seem to make any sense mathematically.

  13. Hagatha says

    Greg V – Disapproving of someone because he is Polish, Irish, or Spanish (Cuban) doesn’t make him of another race when we’re talking about race as we use the term (as opposed to “The Irish are a peculiar race….” ).

    Desi Arnaz, like Marco Rubio, and Mel Martinez and millions of Latinos was/is a caucasian. The admixture which makes souther Spaniards and Italians a little darker is from darker skinned caucasians mixing in during Arab conquests, not because Negroes, American Indians (Siberian racial hybrids) , or Mongoloids are part of the mix.

  14. FFS says

    Bill, you could have condensed both of those paragraphs to two words and conveyed the same point. Next time, just post, “I’m butthurt.”

    This figure seems low, to me. Everyone knows that Latinos, like Italians and College Co-eds, are all pretty much “situationally” gay.

  15. ratbastard says

    How can a white European descended Latino be involved in a “mixed race” relationship with another white person? Latino is not a “race”. Many Latinos from Latin America are mixed Mestizo (native Indian) and white European descent. Some are full blood Mestizo, a relatively small number are mixed black or full blood black or mix of black and white, especially in the Caribbean, some Central American countries and Brazil. And a large number of Latinos from Latin America are simply white.

  16. Hagatha says

    Jarago – As do caucasians, negroes, mongoloids, and australoids not to mention racial isolates. However, my crusade here has to do with the ignorance being produced wholesale by some in media and academia and willingly swallowed whole by some of the rank and file. There is a concerted effort to redefine caucasian to “white people” and then to narrow that definition to Northern Europeans and WASPS which is convenient when you want to blame all of the world’s problems on its most productive cultures and excuse the failures of the others. I have had this discussion with a parade of ignorant people who have declared everyonoe from the Irish to the Serbs to be “nonwhite”. As a rule, these people have seen the book by Noel Ignatiev called “How the Irish became white” and assumed that at some time the Irish weren’t white. This without bothering to find out that like Howard Zinn , Noel Ignatiev is an anti-american pseudo-intellectual who despises European people and culture because it appeals to the rot that is academia.

  17. JMC says

    This study would be a lot more insightful and helpful if LGB Latino/as weren’t so haphazardly lumped together with transgender Latino/as. The study is very focused on comparing same sex couples to opposite sex couples, but seems to ignore the reality that there are both same and opposite sex couples made up of one or two trans* people..? There’s also no mention of the very real disparities between the incomes, employment rates and other such figures between LGB and trans* Latino/as.

    Were transgender people really even included in this study?

  18. Dean says

    Thank you Liberals. Well done. There are a bunch of cute short guys available now. Veiled racism gives a lot of you comment makers away. Mexicans and California are a way of life, followed closely by Asians. The surfer dream boys sadly died with Annette.

  19. Fenrox says

    Yaaaay! Latinos rule! To all y’all racists, you lose! As this whole melting pot thing continues to happen, the next generation care about race a whole hell of a lot less. Racism by it’s nature is a temporary affliction to the future. Mixing races is noble biz, it makes the human race better!