1. MArk says

    He’s very wrong in everything but that makes me feel even more sorry for the poor bastard, I guess if you don’t have self esteem ur just a goo and people can manipulate you as they wish, even his last name is Mc Nutt, how twisted is that?!

  2. Andrew says

    I’ve seen people like this before – but I had to pay admission!! anyway is this some form of overly complicated satire that I just don’t get? Because with a name like McNutt…

  3. lookyloo says

    @Patrick – Many are homosexuals who choose to be celibate and avoid what they call ‘the gay lifestyle’.. whatever that is.

    I don’t know about this particular group but many (if not most) ‘ex-gays’ still claim same-sex attraction but don’t act on it.

    Calling themselves ‘ex-gay’ is just one of their tricks. They’re still totally gay. They just don’t have gay sex… supposedly.

  4. Marc says

    They were able to get one guy to go on camera so they said, “You win!” “I did?! What did I win?!” “Our grand prize — it’s like the Oscar for ex-gays.” “Oh bless my heart! I won something!”

  5. GK says

    …and he is STILL looking to be the rock star of SOMEthing. This is more about this guy trying to find a place to fit in and trying to earn the respect of ANYbody who will pay attention to him than it is about him suddenly being straight. When I watch this video, all I keep hearing is “I want to fit in”, “he was there for me”, “I transformed”. Hopefully he’ll realize that being yourself is how you find acceptance in any community.

  6. JWL says

    When he was in the gay community he was a screaming Queen dying for attention, and now that he’s in the str8 community…oh well, looks like nothing’s changed.

  7. says

    Huh. So he was a satanic drag queen but he never learned to think for himself?

    Right-wing religion is ALL about following their rules. They harken back to a Leave It To Beaver past that really never existed.

  8. cam says

    Easy to claim you’re ex gay when there is nobody who wants to date you.

    As for the “Ex Gays” funny how pretty much EVERY single one of them claimes to be a former (Insert Hustler, Drug addict, Satanic, Drag Queen etc…)

    They almost sound like paid actors who are told to use any key words designed to scare right wingers into sending donation dollars.

  9. billyw says

    EX gays work just like EX racist – they still are gay but hide it

    The way ex gays works is to drive people ever deeper into the closet so they publically dont even feel their own sexuality since their subconcious is filled with self hatred and blocks their real desires

    I took apart the head of two ex gays

    one said “Matthew Shepards parents should have fixed him”

    (did you ever want to toss a christian into the lion cage?)

    the other – gays support the (nut jobs) of the westboro baptist church

    BTW the WBC people craziness is related to vicious beatings by their elders but since its hard to hate your own family its taken out on others. Long story re psychology

  10. John Lutz says

    Good job Trace!!!!!!!

    : )))))))

    “And don’t forget the cities of Sodom and

    Gomorrah and their neighboring towns all

    full of lust of every kind including the

    lust of men for other men. Those cities

    were destroyed by fire and continue to be a

    warning to us that there is a hell in which

    sinners are punished.”


    Jude 1:7

  11. jamal49 says

    @JOHN LUTZ, honey, that translation of Jude which you quote from, which is a questionable entry into the new testament canon because of its questionable provenance, is an incorrect one. Here’s the generally accepted translation (i.e. the most accurate and not the paraphrased, parsed “translation” you fabricate:

    “Remember Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighbouring towns; like the angels, they committed fornication and followed unnatural lusts; and they paid the penalty in eternal fire, an example for all to see.”

    Jude is questionable to the canon because it distorts old testament prophetic writings. It was generally understood until the 19th century that the alleged “sins of Sodom” were metaphorical, in that the inhabitants of Sodom displayed hostility and inhospitality to the strangers.

    The “homosexual” extrapolations are a newer, less accurate take on the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Learn your biblical history before you bring you dumb, stupid, fetid evangelical ass over to Towleroad to troll your insipid evangelical nonsense. Oh, one more thing. Miss Trace is still queer regardless of how much the poor thing wants to believe it isn’t.

  12. Coniferous says

    Did anyone else notice the inconsistency in McNutt’s story? He says when hitting his own rock bottom that he ‘lost his welcome’ in his gay community and was unable to find work. Then he says that after gaining acceptance by KKKristians Christians and getting involved with the ex-gay aspect of it, he had to cancel all his bookings.
    How can you go from having no work and being unable to find work to having to cancel bookings? That doesn’t make sense.

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