Rick Warren Blasts Concept of Tolerance, Claims Gay Marriage is Orwellian ‘Doublespeak’ – VIDEO

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On Piers Morgan's CNN show last night, megachurch pastor Rick Warren was again asked about his thoughts on same-sex marriage. In the ensuing discussion, Warren spoke out against tolerance, saying the concept "has been changed to mean all ideas are equally valid." 

Warren also shared his thoughts on the dystopian underpinnings behind 'redefining' marriage:

"I think historically, around the world, the vast majority of people would say marriage means one man and one woman in a commitment. Don't take a term and make it something different. Orwell talked about doublespeak, where words mean the exact opposite of what they used to mean."

Towards the end of the clip, when asked by Morgan if he could envision a time in the future where he and other Christians support full equality for LGBT citizens, Warren shot down the idea with the following answer that led to scattered applause in the audience:

"I cannot see that happening in my life. I fear the disapproval of God more than I fear your disapproval or the disapproval of society."


[via The New Civil Rights Movement]