1. scooternva says

    I admire the work that David Mixner has done for our community, but what a ridiculous article. The only thing that Jason Kreis needs to worry about is assembling the best players available for his club, regardless of race or sexual orientation.

  2. Mark says

    The issue isn’t choosing to sign gay footballers, it’s that the gay footballers that are playing professionally aren’t out, and that isn’t a new clubs fault.

  3. scooternva says

    Precisely, Mark. At *most*, I think it would be appropriate to remind Coach Kreis that pro-equality football fans will be watching the choices he makes, and that a gay footballer should not be _dis_qualified because of his sexual orientation. But Mixner goes way beyond that, all but calling for “gay affirmative action” in the picking and choosing of players. Nonsense.

  4. jamal49 says

    No, David. New York wants a winning soccer team and the sexual orientation of the players is irrelevant. The only thing that speaks–and speaks loudly in sports–is winning. If the Galaxy can get a player or players that help them compete and win and will help make soccer our national sport (and consign the increasingly dangerous NFL to the trash heap of sports history), and those players might happen to be gay, then all the better. I just want a winning team. Period.

  5. crispy says

    Good grief. This was clearly written by someone who doesn’t know the first thing about football.

    First of all, it’s the New York Red Bulls. Their stadium just happens to be located in New Jersey. There will be 2 New York based teams in MLS (similar to how there are 2 Manchester teams, Manchester United and Manchester City).

    Manchester City is not that famous. They’ve only come into their own in the last 5 years because of deep investments by their new Arab owners. You’re thinking of Manchester United.

    It’s much more critical that a new franchise team recruit a marquee player like Spanish legend Xavi to attract a strong fanbase of actual soccer fans. The number of gay soccer fans is quite small, which I can sadly attest to.

    Thomas Hitzlsperger retired because he suffered from a string of injuries, not because he came out. There’s no way he’s getting recruited by a new team (or anyone for that matter) without playing time and medical clearance by team trainers.

    Orlando is also joining MLS in 2015. Why no mention of them? Why can’t they recruit a gay soccer player? It seems rather lazy to insist that New York is the only option for a gay soccer player.

  6. Ryan says

    What this team should do is set team policy to ensure anyone could feel comfortable coming out, and make sure they are public about that policy.

    All other teams should do the same thing as well.

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