Lesbian Wedding Announcement Blocked From Catholic School’s Alumni Publication


Sarah Rupert-Sullivan (on the left in the picture above) got married to her wife, Molly, last August, but if she wants to share the news with old friends from high school, she may have to call them up one by one. Her alumna status at Notre Dame Prep does not include getting her wedding notice published in the school's "Class Chatter" report, and now Rupert-Sullivan would like to make a change. She has started a petition to revise an editorial policy that she believes is discriminatory against same-sex couples, but "Class Chatter" editor and school spokeswoman Cami Colarossi opposes the change.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

"We do not print in official school publications information which conflicts … in any way with the totality of the Church's teachings," Colarossi said.

Rupert-Sullivan said Notre Dame Prep alumnae coordinator Shawn Osmeyer told her the school now plans to immediately inform alumnae when their submission will be omitted. But she also said the school's headmistress, Sister Patricia McCarron, politely told her in a conversation on Monday that Notre Dame Prep has no plans to change its publications policy…

"On one hand, we love and value every member of our community, like the gospel says," Colarossi said. "But on the other hand, we have to uphold Catholic doctrine as an official ministry of the Catholic Church. That is also what the pope says. He's not changing Catholic doctrine."

Rupert-Sullivan has indicated that there is a special double-standard applied to same-sex couples, however, and that other "Class Chatter" announcements have, in fact, defied "Catholic doctrine."

"The weddings that are listed are not Catholic-only," she said. "I got a message from a woman on Facebook that was married, divorced and did not have her first marriage annulled. So technically her second marriage is also a sin, and therefore her child was born illegitimately. NDP happily published both of those things."

Though the petition may not make any changes at Notre Dame Prep, Rupert-Sullivan does think that putting up a fight has its merits. 

"My other goal was to make sure no other student, whether it be current or past, feels like they are the only ones left out," she said. "At this point, I can only push on. I can't just quietly settle down."