1. Peter says

    On the other hand I know couples who have moved from non-equality states (Texas, Colorado) to my state (Washington) specifically because they can get married and have their marriage respected here.

  2. Joe in Ct says

    I moved from Wisconsin to CT. One reason was the anti-gay political climate there. Another reason, was a job. When you are the subject of discrimination, you move. When some other group is affected, you’re not nearly as motivated to leave. Her contention is highly implausible. Cue the rolling eyes…

  3. Matt N says

    I suppose the fact that > 50% of Washington, Maine, and Maryland voters approved same-sex marriage in 2012 is also a made-up fantasy of the liberal media and the liberal legislatures of those states. It must all be a giant conspiracy.

    And quite frankly, if someone is so against gay rights that they are willing to leave a state, then by all means, please leave :)

  4. Matt says

    Their must have been a lot of anticipatory migration too, because migration to the South and Texas for jobs and low cost of living has been a phenomenon since before marriage equality.

  5. Matt27 says

    Oh really? I don’t live in US, but if this movement would be real I am sure it would have made headlines here and elsewhere. Delusional poor sad woman.

  6. andrew says

    Phyllis should gather together all the bigots like herself and move to Nigeria. If Nigeria is too black for them, which is probably the case, they can go to Saudi Arabia, where they are only sort of light brown, but equally as bigoted. She might want to leave her gay son at home, because her type there may want to stone him to death.

  7. AdamTh says

    Phylis: In the spirit of John Hagee — “If you don’t like marriage equality, then LEAVE! There are planes leaving every hour, on the hour. GET ON ONE!”

    (All said in the spirit of your pal John Hagee)

  8. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Anyone who would upend their entire life by moving to another state because they are so incensed by a law that has no effect whatsoever on them personally is truly crazy.

  9. Nick says

    Phyllis-has your gay son moved?
    You really need to join the American Tevangelicals and spend more time in Africa -Nigeria would be a good place to start- oh that’s right -they aren’t your kind of people.

  10. Hansel Currywurst says

    When your audience consists of True Believers you don’t need facts, or even the assumption of reality. For example, she chooses to believe in an alternate reality where her son John isn’t a big ‘mo. Her flying monkeys play along with that delusion so she’s free to throw stones from her glass house where her 50-something-year-old homo son lives with her (fact!) in Alton, Illinois. Reality? Not a problem! Facts? What are those?

  11. james st. james says

    Moving? I thought they were getting divorces? I’m not believing it until Rush L. and O’Reilly say it. Then Fox News can confirm it with a great big map full of arrows.

    (Graphics department at Fox already at work.)

  12. anon says

    Where are all the 25-yo conservative gadflies these days? The youngest seem to be people like Matt Drudge in their mid-40’s. Are they disappearing off the radar of old age? The current crop haven’t had anything new to say for 30-odd years.

  13. Tom says

    Phyllis and her die hard buddy Mike Huckabee are classic examples of sexual fundamentalists who are within the GOP and help steer that hard right rudder so well.

  14. J. Alan says

    Very interesting, I am not sure why then in the Washington DC area population numbers have increased since the passage of marriage equality. Poor dear must be confused about numbers again.

  15. Joe says

    This can be easily checked. It’s called the U.S. Census Bureau. I looked at one state (I’m lazy) and between 2010 and 2013, the population of Massachusetts has grown by 2.2 percent. For states that have just approved same sex marriage, Miss Phyllis is going to have to wait for 2014 numbers to be released. Unless she’s psychic, she has no idea what those numbers will be.

  16. Kathleen says

    We see gay couples moving here to Washington because they can marry and be respected. Don’t see anyone leaving though…She may be really confused and has it all backwards….LOL

  17. Steve says

    There is the one family from (AZ?) who literally sailed off into the sunset because jee-bus and the buy-bull told them to get away from the heathens.
    Then their ship was destroyed, they were rescued by Peruvians and then they were so happy to have Uncle Sam haul their sorry asses back to civilization that they want to try it again. (I wonder who got stuck with the bills on the rescue and the return to the US?) I suppose that is one family but they were from a red state. Maybe she’s got the colors backwards. And it’s red state people leaving for blue states.?????

  18. Chaz says

    I wish it was THAT EASY to get these fascists out of Ohio! We could use a break from the damage they have done to this state over the last 15 years…AND we certainly don’t want more of them moving here!

  19. Julius says

    Do they keep moving as each state falls like dominoes? Man, they gotta be busy! Packing, moving, unpacking, packing, moving, etc.
    Might be easier if those bigots simply bought an RV.

  20. Tom Beauchamp-Arnold says

    I don’t know of anyone who left Massachusetts because we’ve had marriage equality since 2004–

    But I *did* refuse a job transfer to NJ a few years ago because my marriage would have evaporated at the border.

    Today things are different down in Christie-land. I still like Boston better.

  21. Meri Equality Justus says

    Let them leave, eventually they will run out of states to move to (when all 50 states have marriage equality) then maybe they can move to Africa, or Russia. there would be a heck of alot more jobs for every one then.

  22. Learjet says

    May I suggest that they take it one step further and just leave the country entirely? I suggest Uganda. They’ll fit right in over there. Oh wait, Kenyans are black. That won’t work either!

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