1. Gregory In Seattle says

    Most states base state income taxes on the paperwork filed for federal taxes. Colorado is one of them. So the state had one of two choices: allow married same-sex couples who file jointly on their federal returns to file jointly on state returns, or do a total overhaul of the state tax code to disconnect state and federal returns.

    Colorado took the simpler choice, which hopefully will be the wedge that brings marriage equality to that state.

  2. says

    It’s certainly a luxury for me to say this since my partner and I aren’t married, but I almost support the idiot conservatives here in their attempts to block this. If state governments start enacting policy that contradicts federal policy, it might create enough legal action on our side that it quickly goes to the SCOTUS. SCOTUS should’ve given the country marriage equality when they struck down DOMA. And while it’s unbelievably refreshing to see these unconstitutional marriage equality bans being overturned on a state-by-state basis. It’s time this idiotic and ridiculous discrimination come to a sweeping end once and for all. Perhaps actions by the bigots to block federal policy can fast track this in the legal system and get this over with!

  3. Gay Guy says

    Same sex marriage will be the law of the land by the end of 2014. The Supreme Court obligated itself to hear the Utah case (by granting a stay). I can’t imagine that they’ll contradict every lower federal court and so many state courts!

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