1. johnny says

    Mind of a woman, genitalia of a woman, breasts of a woman, hormones of a woman, looks of a woman.

    However, body of a man.

    Unfair advantage, maybe?

    I guess a judge will decide.

  2. Hrm says

    Mike is right. At the end of the day there are going to be physiological differences, particularly muscle development that occurred before transitioning, that will give her an advantage over some of the other competitors. Since this is a competition for a cash prize, rather than something like a social sport for fun, it’s important to at least try to be fair. Now, if there was a specific trans category, then it would be totally kosher. Hormone therapy doesn’t change things like skeletal shape/center of gravity though.

  3. MaryM says

    Mind of a woman, genitalia of a transsexual, breasts of a transsexual, hormones of a transsexual, looks of a woman.

    Body of a man.

    Is she a lesbian?

    If not then why is this story being reported here.

    LGB issues are different to T issues. We need to split them.

  4. A CrossFit Gay Guy says

    This issue here is that even the Olympics allow trans people to compete and frankly she is at a disadvantage with her hormone treatment as she transitioned. This topic in sports has been discussed at length and actually has a precedent already. Those who have successfully transitioned can always compete. I am a CrossFit coach, affiliate, etc… and I think their ruling is dumb considering the previous court rulings.

  5. GregV says

    @MaryM: This is not a site that bills itself as exclusively news about gay issues. It hits all the most important gay news stories as well as a plethora of other news and diversions, from cases of discrimination faced by other-than-gay people around the world to videos of funny animal tricks to discoveries in outer space.

  6. kevin says

    Sorry but has anyone ever seen some of these naturally born Crossfit woman? Their bodies are manlier than mine. It’s crap that they won’t let her compete.

  7. Homo Genius says

    They aren’t women.

    sorry but regardless of what trans people think they are… they really aren’t.

    This is physically a man who has had
    surgery and hormone treatments.

    If trans people think they are cats, then more power to them and I support them. Just don’t expect everyone else to see you as a cat.

  8. Darvin Herald says

    A story like this really makes me question how progressive the transgender movement is. This person uses limited health care resources in order to manufacture the appearance of a woman. It doesn’t look like it was very successful, but the important thing is that those health care resources could have been used to solve life threatening problems in underserved communities. Why is this person’s boobs more important than the life of a “cis” Black youth from Detroit?

    And now this same transgender is using the resources of the legal system to try to become a multimillionaire over a dispute involving a contest. We have a system that fails minority youths but this transgender uses court resources and lawyer time to pursue a get-rich-quick scheme? Disgusting.

    Trans activists seem not only very selfish, but also very anti-progressive. Progressive LGBs should rethink our support of these folks.

  9. windyloo says

    This has been evaluated and adjudicated many times in the world of sport. Until puberty there is no significant difference between males and female. It his pubertal changes triggered and sustained by hormones that make the differences we see on average between biological males and females then culture adds to that. A person who transitions with hormones and sometime surgery goes through the puberty of the gender into which they transition. There is no evidence that, after a period of years, transitioned individuals have any advantage over cis gendered athletes of their gender.

    People need to stop spreading “common sense” ideas that are not supported by scientific and social scientific evidence.

  10. Anthony says

    Agree with MaryM. How is this a gay story? WTF does this have to do with gay people? So sick of coming here and seeing stories about transsexuals while important gay stories don’t get covered.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “So sick of coming here and seeing stories about transsexuals….”

    Stayed tuned there will be another one in about two hours. If it’s a postive story I can’t wait!

  12. Tyler says

    Windyloo – the burden is not on anyone to prove that “transwomen” athletes always retain an advantage from their prior male physiology. The burden is on trans activists to prove that there is never a residual advantage. As long as there is sometimes an advantage, it is unfair to the real women to force them to compete against shemales.

  13. Arkansassy says

    If you flip this around… I wonder if a trans man would be allowed to compete with the men considering he’s taking testosterone. In most competitions wouldn’t that be considered a performance enhancing drug?

  14. Thedrdonna says

    @Tyler: Given that the majority of sporting agencies who have issued policies as well as the vast bulk of those medical experts who have put forth opinions agree that trans women retain no effective advantage once they have been on hormones for 1-2 years, if you wish to argue otherwise then it is incumbent upon you to prove why the consensus is wrong.

  15. Tyler says

    Rick, STOP posting anti-Trans bs under my name. You have literally dozens of aliases the you employ to troll this site. Use one of those and have a little dignity.

    TheDrDonna is correct, and more than agree with her points. I’m sorry you hate women (in all their forms) and I’m sorry you hate yourself. But we all hate you too. Solidarity in hoping for the worst for yourself.

  16. Tyler says

    Mmmm, Donna, so many sources. A vast ocean of sources. But can’t cite even one. Aren’t you the shemale troll who comes on here demanding documentary evidence of every statement made in the comments? So live by your own standard and identify “the vast bulk of those medical experts” who say that there is “no advantage”.

  17. Matson says

    I don’t hate. I want to live in a world where we are all given the freedom to be who we want to be.

    But there is a very specific civil rights movent in full swing right now to accept gays and lesbians within the boundaries of existing civil law. A civil rights movement, you might say.

    I am sympathetic to the individual rights of everyone, and people who are trans deserve our love and respect and time and consideration.

    But it is NOT a part of my struggle. The gay rights movement has nothing to do with the transgendered movement–perhaps an equally valid civil rights movement worthy of my time and respect, as they have it!

    But please stop linking my civil rights movent with theirs. There is no connection. The issues are different. The lifestyles different. The politics different.

    My civil rights movement is being done a disservice when the courts have to deal with transgendered people competing for money in athletic contests for the opposite sex and they’re claiming this has something to do with “gay rights.” It doesn’t.

    We have chosen to be an all-inclusive community. Perhaps it’s time to start drawing boundaries. I love you–but you take care of you while I take care of me.

  18. jarago says

    Good luck to him/her but I also have a problem with some of these transgender people-what exactly do they want? She looks like a woman but obviously will have some masculine advantages competing against natural born females in an athletic competition? I can understand she wants acceptance of her choice (and I’m sorry being gay is not a choice but having an operation to change your sex is a choice) It’s very bizarre how men who become men in order to have sex with men can be seeing as a gay issue?!

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    In a few minutes Rick will stop using Tyler’s posting name. Rick will then dress up, put on make-up and a platinum blonde wig and become “ENCHANTRA”.

    I have to leave at 6:00pm and so I’ll miss ENCHANTRA. But it doesn’t matter “she” is just as mean-spirited and nasty as Rick.

    You’d think that when he goes in drag she’d be a nicer person.

  20. Thedrdonna says

    @Jarago, having sex with someone of your own gender is a choice. Being gay is not. Transitioning is a choice. Being trans is not. Implying that “choice” is a factor is something Christianists do to make it acceptable to discriminate against LGBT folk.

  21. Randy says

    MARYM, first Towleroad can report whatever they want to report. It’s their site (and you may know I don’t share their taste in music).

    But T issues are absolutely LGBTI issues. There is no dividing line. Our opponents rarely make any distinction. The biological bases are very likely similar. Transgender people often experience anti-gay discrimination, particularly if they are transsexual (pre or post). Gay people (drag queens) often face anti-trans discrimination from people who don’t know the difference.

    Rather than shrinking LGBTI to LGBT to LGB to LG all the way back to G, we need to be expanding it to include S, straight people, who are entitled to the sexual freedom that this movement was initially about. We are not just an equality movement. It’s a freedom movement.

  22. Knock says

    Our sexual-orientation-based identities don’t need to be conflated with politics and rights issues. You’re gay or lesbian, or bi because you want to have sex with someone whose genitalia match yours, not because you want to march in a parade or testify before a committee or sign a marriage license.