1. Skip says

    “The disparate parts of the once unified asteroid have since released a joint statement saying they are never, ever getting back together.”

    HA! 😀

  2. RayRay says

    Taylor Swift got to interview Ellen.
    Her first question was ‘What’s your favorite fish?’
    So yeah.

  3. Dare says

    Today, one of the solar system’s longest running rock groups, P/2013 R3, called it quits. A steady fixture among the backdrop of today’s hottest stars, the group had been together for as long as anyone could remember. But internal friction and the harsh light of years of unending exposure had finally taken its toll, leaving the cracks among its members impossible to ignore.

    “In the end there really was nothing but inertia holding us together.”, said Etiam, who is arguably the most prominent of the newly independent members.

    “I’m sure we’ll always be in each other’s orbits. But for now, we really need our space.”