Crowds Cheer For One Of UK’s First Married Gay Couples: VIDEO

McGraith and Cabreza leaving Town Hall.


More of Kyle and Richie (who we showed you earlier)


  1. simon says

    Again the good ol’ Britain is ahead of the “land of the free”. They have the conservative David Cameron. We have his equivalent, the disgraceful John Boner.

  2. bicurious says

    This is a beautiful thing, and it is nice to see they dressed for the occasion. I’m reminded of the gay guy in Utah I believe it was who showed up for his wedding in a knit cap.

    Off topic, is anyone else being assaulted on towleroad by the absolutely disgusting imagery on the “best cure for nail fungus” add
    or does google adds think I in particular am someone who might purchase a nail fungus cure?

  3. says

    How sweet it is! Best wishes to the happy couple and to ALL of Britain’s gay couples who can now marry legally. (I’m so embarrassed for America. Screw the fanatical religious conservatives of this country. Make sure they NEVER get in high office again!)

  4. simon says

    Their Church of England bishop in Salisbury said:
    same-sex marriage “embodies a commitment to be faithful, loving, and lifelong. These are virtues which the Church of England wants to see maximised in society”.
    Our defiant and arrogant Timmy Dolan thinks gay couples are not entitled to it.

  5. Darrell says

    Nice to see Great Britain join the exclusive club of nations that Canada joined over a decade ago. Welcome to the 21st Century! Heads up USA and Australia the clock is ticking in regards to marriage equality!

  6. Graphicjack says

    Darrell, while I am proudly Canadian, the Netherlands have had equal marriage even longer, since 2001, making them the first country to do so. Yes, we are leap years ahead of the US and Australia, but we weren’t the first, either.

  7. Albert says

    That’s one of the drawbacks of having a federal system in the US, where states have the ability to regulate marriage. On the other hand, it also shows how important the make-up of the US Supreme Court is. If more liberals were there, we might have had all SSM bans struck down last year.

  8. Rowan says

    ALBERT, that will never happen when you have ‘liberals’ either hating the govt or not voting because their special issue was not dealt with asap. Sigh.

  9. WTF21 says

    BICURIOUS, off topic, a bit. However I think I may be able to help. At the top left hand corner of the ad there should be a small (hardly visible) X. Click on that and then a Google AdSearch page should come up. From there you can tailor your Google ads to your specific taste (i.e. gay ads from Canada). I am an American living in Mexico and we get some weird stuff here. However, our ads on TV and the internet our a bit more progressive than the U.S.A. Something about a broomstick up some ones ass…..
    Congratulations to all the newlyweds in the United Kingdom and Wales.

  10. jamal49 says

    Congratulations to all the newly-wed couples. May your lives be blessed with 1,000×1,000 years of happiness together. Congratulations to Great Britain and Wales (and soon, Scotland) for taking this giant step towards progress and equality for all.

  11. Bill Perdue says

    It’s another big win for our sisters and brothers in England and very gratifying. They kept pushing and pushing and finally won another victory. This one was won when the Labour party mobilized to defeat the anti-marriage equality groups in the Conservative party. “The government’s gay marriage bill was saved after David Cameron was forced to rely on Ed Miliband (Labour leader – BP) to defeat an attempt by his own MPs to derail the measure by trying to extend civil partnerships to heterosexual couples. An 11th-hour plea to the Labour leadership by the Tory chief whip Sir George Young…

    Most of the victories of the LGBT communities in England, including the overturn of the Tories Section 8, have come from Labour governments, often because of pressure from the EU.

    Democrats in the US share massive campaigns of union busting, plans for austerity and a propensity for wars of aggression with the Tories. Democrats are the American equivalent of the English Conservatives. “Obama says he’d be seen as moderate Republican in the 1980’s – “The truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican…”

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