1. says

    This is two users using each other. Oprah’s using Lindsay for ratings and to prop up her saviour image, while Lindsay is using Oprah for a free apartment and lots of cameras to give her the attention she so desperately craves.

    It’s like watching bullet trains rushing headfirst into each other at 250 MPH. Interesting to watch, but it ultimately ends in tears and bloodshed.

  2. Kissyfur says

    All reality television is fake so your housewives and survivors and american idols are all lumped into the same category haters. Please don’t blaspheme against Queen Oprah. Thank you.

  3. Mike says

    Not all reality television is faked, but I will say that way over 90% of reality television is totally faked. The people are usually real, but the situations, storylines, etc., are totally written out in advance. Next time you believe any of it is real, just check out how the cameras are always in the perfect positions for the line deliveries, and appear to be everywhere at once. That’s because it’s all blocked out in advance and shot multiple times from different angles.

    Oprah is far too experienced to just go into this situation unscripted. The writers probably had this whole “crisis” planned from the beginning to create a dramatic arc.

    One of my favorite examples of fake reality is “Pawn Stars”. Those are real people, but these days they’re never in the shop unless there is taping going on— they just make too much money to work in the shop. As a matter of fact, Chumlee, one of the guys that’s often portrayed as a fool, became a breakout character and now makes so much money from his own merchandise that he makes far more than the other “stars” of that show when you factor in that merchandise. He’s probably worth more than all of the other stars combined.

  4. gr8guya says

    OWN – Oprah’s network – is not doing well. This is her effort to build her audience, in the way that people stop to look at a horrible car crash.

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