1. Keith says

    Why would you support a candidate who is for “add the words” but wants to provide so many exemptions that just about anyone who wanted equality in the state could be refused that very equality? I understand exemptions for religious institutions, but certainly not the ones he espouses for businesses and all levels of state government. That’s almost worse than Arizona’s “Jim Crowe” law in its breadth and scope. Sorry, but I hope Phylis King wins, if that is truly his position on the issue.

  2. NotSafeForWork says

    So he would vote against himself like the Hawaii lesbian senator? Just another self-loathing Uncle Tom. He has a bright future as Paula Deen’s publicist.

  3. snork says

    There is a difference between being gay and just parroting what your parents teach you.

  4. says

    Prime example of why you never vote identity politics.

    ‘Add the words’ (SO/GI) would be utterly useless with all that he has exempted.

    The disconnect. Proud to be a conservative. Supporting anti-discrimination inclusion that is meaningless. Who does he credit with making it possible for him to be a proud openly gay man?

  5. freak says

    what is more heinous: the republican economic policies or their hatred of gays? close call.

  6. Dana says

    He’s only 21.. probably lives at home and still doesn’t understand why those “4 words” are important. No state has those kinds of exemptions to their non-discrimination statutes…partly because selecting gay people for those types of exemptions (especially exempting state agencies) would be unconstitutional. Hopefully with experience and time this kid comes to understand what kind of real impact laws have and what kind of party his conservative brethren really have

  7. epic says

    Let it never be said all minorities will learn to vote in their own self interest. The political system is never kind to the the smaller voices, but then to have those voices work against their own progress is idiocy.

  8. Bob R says

    Quisling. I would never vote for a Conservative, Republican, Democrat, gay or otherwise.

  9. TampaZeke says

    He will support “Add the Words” law as long as absolutely NO ONE will be required to abide by it.

    What a typical, self-loathing Republican punk.

  10. says

    He does not speak for youth! I know what gay youth stand for because I am young! Even though I am approaching middle age and I now completely shave my head in order to conceal my advanced male pattern baldness!

  11. Adam says

    I live in the adjacent district, 17. This block of districts (16-19) is an island of democrats in a sea of Republicans. Hopefully that will be enough to spank his ass and send him home.

  12. Robert says

    So despite being a gay white man, he’ll vote like a straight white man. Awesome. One day he’ll wake up.

  13. rdm says

    Wait–is there any category that DOESN’T get an exemption? Private AND public AND religious organizations…. what’s left?

  14. Tim says

    Conservatives are “treats” to Andy now? He’ll open his robe to anything at his age.

  15. tristram says

    Looks dumb and easily manipulated by big business and the religious right, i.e. perfect republican.

  16. maxino says

    Wow, what a complete tool. Too young to remember what real gay discrimination is and too sheltered to know the struggles going on RIGHT NOW for gay people both at home and AROUND THE WORLD.

  17. BrokebackBob says

    I’ll take the Democrat over any other characteristic. Republicanism and being gay are NOT compatible on any level. When are people going to get this?

  18. Randy says

    Well, I can’t blame anyone who wants to run against someone who is otherwise unopposed. It’s silly not to be there in case something unforseen happens, and then you can take advantage of it.

    But to borrow from Justice Ginsberg, gay people are not stupid, and will not settle for skim milk equality. What you’ll vote for is more important than who you are.

  19. Wirrrn says

    No matter his intentions, he’s still basically saying: “Hi! I’m representing the party that views me as a second class citizen and wants to take away my basic human rights!”

  20. Wirrrn says

    No matter his intentions, he’s still basically saying: “Hi! I’m representing the party that views me as a second class citizen and wants to take away my basic human rights!”

  21. Chadd says

    Conservative Republicans won’t vote for a gay guy and gay Democrats won’t vote for him, so beyond the 3 guys that make up Log Cabin, he won’t get many votes. Hopefully he gets far, far away from his parents and learns about the real world on his own.

  22. Steve says

    Sounds like someone was forced to be a Republican to keep his trust fund. Is his ‘daddy’ running his campaign?

  23. Jim says

    He needs to realize that the Republican Party Platform does not recognize him as a whole person, and that he would be running on that platform.

  24. says

    I have always said that a gay republican is like a jew trying to be a good Nazi. What a hypocrite lying sack. An Uncle Tom for sure.

  25. ted says

    you idiots. Uncle Tom was a Christian Martyr, that dies to prevent Simon Legree from finding the whereabouts of two escaped slave girls. He is one of the greatest heroes in literature, for his conviction, his salvation, and his refusal to let the horridly unjust system of slavery destroy his immortal soul. And you inglourious faggots have the temerity to call this kid an Uncle Tom? That is a great compliment, fools. Why don’t you get off your asses and run for something, instead of running your mouths?

  26. says

    Back in the oven… he’s not done yet. Give him 10 years out of the political spotlight and he will have turned into a moderate democrat.

    Age does matter. In this case I don’t think he has lived in the real world long enough to develop a proper perspective on what it means to sell your soul to the GOP.

  27. MaryM says

    Ugh – he’s a repellant, disgusting human being.

    Why should religious cults be exempt from ANY laws.

    Why don’t they pay tax?

    And why does this scumbag Uncle Tom hate poor people?

  28. Perry says

    And let all the ignorant uncle tom comments from intellectually deficient people commence.

  29. Glome says

    Good lord…. What a bunch of bitchy uppity queens here. Take a step back and please understand: not everyone is like you… Even within the Gay community! Being a Democrat is not a ticket to entry to the gay community. It is depressing to see all the negative hateful comments…. You all are no better than the gay bashers doling out oppression due to your ignorance.

  30. BobN says

    Uh… what would an exemption for federal buildings do? Federal rules already protect gay workers.

    Young, gay, Republican, and not very bright…

  31. BobN says

    Uh… what would an exemption for federal buildings do? Federal rules already protect gay workers.

    Young, gay, Republican, and not very bright…

  32. says

    The poor boy. The lengths these gay republicans will go to pathetically beg for their family’s “tolerance” is just sad. He has my pity, but not my sympathy.

    it’s funny – most of my gay raised by GOP-families are, of course, not republicans now. and do you know what that means? in many respects, their parents did something *right* – if anything, they helped raise their kids to be smarter and more discerning than they are, or were. Too bad this boy can’t say the same for his own parents.

    He has capers for testes.

  33. Nathaniel Brown says

    “I would support ‘Add The Words’ where religious institutions, organizations and businesses would be exempt, as would be the federal and state-owned businesses, buildings or organizations,” he says.

    Can someone tell us what a “religious business” is?

  34. says

    Another good reason why we should put minimum age requirements to hold an office. This kid has no real life experience, probably nothing more serious than “darn I broke a nail”.