1. peterparker says

    “Meanwhile, though the Christian clergy in Britain has been less than adamant in their support for the new marriage law,…”

    Less than adamant? The definition of ‘adamant’ is: “refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind”.

    I am adamant that the word ‘adamant’ is misused in the quoted sentence.

  2. Kenny says

    That should read marriage equality in England and Wales…Scotland is starting in the autumn the last I checked, and Northern Ireland is behind as usual. Nevertheless, a big congrats to our people across the pond!

  3. Eric James says

    Just one point, same-sex couples already had the same rights and benefits as straight couples under civil partnership that came in a few years ago. This whole battle has just been for the word ‘marriage’. That’s the only difference between now and then.

  4. anon says

    This seems largely to have come about because Prince Charles is now signing legislation on behalf of his mother. He’s also the point man on “consultation”, which is the backdoor manner in which the Queen signals that she approves or disapproves of a piece of legislation. While the Queen can’t block legislation legally, a strong objection to the PM can send it back to committee.

  5. Randy says

    “This whole battle has just been for the word ‘marriage’. ”

    Eric James… “just”?

    The word marriage brings with it a social understanding of what the relationship is, and eliminates the stigma of a less-than marriage.

    Further the word marriage brings with it portability, into business, other levels of government, and other countries around the world.

    This ides that marriage is “just” a word has been roundly debunked.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    Yes, this marriage is for England and Wales only.
    Not for the whole United Kingdom…… because as everyone knows Northern ireland is a bit like the Crimea; they had a vote in a gerrymandered enclave and got the result they wanted.
    Now no one wants them !

    But I’m glad for the countries of England and Wales. And soon the independent country of Scotland.
    And it is a very satisfying defeat for an Established Church , Established by Elizabeth I and SSM brought in by Elizabeth II.
    Where was Scott Lively ?
    Why was he not in London ” saving the children” ?
    Because he would have been torn to shreds for his stupidity and his malevolence.

  7. Paul Brownsey says

    JACKFKNTWIST is glad for England and Wales “(a)nd soon the independent country of Scotland.”

    SS marriage will happen in Scotland later this year (the Scottish Parliament has already passed the legislation)whether or not Scotland becomes an independent country.

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