1. says

    Thoughts and prayers go to those affected by this.

    And can we please take the higher road when it comes to things like this that cause serious harm to innocent people? We are better than the “Christians” who blame natural disasters on LGBT acceptance.

  2. Hawthorne says

    While I support Evan C’s comments and sentiments, I confess I wish something like this would happen to Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

  3. Hdtexan says

    Naaahhhh… high row needed. If this were the Castro, the Village, or Boystown, they’d be tripping over themselves with condemnation. Clearly Jeebus is pissed!

  4. dommyluc says

    I am sure that Rep. Griffin will fight against federal aid for the devastation in his state the same way he fought against aid for the affected communities in the Northeast after Hurricane Sandy. I mean, a Republican couldn’t POSSIBLY be hypocritical in a matter such as this, could he?

  5. Jeff says

    Much of my family lives in Faulkner county AR, and some of them are without homes. It makes me sad that so many of the commenters here apparently have no sense of empathy. I guess I should have expected this from Trollroad.

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