‘Cristiano Ronaldo is Gay’, Maradona a ‘Maricon’ Say Homophobic T-Shirts Targeting Football Stars


Just ahead of this summer's World Cup, which will take place in Brazil, an apparel company in that country has been selling homophobic t-shirts targeting some well-known soccer players.

Think Progress reports: Ronaldo

Though some of them are benign — one refers to Italian striker Mario Balotelli as a “loser” and another pokes fun at the French by reminding them that former star Zinedine Zidane is “over” — others are hardly so. One of the shirts says plainly that “C. Ronaldo is gay,” referring to Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo. Another calls Argentina legend Diego Maradona a “maricon,” a slang Portuguese and Spanish term for “faggot.”

The t-shirts have apparently been selling well. They're currently sold out.

According to Caught Off Side, the designer, Sergio K, has denied any claims of homophobia.

Sergio K has attempted to defend his clothing line saying his shirts are “misunderstood” and that “this collection is in the irreverent vein of our brand.” He has also rejected accusations of homophobia stating “It’s not homophobic to me, homophobia is another story. The t-shirts don’t say attack them, and they do not incite violence.”

An online petition asking Sergio K to stop producing the t-shirts has been making the rounds on the Internet.


  1. Matt27 says

    I love football, I love watching it. I find many players very attractive, C Ronaldo is one of the best looking, very hot, but these shirts are stupid and cannot be misunderstood. I hope no-one will buy them.

  2. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I’d also add that the person who “designed” these is probably revealing his own fantasies more than anything about the persons named.

    God speed the day when calling someone “gay” is perceived as benign to the world-at-large. Too many people (including apparently, the writer of the “Think Progress” feature) evidently still regard being called gay as denigrating, if not slanderous.

  3. Lucas says

    The funny thing? The designer is a closeted gay men who can’t come out because of his traditional family. I mean. They have some good ideas, like having Oliwer Mastalerz on their latest campaign, but these t-shirts were just not one of them.

  4. jjose712 says

    The intention maybe doesn’t imply homophobia, it’s a clear attempt of insulting rivals in a childish way (because most committed hooligans border infantilism), but in the end is using being gay as an insult

  5. Randy says

    The best response to this is for the players themselves to wear these shirts.

    That would turn them from an attempt to humiliate into an attempt to elevate, and the shirts would lose the value to the people who currently have them, but gain value among another set of people.

    Sergio K doth protest too much. Closet case.

  6. Curse says

    The only one who has misunderstood anything is Sergio K, the ‘designer’ (over glorified sticker applier).

    Will someone please translate Panti Bliss’ arguments from her speech to that dumb f***, please..?

    “It’s not homophobic to me, homophobia is another story. The t-shirts don’t say attack them, and they do not incite violence.” – He does NOT get to be the one who defines homophobia for gays; he has NEVER checked himself or experienced a day of homophobia in his life. He does NOT get to have the final say on who is identified as a homophobe, and he does NOT have the right to tell gays what they are allowed to feel oppressed by.

    The t-shirts don’t have to say “attack gays”; that’s implied in the same way if the t-shirts were callinging certain black players n*****, the hate is there. The mistrust is there. The encouragement to reject and harm blacks would be there.

    Dumb f*** Sergio K is. And he’s proving just how little sports fans and the associations they follow have progressed.

  7. Nora Charles says

    Cristiano Ronaldo *is* gay, isn’t that pretty well known at this point? You might as well just print up a shirt that says Cristiano Ronaldo Has Brown Hair. Big woop.

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