1. john patrick says

    No, TP. I don’t want you to “celebrate” what we’re doing. I just want you to stop trying to put roadblocks in our way, and to stop attacking us and trying to shove us back into the closets.

  2. Clayton says

    Really? Nobody is asking anybody on the left to shut up and go away? What about all the protests and calls for boycotts against gay-positive companies like J.C. Penney and Honey Maid Graham Crackers?

  3. says

    “My son tortured and murdered a dog!” – Mike Huckabee

    In light of the anti-semitic murders yesterday….at what point are we doing to recognize unrepentant bigotry as the danger that it is?

    should Heil-Hitler brand Klanksman be allowed to own firearms? Should Hitler-loving american neo-nazies be *allowed*, seriously, to own firearms?? What about people who kill animals, or whose entire lives seem to thrive and revolve around anti-gay hatred?

    Yes – Fox news hates gays, and by keeping this sort of anti-gay hatred alive it will indeed result in more deaths of LGBT people.

    this is what obsessive hatred leads to.

    please read and take note…..notice how the murdering Klansman likes to delude himself? “OH, you’re threatened by what i say! you know i’m right! you’re scared of me! you’re intimidated!”

    know what that sounds like? This site’s hack coward resident troll – a delusional and potentially-dangerous man whose hatred and ignorance courses through every vein of his body – who convinces himself that smarter people are “threatened” by his B.S. fallacies and lies.

    Fox News is responsible for the deaths of lgbt people across America. They are responsible for children being disowned by their families and kicked out of their homes. They are responsible for the countless young people who take their hopes and dreams and attach them to the end of a hanging noose.

    It’s a cancer on your country.

  4. Francis says

    What’s funny is, Dan Cathy has made it very clear he’s still anti-gay, but because he doesn’t make a platform of it…he’s vilified. It’s not enough to be anti-gay for the Tony Perkins of the world. You need to stand and actively fight LGBT people or you’re “complicit” in allowing us to destroy America and Christians.

  5. anthony says

    Out of curiosity, and wanting something to read I checked out Mussolini’s Italy: Life under the Fascist Dictatorship 1915-1945. I am sure it’s not going to be a ” easy light read ” BUT the author is really trying to build a foundation for the reader to continue, using current affairs, to help and try to understand: The why’s and how’s
    this ever happened.

    We’re seeing and experiencing History repeating itself.

  6. RK says

    I don’t know why no one calls out Tony Perkins being a supporter of the KKK. I guess he agrees with what happened in Kansas as well for “religious liberty.”

  7. AdamTh says

    ” Asked Huckabee: “Why is it that businesses would capitulate to the pressure and demands to just shut up and go away and not say anything when NOBODY IS ASKING THE LEFT TO DO THAT?” ”

    …except for the fact that is exactly what those American Family Assciation people routinely do. That is their idea of a business – McDonalds, Home Depot, Starbucks – supposedly being required to “remain neutral in the cultural war”.

  8. Leo says

    Chik-fil-A is expanding into the Northeast, cities outside the South, and college towns, revamping and expanding their entire PR department and re-branding to “millenials” in the process.
    The goal is profit. It’s been covered a lot of places, including here.

    THAT is the only reason Dan is trying to “put this behind him”.

    Only the facade of the menu options and storefronts will change.

    His views HAVEN”T changed, and NEVER WILL.

    He isn’t “retreating”. Anything BUT retreat.
    More like a Trojan Horse operation.

    Don’t fall for it.

  9. Chadd says

    Perkins, Huckabee and even Cathy are such VICTIMS of the Equality movement! After all, their party only controls one branch of congress and slightly less than 50% of the other. They only hold 29 govenorships and not all of them. They can pass anti gay laws through state legislatures but are oh so oppressed when people complain about it. Sadly, their religious laws are not the unquestioned law of the land. Yes, these guys are victims of intolerance. How sad for them.

  10. Will says

    @Leo – totally agree that Dan’s view haven’t changed and he is just keeping his mouth shut for profits. However, I don’t consider that bad; I consider it progress. A lot of our grandparents were racist and would never date or marry a person of another race however by the 70s they wouldn’t vocalize their racist views (even though they still had them deep down). The result was that the next generation was less racist and the generation after that was even less.

    Most homophobes won’t change in their lifetime but they will be marginalized and hence be quiet. Society has already changed a lot and in two or three more generations being anti-marriage equality will sound as crazy as being pro interracial marriage (miscegenation) bans. Progress takes time; it is stunning how fast it has happened for us…four years ago the world was a different place.

  11. UFFDA says

    Losers losing, what a joy! If they didn’t pervert the Bible so much they wouldn’t have an issue with “the perverts” to start with. These guys are so screwed up with their religious crap… do they really believe that it means their sh*t don’t stink? And – hey stupid – “the vast majority of Americans” DO NOT disagree with us!

  12. The Milkman says

    Huckabee and Perkins are making the erroneous assumption that their anti-gay opinions, based on nothing but animus and religious prejudice, deserve equal time and consideration. They don’t deserve it, just like racism and anti-Semitism and misogyny don’t deserve it. They have biases that are possibly Biblically justifiable but certainly no longer socially acceptable, and they’re pissed as hell that in the space of 15 years they’ve moved from mainstream opinion to fringe freakshow. They saw this coming years ago, based on demographic studies. And of course they did nothing about it, just kept on spewing their vile crap. If they don’t like the fact that they’re nothing more than social pariahs now, they have no one but themselves to blame.

  13. simon says

    The reason is simple. Business is not religious charity. Its sole purpose is to make money. Cathy’s decision was based on rational calculation. Why would someone so stupid to sacrifice for some ideology and alienate customers while in business.

  14. Thieves in the Temple Tonight says

    “Why is it that businesses would capitulate to the pressure and demands to just shut up and go away and not say anything…”

    Easy. Same reason you’ll shut up and go away: M-O-N-E-Y. When the money dries up and goes away, so will you, you Fat Tub of Goo. When you can’t find haters to fund your hate for LGBTs, then you’ll have to move on to another target.

    Unfortunately, the fake pastors like the Huckleberries and Scott Livelys and Rick Warrens and Franklin Grahams of the world can make a nice little living out of selling hate and violence, and supporting bigots and hate groups like NOM, FRC, and a sadly large swath of the Republican party (cue Louis Gohmert entrance).

    Your day of reckoning is coming.

  15. Hey Darlin' says

    When too much right wing publicity hinges on the media’s darlin’ of the day, it’s only a matter of time before said darlin’ gets their own mind about them and ceases to continue to push and publicize the right wing agenda.

    The desperate clowns within the party start a new media sideshow based on their own abandonment. This abandonment only proves that right wing agendas and association are bad for business.

  16. simon says

    Wonder when Huckleberry’s next “chick-fil-A appreciation day” will be. It seems that Cathy doesn’t appreciate it. It makes Huckleberry look like an idiot.

  17. BETTY says

    Perkins should be the LAST person preaching about tolerance. Funny, the conservatives love to accuse those who call them on their crap of doing exactly what they are guilty of. Hypocrites.

  18. Dan Cobb says

    The intolerance of the religious right is an intolerance that seeks to make gay people second class citizens in meaningful ways… economically, socially, legally, etc. Some on the right would even put people in prison –or stone people to death for being gay.

    The intolerance of the gay community is an intolerance to others who clamor for the unequal treatment of gay people. Intolerant gays do not seek to affect the quality of life for straight evangelicals, other than to frustrate their desire to control the lives of gay people.

  19. Paul B. says

    Call me perverted, but I just couldn’t get the image of Huck licking Tony’s ginger bag of beans out of my silly head…or did I just miss a few seconds of this clip while I shot my load on the monitor?

  20. anon says

    Do you think he contributed to Prop 8?

    Not sure why everyone gets worked up about the political positions of business leaders. Most public companies can’t take positions on public policy because the controversy will hurt shareholder value. So, the silence that MH is complaining about is mostly self-imposed. Further, most CEO’s are required to promote shareholder value by avoiding controversy, so their privately held political views usually remain private. Cathy made the mistake of making all this public and now he’s forced for business reasons to retreat. There’s not a lot of wiggle room.

  21. Bill says

    Just for accuracy, the headline is misleading: neither explicitly said anything about Dan Cathy.
    They mentioned chick-fil-a mainly in a video segment about some guy who entered Tony Perkin’s outfit with several bags of sandwiches from chick-fill-a. There were some general comments about business owners, but nothing directed personally at Cathy.

  22. says

    Oh, I hope this ends up with the Fox News Brigade boycotting CFA. I can’t wait for the idiots that suck at the Tealiban teat to start getting in the bandwagon and tweeting pics of them burning their CFA t-shirts. Cue Sarah Palin on Fox & Friends blathering that only commie pinko f*gg*ts eat at CFA.

  23. Robert M. says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Christians are profession victims with a chip on their shoulder and a large sense of manufactured outrage. I guess the fact that they are whining ever more loudly these days is indicative of just how desperate they are to prevent the loss of their cash flow to their gay hate business…

  24. Bill says

    @Robert M.: Usually the guys making the pronouncements are not professional victims – that’s left to someone else who they then extol as a martyr. The idea is that, if there is any pain and suffering involved, someone else does the suffering while they simply talk about it. Life is so much more pleasant when the hired help gets to handle all the unpleasant tasks.

  25. UFFDA says

    If I were Perkins or Huckadont I would be scared to death to take on most of the posters who show up here. Time and again they prove to be more intelligent, wittier, more rational and better informed
    than God himself could make either of these lurdane dopes.

  26. emjayay says

    A bunch of you are right. These homophobic morons are criticizing Chik-fil-A for being CAPITALISTS. The one and only goal of any business is to maximize profits. Anything that appears to be anything else is nonsense aimed at…maximizing profits.

    And yes a business is a business, not a charity or something. Which is why it doesn’t get to have an opinion on birth control insurance coverage for its employees, and why a corporation is not a person.

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