1. UFFDA says

    Sometimes “gay” really is an abomination. The young gay guys I know – a bunch of them – don’t think this is the least bit funny. They think it’s stupid, and very bad press.

  2. orwoodsman says

    Wellllll, I have lots of old gay friends, and I mean lots, and I mean old, and they laughed so hard at this that they peed their pants. Thank heaven for Depends. Everyone at the salon has put this on the ir iPhone so they can play it for those tight-shinctered young gay guys and watch them roll their eyes.

  3. Robert says

    I was laughing until they drew lines at drunk, entitled bitches. How ridiculous. Neither one is deserving of a gay.

  4. major707 says

    I am old and these are the stereotypes that we should lay to rest. No Disgusting and not funny.

  5. Jamsey says

    If you’re an old, then like me you should remember when being queer meant having to be super-fierce and embracing your “non-hetero-normativity”(unless you embraced your shame instead). For many that’s still the case. Please don’t be such arrogant assimilationists.

  6. orwoodsman says

    You kids need to examine gay history and discover when these “gay cliches” were radical acts.

  7. UFFDA says

    This crap was always bad form for anyone with any self-respect. Anyone of any age at any time should have the common sense to know this. So OK, a little of it is funny, but not hugely so and going on and on and on is simply moronic.

  8. Homo Genius says


    that attitude is why we are just now getting actual rights… because people were all about “non-hetero-normativity” and weren’t concerned with marriage equality or adoption or the many other things because it was considered dated breeder culture we didn’t need.

    You also mention either embracing your fierceness or living in shame. I grew up with those choices and it wasn’t great. Either you could be closeted or “flamboyant”. It was a rougher time back then made even rougher and more confusing if you didn’t identify with being a queen or “gay culture” you were presented with.

  9. Ian says

    Well as a fan of GOT, I thought that was damn funny. And as a gay quasi-assimilationist (engaged)…I thought it was damn funny. Have we lost all sense of humor about ourselves and/or become so uncomfortable with non-heteronormative behavior that we can’t enjoy a bit of satire? Sheesh.